Longboard Review: Kahuna Big Stick

Why let surfers have all the fun of stand-up-paddleboarding? Experience stand-up-paddlesurfing on a longboard skateboard with the Kahuna Big Stick. If you’re an avid skateboarder, this is a great way to incorporate skateboarding into your workout routine. The Kahuna Big Stick is the only way to combine an upper-body strengthening workout and a cardiovascular workout with skateboarding! Plus, it’s simply loads of fun!


SkateboardCalifornia says:

@playerlazar73 – Nope. It won’t help you go really fast. In fact, you go a lot slower. Remember – with a Big Stick all your pushing is done with your arms. Since most folks leg muscles are way stronger than arm muscles, you’ll never go as fast with a Big Stick as you do with regular pushing.

M Campbell says:

Good review, thank you. I am old but have kids and wanna have fun.

LeoParDLiNDSEY says:

@Darknights7 Yes, my dad made me one (I think it was out of pine) and it works just as well I could imagine

PyR0Star says:

or you could slap a weed whacker motor on it

SkateboardCalifornia says:

@afrackk – Depends on how much speed you want to lose. If you’re going fast, you’re better off just foot braking. The Big Stick can bleed off a little speed, but not much. Plus, remember, it uses your arms. You have much stronger leverage pressing your leg down to stop than pressing down with your arms. So, for casual cruising, yes, it works great. If you have some decent speed, you may want to try foot braking. And, obviously, with a lot of speed, you’d want some slides.

SkateboardCalifornia says:

@rojerbb – The Kahuna Creations website says the top of the stick should be somewhere between your eyes and chin when you are standing on your board. So, it depends on that. If you are 5’10”, you’d likely be about 6′ when standing on your board, so the 6′ stick might be too long. The 5’6″ stick might work better for you. But, measure yourself and find out…

Matthew Billimore says:

This is my uncles brand if you don’t believe me the owner is rob billimore

Tyler Watson says:

Next time do a Johnny Depp impression. You’ll nail it!

Brendan Bailey says:

oh yea seductive voiceeee 🙂

DKong1026 says:

They explain it in the video…it’s mostly for a workout and for giving your legs a break. For me, I start getting massive pain in my ankles and shins after pushing for more than an hour. This allows for longer sessions.

RileyOpeth says:

so company can get paid

Jon Mallary says:

Wear your helmets kids!

They will save your life and save your wife or parents from having to pull the plug. Think of that when you don’t have one, please.
Just be safe. Thanks.

Remember Eric Headley.
Boulder Creek Ca.
April, 2015

Blake says:

YA REVIEW PINTAIL 40 i just ordered one ;DDDD

HentaixSquad says:

wat trucks r those?

Samuel Kubecka says:

Someone asked me about a stick when I was longboarding. (I live in MI) I just ended up picking a stick up out of the woods and did it but I think I would get this.

SkateboardCalifornia says:

@ppppreposterous – It’s not “better” than using your feet. It’s just fun and different and gives you a strong upper-body workout that you can’t get when you use your feet.

SkateboardCalifornia says:

@penguinfury007 – What trucks are they? They are “S8” trucks made by Original Skateboards in New York.

Matt Zak says:

great review, really good points but what’s the song at the end during the credits?

ASKdesigns says:


mattattack28 says:

“It’s like a broom handle, I can just make one myself.” “Well, no, you really can’t.” hahah I am one of the skeptical ones. I will get my friend (a mechanical engineer, who also took p-chem in college) and his dad (an orthopaedic surgeon) to team up and make me the ULTIMATE BIG STICK! waaahooo

SkateboardCalifornia says:

@CokedKoah11 – Transportation? Well, remember, you are ONLY using your arms with the Big Stick. So, that’s a lot of upper-body if you’re doing pure transportation. Plus, where will you keep the stick once you reach your destination? Carry it with you the whole time? That might be a pain. Plus, you need to get a nice, solid push. Bike paths are awesome, but sidewalks and rough streets are not the most ideal terrain. The Big Stick is a great fun/excercise tool, but may be hard for transportation.

