Longboard Review: Loaded Icarus

Got my hands on this new freestyle/carving/cruising deck from Loaded. Loved it so much it’s become my new all-round “fun board”. Big thanks to John at JHS for setting this up for me.

The setup I’m riding in the clips is:
-Loaded Icarus flex 2
-Paris v2 trucks (with Orangatang nipple bushings, orange)
-Orangatang Kegels 80a/Orangatang Fat Free 86a
-Loaded Jehu bearings

JHS Co’s website, facebook and instagram- check them out, they do giveaways every single week!!!:

Keep a look out for more reviews like this with JHS in the future.


Thomas Yeung says:

Dab = 10/10
would see again.

Nice review , been waiting for one for this board. Had a penny but sold it cause I found it to be to small , now thinking of picking this one up 😀

Amazing Swami says:

Bad sound quality please reuplaod with it being louder!

Nolan Hopkins says:

Nice review

Ethan Bares says:

Awesome review man!

valkrie diez says:

I tried different wheels on it felt dead with 4prez,in heats, no energy ,,this deck works best with kegels designed for it

bullterry14 says:

What’s that song in the background??!

Michael Flynn says:

What flex did you get/ how much do you weigh. What would you recommend for 145 pounds?

caveirarj says:

Thanks for the nice review, I just wish you could put the audio level a little bit louder. Thx

David Cherney says:

Amazing review, very professional.

Kjelle Bengtfors says:

This review was amazing, I ended up buying this exact setup with Loaded Icarus flex 2, same big orangatang wheels as yours and the orange orangatang nipples and I also weigh 70 kg. However I have one problem, I get wheelbites as soon as I start pumping a little harder. The only way I have been able to fix this is by tightening the kingpin A LOT, but looking at your video it seems as if you have your kingpin very loose. How come I get wheelbites? Do you know what the cause for this issue could be? And if so how I could fix it? Should I get the purple nipples instead or what do you think? Would really appreciate some help. Thanks in advance!

tipper says:

The quality of this video is really nice!

RichieMDer says:

Nice standies… wish I could

Wora N says:

cooles Board

xx xx says:

Can u slide with it?? (With freeriding wheels)

Jon Joe says:

I also ride Paris V2 trucks… Mine are 150mm… I’m getting a new deck (baffle 37 that is) they recommend the Caliber II trucks, but Cal II’s aren’t as carvy as the Paris trucks. I keep my trucks on really lose, even for downhill.. What do you think?

william hummerick says:

TL;DW version:

It’s amazing.

Merel Chattelin says:

Nice 🙂

peshkata1 says:

Great review thanks !

Gerrit Müller says:

Hello Lachlan, thx for your video!
Which Flex you would recommend for 85kg? Preferences Cruising / Pumping / Powerslides

ambivalent ambiguity says:

Shortish yet for that reason portable

Lasloo S says:

You are really Great You have so much Skills in Filminformationen this is awesome

D3LTA_W0LF says:

Did you get wheelbite ?

Jarod Ames says:

Dang, zero dislikes as of now!

Stack Profitz says:

One of the coolest skate reviews I’ve seen bruh, keep it goin

Aldair Velazquez says:

I’ve been waiting for a new review for a while now! Thanks for this video. I’m planning to buy a loaded Icarus this weekend!

Bodhi Seabo says:

this is how a longboard review should be done! thank you very much!

Brayden Poon says:

Nice mate

Ollie.L says:

We’re is that road that you were skating frat vid by the way

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