Longboard BoardGuide Reviews: The Baffle 37 with Sean

The Baffle was home grown by simply asking our riders, “what do you want in a brick?” As riders ourselves, it’s important to to understand how to push our equipment further.

Sit down for a Longboard BoardGuide Review with Original Team Manager, Sean Kolvenbach, for a look at the Baffle 37: a wider, longer longboard whose symmetrical shape initiates slides like a drop deck or drop through, but has the control of a topmount making it more comfortable without fear of wheel bite.

Developed as a tech freeride and downhill option, the Baffle is constructed from 9 ply Northeastern Maple with a continuous, deeper 0.8 inch concave at the flares. From freeride to downhill, beginner to advanced, The Baffle will continue to blow your mind. The gateway is open.


mason Bambini says:

Hat setting is that board because I want to buy it but idk what is best like all of your settings to buy it????

Sean Malloy says:

The songs called apocryphon if anyone is wondering

August Campbell says:

What song was that?! Sick board too by the way.

Michael Richards says:

5’10 135 what board?

Sassy The Sasquatch says:


David Quinco says:

The baffle 37 have flex?

Mattcomo says:

Holy shit it’s the fucking SWORD I love this band!

Andrew Haddon says:


John Conroy says:

1:13 is so clean.. yet so dirty….

jordans8201 says:

my friend got this less than a weak ago, and it already has a huge crack in one of the wheel wells, and another smaller crack in one of the other wheel wells.

Timothy Huang says:

does anyone know what the weight of the board is?

Lukas Parbst says:

Im using this with Buzzed V3 Mega BeefCake trucks and 81a classic bigzigs, and its so damn heavy… is that just me?

J S says:

I love my baffle, thank u guys for making a board that feels like it was made for me

Rob says:

What do you guys think of the arbor backlash 37 is it a pick up or nah

Smexy Unicorn says:

got this yesterday, used it today, makes freeride waaaaaaaay easier 

Nicholas Selvik says:

Hey, I’m looking for a freeride board. Thinking about the arbiter kt or the baffle. I know stand ups but want to take it to the next level. Would be nice with a kick. Which board is best for standies? Is the concave of the arbiter kt sufficient for looooong slides or is the baffle better?

Manly lemon says:

I bought this board a week ago and now it is my favorite board in the lineup

pangkoi s world says:

can i have you’r old skateboard any please :’)

Hans Müller says:

One of my favorite original decks a really great choice

Tech ReViews says:

Vector or baffle?

Marcin Ślęk says:

Bought one 2 days ago, instantly learnd heelside on switch. Awesome deck.

FawtBalugaWhale says:

would you guys recommend this bored to someone just getting into long boarding? 
i live in an area with a lot of variety, would mostly do cruising but would like to be able to do more if i decided to. i weigh roughly 160 and im 5’8. would you suggest it? thanks to any replies!

Gabriel N. says:

will this board ship to sweden, gothemburg??

22foe says:

What size wheel would you recommend with basically no risers at 0.02 risers ? would 70mm be a good size with no wheelbite or should i stick with a 65mm ? 

Fernando Gomez says:

Only problem it costs like $300 and I don’t know if original skateboards thinks the whole world is Bill Gates, but money doesn’t come that often.

Daan Deferm says:

whats the difference between this one and the new baffle ???

REC. says:

ehi, the baffle 37 is good for cruising in city too? 

Mathieu E.V. Dancer says:

Whoa! 1min. 59second
Someone should ask this creature to learn 360° Early Grab into Layback Heelside into Layback Toeside at 40mph into hard Goofy Toeside uphill Carve ending at 30mph heading downhill again!!

RJ says:

will this board ship all the way to sweden gothenburg and how much for shipping in that case please answer! 🙂

oldman Trimpy says:

This board is so sick ! Original can you do some tutorials for big stand up slides like motionboardshop ?

Julian Tang says:

how do you grip it so it has that stripe in the middle that says rdvx

Sean Malloy says:

Got my complete today at waterboyz might change the hardware wheels and bearings but I love it

Kaden Davies says:


1975mvm says:

Recently got the baffle deck with caliber 44*s and i have cracks already in the wheel wells :/ Is there any guards being developed? Like nose/wheel well guards? If so, please give an update if you consider this, its a common problem and occurs very easily even from the board just flipping, thanks. Keep up the good work! <3

steven osinga says:

i realy wanna get one but i dont have the money

Arturo Soberanis says:

I got this beauty hours ago, really excited.

Aaron Yubac says:

I like how they act more human in their videos than other companies

The Sound Wave says:

so many boards to choose from. ugh, just need a good sliding/freeriding board that i would put callibers and vice wheels on.

mason Bambini says:

Where can I get one

RJ says:

sweden, gothenburg by the way

Garrett walker says:

Just purchased this board, can’t wait to get to skate it!


Im a beginner coming from a rayne future killer, im 6’2 180lbs i want to start to learn standups? is this the board for me?
btw.. would 70mm wheels fit with a looser setup?

mason Bambini says:

What concave settings do you have on the board and what’s the difference???????????

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