SkateboardCalifornia says:

@ThekSwedlishfj – I don’t own a Pintail 40. But if Original wants to send me one… (hint, hint)…

cartermancarter says:

pushing with your feet is too hard then so you need to then use smaller muscle groups in your upper body. so if you stop for lunch then u bring it in to the restaurant. wow.

fail approved
use feet. safer  

lazybones says:

this guy gives me the craaps

ClimbBoardBike says:

Reminds me of the dude from 5th element

CokedKoah11 says:

Thanks! that was a very informative review. I skate for transportation, would you recommend the big stick for that? All over LA.

R ardvark says:

why not just kick push?

SkateboardCalifornia says:

@marcelodomar – Technically, yes. But foot braking is still more effective. You can’t really foot brake AND use the Big Stick simultaneously. If you just want to bleed off a little speed, the Big Stick works fine. But if you’re going pretty fast, I would recommend foot braking.

TheDis296 says:

L2 Slide if you want shrug off speed.

Lmitator Productions says:

2:16 LOOOL

Freddie Gladis says:

Why do they use longsticks? I just push by feet

SkateboardCalifornia says:

@mattzakr – That’s just a free stock-music song that comes with Final Cut Pro. I have to make sure I use free music like that, so YouTube doesn’t pull the video or strip out the audio.

Neo DC says:

Wow. Steve Buscemi has been working out.

SkateboardCalifornia says:

@jm123chavez – Yes! The Kahuna Big Stick is perfect for bike trails. Smooth, long routes with few or no intersections are ideal because you can just cruise forever and get nice, solid pushes.

Van Avakian says:

You should see the one i made.. Home made costed me about 1$
I got a piece of bamboo that grows around my house i cut it sanded it, stuck an old Mountain boarding tire on it… and WHALA!!!! 😀

Rogelio Baidon Burquez says:

were you using a 5´6 ? did she thought the kahuna was really long for her? she had the stick over her head

Stuart Sharpe says:

Great review guys 🙂

quedecree says:

You had me going there for a minute with the Mathew Mc imitation. Actually, toward the end I thought, hey, that’s Steve Buscemi!! Nice vid!

SkateboardCalifornia says:

Your arms are obviously weaker than your legs. So, yes, pushing with your arms is slower than pushing with your feet. But going as fast as possible isn’t really the point.

ToaRanen7 says:

I’ve never used this specific product, but I’ve used a similar one made different, but with the same concept (a longboard paddle, like paddle boarding on ground). I met the guy at the park who invented it, and he let me try it out, and I took to it real quick despite having never used one before (though I have used a paddle board before). It is a whole lot more convenient than using your foot, since you lose balance when you get back on. It’s probably better to just use your foot on a skateboard

TheEswoosh says:

also when you get to your destination. where are you gonna put your longboard?………. so yaaaaaaaahhhh…………ide say plus for transportation

surferaroulet says:

@NotoriousFred97 its different feeling..its cool 😉 try to know

Captain Easycore says:

so they can “work out” their upper body also

rogermorse says:

i just built one. I hope i didn’t build it too short. Going to use it to exploit energy from the arms on long distances (where the legs get tired from pushing), and to train my goofie side (can’t really go too fast with my right foot in front, the stick will help me balance / correct trajectory)


i think that stick is a bit too high for her

lozoft9 says:

Compared to kicking it is faster because of the friction introduced by kicking. Unless your form is pitch-perfect, you will lose some steam every time you kick. Plus more leverage can be applied by paddling because the lever arm is twice the length of your leg.

kushy monsta says:

soooo the only thing id use this for in my area would be to slow down lol. the hills in the mountains are soo intense i need something i can drag every once in a while to slow me down. anyone suggest this just to slow down?

SkateboardCalifornia says:

@NotoriousFred97 – There are many reasons to use a landpaddle. Fun. Exercise. Cross-training for Stand-Up Paddle Surfing. The opportunity to experience a different aspect of skateboarding. You name it.

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