Longboard BoardGuide Reviews: The Arbiter 36 KT with Sean

The simple versatility of the Arbiter 36 KT didn’t take long to become a team favorite, not to mention a favorite of team manager Sean Kolvenbach. Join Sean for a walk in the woods and a Longboard BoardGuide review of the Original Skateboards Arbiter 36 KT ($109). There is nothing like the freedom a truly versatile board can bring to your skating, the Arbiter 36 KT is like a tiger under your feet.

See more at: http://www.originalskateboards.com/longboards/arbiter-36-kt


Leon Chatterton says:


TheWalkersAreEvolving says:

i have a pintail 40 and can’t really slide on it .Do i need to buy a New board? ( sorry for my english:/)

KSGguy says:

What’s a good cheap longboard for beginners?

Loretta Piazzalunga says:

Che tipo di longboard è il suo

ภє๒ยฬคггเ๏г 04 says:

1:43 thought that was a bug on my screen so im trying to remove it

Rebecca Scott says:

this board is not affordable compared to most boards

caleb wilson says:

PLEASE SUB TO ME ! please i only of 39 subs . please sub if your in 2016

That One Guy Guy says:

this board is heavy get the apex

Joe Pepsi says:

is this a good first board?

kyle simboner says:

this dude is annoying

Ben Carpenter says:

I’m looking for a board that can initiate slides easier, would you say this or the baffle for that?

Brianna Gallegos says:

yo what type of board would a arbiter be considered

alina ahmed says:

Can be sold in the UK?

Richard Hodgson says:

Where can I get one in the uk

Rocio Valencia Vazquez says:

La tabla ARBITER 36 KT es igual que la tabla ARBITER 36

Sol Schitea says:

Guys. You cannot REVIEW your own board. You can show off the features but you can’t review it. Do you see how little sense that makes?

ConsiseGalaxy says:

the trucks are backwards in the thumb nail

Giovanni plays nick games says:

My the longboard (:

KTDA Skateboards says:

3 years later. I still don’t have it.

Benny Skoo says:

I bought this board because of this review.

Angel Nieves says:


Cactus/Rock/Shit Eater says:

Yes 300$ is affordable

John Cage says:

i like pintails better

awesome skater boy says:

I want one. but I’m fine with the one I have

Notolerancetobullshet says:

I can bomb hills better on my skateboard.
I don’t see the point of making a mix between the two ._. plus why do i want a tail if i don’t have a proper nose to flick off? the only way you can kickflip in this thing is mobbing one out, and that looks terrible! Buy a skateboard. Or a real longboard

Leonardo Mancini says:

can you run big wheels over 75mm with this board?

Halo Solo says:

Just got this board and was just testing it out when I hit a bump on the sidewalk I kept going but the back of my board got sent flying in the air and I ended up getting the wind knocked out of me

Simon Gonzaga says:

how to order it online???
and i want to customized it

AlanBell says:

Longboarders should just stick to hills

A Solid Dank Drive says:

what were the wheels on the original board that he was holding

Big Papa's says:


Nathaniel Brooks says:


Fire Brand says:

Y are his trucks backwards?

Waseem Anwar says:

cool can I have one

Awe4404 says:

why is his ass showing??

Restless Team says:

A awesome

MLev1 says:

how much?

MLG doge says:

every time i watch a video by originals i feel like i need to buy EVERYTHING you have because it all looks so fun and awesome

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