Longboard BoardGuide Reviews: The Vecter 37 with Scott

The Vecter 37 longboard skateboard by Original Skateboards: Built for getting fast with more power behind every ride thanks to the 5 ply northeastern maple sandwiched with quad-axial fiberglass. New constructions and new concaves push forward what is possible.

Sit down for a Longboard BoardGuide Review with Original Co-Founder, Scott Imbrie, for a look at the The Vecter 37: a race driven, freeride slayin, super cozy locked in confidence boosting board, built strong, lightweight, fast, agile, and extremely locked in. It is one of the strongest downhill longboard skateboards available! If you’re looking for a board to get fast and freeride, give the Vecter 37 a ride.


Nolan Woodward says:

Original I am a 14 year old long boarder looking to go fast and get fast slides what would be a good board?

Wyatt Loc says:

How much dose this board cost? What’s the best set up for it? Can it be used in maryhill or Fairbanks?

Ryan Crocker says:

I live on a street with terrible pavement and am looking for a board that can bomb hills and cruise around on this pavement would this be a good board for me or should I look at another board in your lineup

Goh Longboard for Christ says:

Guys why waste money when u can buy a omen airship and barfight. Than the vector 37 XD

Jack Howatson60 says:

Hey im from New Zealand and im coming to America in a few months how would I get one of there boards?

Lars 2807 says:

Yeah it’s on it’s way 😀
So fucking excited

The Sound Wave says:

I am stuck between the vector, the baffle, and the apex for a sliding/freeriding board that can keep my feet locked in on holding standies, and other slides. Any recommendations? Im 5 9″ 140 pounds, and would rock 43 callibers on it with arbor vice wheels.

Lars 2807 says:

I need this board
If I order it tomorrow maybe I hold it in my hands on Friday

MrOldguy14 says:

I wanna slide, but also be able to be stable for fast speeds. Something I can cruise around with too. ( basically an all around board) mainly sliding though.

TheSwoleOne says:

I got a vecter 37 and I set it up with 44 degree Caliber 2 trucks and rad advantage 80 a wheels, it is great for downhill, and when I want to slide I put rad glides 82 a wheels, the board is great and helped me progress!

Khairil Danial says:

Hey original.I’m hoping to get the vecter soon but i’m not sure what wheelbase to put it as.Any suggestions?

MrOldguy14 says:

That wasn’t a very clear answer, but like freeriding and technical sliding that sorta ish

Jason.A says:

omg, im looking to get the best board, i dont care about the money i just want to get the best board both excelent for tricks and cruising, longborads by orig can u offer me the best board u have plz

zek ceh says:

Horrible haha jk idk

Marcus Loo says:

im 6’4 180lbs i cant decide between the baffle, and the arbiter 36 i have a wider stance when doing colemans but thats about it what should i get

Greyson Garcia says:

Thank u so much original skateboards for life

Alex de Bievre says:

this board looks sick. to bad that with the way i ride id probably shatter it 🙁 rocking the wc 41 freeride atm but its delaminating now. maybe a baffle next?

Patrick Harrington says:

ordering a Vector 37 next week. been looking for a good brick. THIS IS IT!

Smexy Unicorn says:

which one better for freeride, baffle 37 or the vecter

Tom cpl.tu says:

What the set up on 0:26 with gold trucks ?

Jon Fisher says:

Hey Original, I was planning on buying a complete setup deck off your website 🙂 I was just wondering if you had any suggestions on what board I should get. I’m 5’9″ 150lb, Ill be going down hills and trying to slide, basically freeriding (mostly sliding) I’m a beginner so I don’t know what setup would be best for me 🙂 I was thinking about the Vector 37 with radius sata wheels, caliber II trucks and cell prime bearings. I just wanted your opinion.

Spencer Ayer says:

1:19 thats what she said

Adam Knight says:

I’m looking for a freeride/freestyle board with no regard for cost but I have no idea which one to choose from your selection of boards. I weigh 55 kg and I’m 5’4. The Vecter looks pretty cool, would that be suitable for me or do you have another suggestion. Please help me out Original.

smilyfjes says:

Loving the board!

John Niven says:

This is a damn good looking board. It makes me think of a stealth bomber. I can’t decide between this and the apex.

hugo alexander says:

wow the board was really nice

will hall says:

u guys should so make a directional version that would be sick

Urdal Bezi says:

I got this board since 2 days and its great.
The problem is its hard to learn control the board because of the concave.
I think its defenitely a pro-board.
If someone got Tipps for me, please reply

Dem Longboarders says:

This is the favorite longboard, and i havent even got mine yet

Tristan Jhaye says:

What’s the setup with the oranges wheels?

Quinn Spevak says:

+Longboards by Original Skateboards Hey guys, i was looking into getting the Arbiter KT for freeride and medium DH. would you recommend the Arbiter KT or the Vector? Thanks!

nathan cruz says:

What happens to the board when it get wet

alvin victorio says:

Can the Vecter37 Support a heavy rider like 280lbs in weight???

MrOldguy14 says:

I’m completely torn between the Vecter or the DiamondDrop 37!! Which one should I get? Which one is better for sliding??

Greyson Garcia says:

Should I get the vecter or the baffle for downhill race and downhill slide?

O Meyer says:

Hey u guys should make a mini Vecter for smaller riders like 34 inches long and 9 or 9.5 inches wide

Daniel Moreno says:

This is the best board I’ve ever tried thanx +Longboards by Original Skateboards!

Tobias Muldoon says:

love that board shape do you know of any that are slightly cheaper?

Ricky Chango says:

To try!!!!

LongBoardingAlberta says:

Hey there I am really thinking about getting this board I ride a aribter no kick and have owned a diamond drop would this be the best of both worlds

Chris Harris says:

I would love to know what this song is

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