Longboard Review: Hollowtech Landyachtz Switchblade

For the past little while I’ve been lucky enough to test out the hollowtech landyachtz switchblade for JHS CO. Absolutely ripping board, would definitely recommend it.
(also sorry for the sound of the crickets…)

Cheers to JHS Co for setting me up with it!!
Check out their socials here:

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FarEastTech says:

So JHS CO sent you that electric board?

Chadley Doodle says:

hey brother, nice review , hopefully you can get back to me soon on this question for ya. So i’m nearly 6’1 and I fluctuate between 180 lbs -205 lbs depending on my beer intake ( ha) but my questions for you are 1.) Does the 40″ with my build make it a good size or would you recommend the 38″? 2.) I’ve got a 32″ globe cruiser with a kick tail so I can still tic-tac and cruise for maneuverability and speed just by pushing, but does this 40″ Longboard also do a good job of standard carving and cruising with a few pushes for a long ride ? I’d like to be doing the powerslides and downhill as well but I just don’t want this thing being so low it’s uncomfortable to cruise a straight flat surface and If it is still good for that does it still maintain good speed? . Would greatly appreciate the input thanks!

Stalefish Longboarding says:


Kissalude says:

stupid question, but have you experienced any railbite? I have a cheap drop through board similar in style and encountered quite a bit. My Landyachtz Drop Carve is love and has zero issues, but is a different style.

Sercan S. says:

Hey Fox, your Videos are absolutely great! I saw ur review on the Kodiaks, Icarus and the Switchblade.
I personally own the HT 40″ Switchblade and an Icarus myself and have to agree with everything you said!
And i like your Reviews because finally someone comes out with a true explanation and pros/cons of those products and Not just like those other reviews where people just say “Awesome Stuff best Board Go buy it and shit”.
Very good, keep up the good work.
Waiting to see more of you, not just reviews but also riding footage 😉

Btw, have u got any issues with wheelbite on the SB with Kodiak trucks? I get wheelbite with Caliber trucks (II 50°) in Dropthrough mounting if i run any wheels bigger than 65mm, stock bushings/cupped washers.

Ollie.L says:

Yeah da bois

dirtbagfromanotherdirtbag says:

The production quality of this video is amazing! Great work!

LuvBeautifulMusics says:

Damn dude I have the same board. Love the HT switchblade… if only I can do those slides

Sebastian Arbeláez says:

Really useful! I stopped skating for 2 and a half years and got back at it again with same setup as you (although i’m riding the 36″ version), really happy about how light it is compared to other boards, i’m just discovering the kodiaks as I got used to presicion Ronins and Rogues (too bad I sold my whole equipment 🙁 ). Anyway, today was my first day of riding and I sucked hahahaha but, it takes just a few month of practice until my whole body figures out the mechanics of everything. Cheers from Colombia and thanks for the nice review!

Irfan Ahmad says:

finally a review on hollowtech switchblade. about to get the 36 one. cheers for the detail reviews mate

Nightingale says:

This needs more views.
Dam good review, very thorough.
I want the same board now o.O

Kevin Gilstrap says:

Do they no longer make hollowtech switchblades? All I can find are solid maple decks

Toby Insley says:

What wheels were you running? Great review btw, really clear and in-depth!

gattabat says:

Nice, super informative!

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