Longboard BoardGuide Reviews: The Arbiter DK with Tom

The Arbiter DK is a go to all around board built to shred ramps, hills, streets, curbs, skate parks, parking garages, downhill, sliding, or anything else you wanna hit. Sit down for a Longboard BoardGuide Review with Original Skateboards Team Rider, Tom Weiss, for a look at the DK :a symmetrical, versatile deck with the smallest wheelbase options in the Arbiter family.

Inspired and created for riders coming from a heavy skateboarding and snowboarding background, the DK is versatile enough for riders big-to-small, beginner-to-advanced. Ride One. Shred All.


Joseph Hébert says:

That board looks sick. I’m about 5ft8 and 140 pounds and i’m considering buying it. I’d like to try some tricks, mainly ollies, and I would also like to use it for cruising. Can you guys help me choose a set-up that would be good for me? Thanks!

Kyle Stasienko says:

What mm and a is good for sliding?

aestheticaf says:

what a useless piece of maple wood on wheels

travis Weber says:

How long do you think it will last and is it that easy for indoor parks I use to go to a place called Small Empire and, they were the best and they were the only place i had until they close down and do you really recommend this for tricks?

Gustavo Langen says:

i’m about 6ft’1 and 167 pound.you think I can use this deck ? you suggest me some other deck ? my goal is to practice freeride and slinding at medium speeds. i like the simetrical and double kick

My Life and The Media says:

That looks kinda heavy to ride

TheDarKnight 57 says:

2:47 Anyone else notice that fucking alligator eyeballing him? The one that he later went swimming with.

NoBrakes23 says:

I see that in the static shots this has RKP trucks, but it looks like some of the park stuff might be using TKPs. Do you suggest Reverse Kingpins only or would Traditionals be okay for cruising and park use?

Sassy The Sasquatch says:

Should I either get an Arbiter 36 or a DK?
what would ya recommend for mostly freeride and a bit of downhill

scottyguy says:

cant decide between this and the kt. Help

Capri Shizzle says:

I’m guesing it’s harder to do pop trick like ollies or what ever can someone fill me in on this I’m thinking of getting one

Night Rider Skate Lights says:

Check out our Brand new Kick starter!! A light for your deck!!!! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1272092658/night-rider-board-lights

Ethan Sanchez says:

5his border is really good. it’s is eser to power slide


this is so stupid

Alic Mann says:

This is so dumb its just bigger sized skateboard

Carl Howski says:

Hey original,
ever considered making a full wooden Apex deck? I got my arbiter dk and its sick, the apex dd 2015 will hopefully be my next board, but it would be sick if their was a cost effective apex.

Dan Delaney says:

Gunna be ordering one of these in the spring for a summer boarding trip to California can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ZIZA says:

My Christmas present

Talen Jacob vlogs says:

I love skateboarding

Zac Lenior says:

Is this board as easy to do tricks on as a normal trick board?

Ronaldo Bastos says:

I used to ride a pin tail just for cruising and I really like the idea of being able to have fun on parks even to do basic tricks on a bigger board w/ the double kick, being 6″ 1″/210lbs I always found myself too big to do more than cruising.
With that being said, would you recommend any set up to go on parks(basically pools) and cruise/shred? I know for example that i should use smaller wheels….

chan roch says:


D4rkW1nd says:

shut up bird

Arnaud Vankeirsbilck says:

Best 4 minutes of my life ! Inspiration for all longboarders and even skateboarders out there! Ride one, shred all !
Save your soul start a revolution.

dont eat meat dude says:

It looks like if you tried to no-comply, it would slice right through your leg.

Zach Hale says:

Cannot wait to get mine ordered, so stoked to have such a versatile board in my arsenal!

Brando Daily says:

they couldn’t of landed a cleaner 3 flip?

Taran Deol says:

Can I buy the wheels separate.

Deranged Pranks says:

Is that a piercing or did you face plant into a jewelry store?

Amir Hamilton says:

Where can i het one pf these ?

Colin Norman says:

What is his set up?

sebastian lopez says:

Should I get this board? How big is it

Mathieu E.V. Dancer says:

Brett Ciabatinni wears Brooklyn Workshop!!
But, Brooklyn Workshop they don’t answer their phone

Mr Adrien says:

Which is the brand of its equipment when he rides the snow ? at 2:15. It’s soo cool

Damaris R Williams says:

my mom will get me a punisher drop deck longboard

KEN CHOH says:

where can I buy it

a dead channel - says:

Looks super fun!

Bëpp S says:

Ok which one is better for powerslides, this one or the baffle? can’t decide :/

Karen Morales says:

Aw that’s sick

lenny fourtwenny says:

i’m a beginner and don’t know what wheels i should take for sliding and crusing in your shop (arbiter dk complete) +Longboards by Original

MLG doge says:

I’m rocking the loaded chubby unicorn, but the Arbiter DK is still a deck that looks like i must have it

SunRoof Gaming says:

will u review the santa cruz lion king or god rasta (I own it) and I’m only 11

Konall Keane says:

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