Longboard BoardGuide Reviews: Pintails by Original Skateboards with Lindsay

Pintail longboards by Original Skateboards: Classic pintail shape. True pintail performance. Each board is a simple shape with elegant wood construction, topped off with art by acclaimed surf artist, Jay Alders. Designed to turn stretches of asphalt into your own personal playground, the Pintail 37, Pintail 40, Pintail 43 and Pintail 46 longboards are a great option for any size rider from beginner to advance. At home, in the city, this cruiser can be your fast track to an easy and enjoyable commute. It lives a mellow life on the flats where it seconds as a dancer and beach cruiser.

Check out more art by Jay Alders: ‪http://www.jayalders.com


Henry Greaves says:

Do original skateboards ship to New Zealand?

Parker Pj says:


TheUnknown says:

I’m a 13 year old girl, 115 lbs and 5 3 and I’m looking to get into some type of skateboarding. cruising sounds good for me but I’m not sure if I’d like to try tricks in the future, I would also eventually like to try and bomb hills since I live in New England where there’s all types of terrain to skate. if I get an average skateboard then I would only be able to go to parks because the roads are pretty crappy. there are a lot of community things I like to go to so I think it would be fun to carve in and out of crowds. So I think I should get some sort of cruiser. probably not a penny because that’s too small but I also do not definitely want a giant board, since it would be heavier and I couldn’t really carry it comfortably anywhere. any boards you guys have in mind or any advice?

ronnie palmer says:

is it a good idea to ride barefoot

elitedrawing says:

these are the 200mm trucks?

Harrison W says:

I live in western Cali and I’ve surfed all my life 15 years, and I just bought my first longboard (pintail) and now I’m ready to surf some street waves! Lol

jobeh y says:

you are the definition of cringe

philossophus I. says:

she’s sweet

Matt Milton says:

This chick is hilarious I love her

Damian Wayne says:

How do you slide

IdiootTering says:

2:52 play at 0.5 speed, lulz guaranteed

Mike m5959 says:

I’m 48, i skated a lot as a kid in the mid 1970’s until maybe 16 years old. (I skated on Tony Alva and Stacy Peralta’s first US released pintail’s)…I know, I’m old…Haha…I bought my first Arbor Timeless 46 board in 30 plus years…I can’t wait…Nice job.

FForest YT says:

помогите набрать 25 потпищеков

Sarojini Wilson says:

Where can I get this board

Will Leitzell says:

anyone know the name of the song?

Will Sherlin says:

Ordered a pintail 46 two and a half weeks ago. Had it send 3to5 day shipping and it showed up in 8 days and without the hardware to put it together. I called and let them know and they said they would ship them to me right away. 6 days later and I don’t have enough screws to put my board together… Sooo bummed. Will never order from these guys again. At least not without having them put it together first…

Damian Wayne says:

Like does it matter what kind of wheel do you need to slide

Malachi Chow-Woon says:

You are my best friend

Marius Popa says:

Any one know from where i can buy a hat like her? 😀

Will Leitzell says:

at 5′ 7″ and 170lbs would the 40 in bamboo be a good option?

krabsnation says:

To everyone making rude comments,
STOP. I know her, and she is one of the best people I’ve ever met. Stop hating.

Joey Reeves says:

We will now show this clip of long-boarders using the pintail while Lindsay snorts more coke

FForest YT says:


Mr. Henry says:

i like how u guys made the video

Leandro Peres says:

She’s so cute, man!

Patricio Zapata says:

I love her personality c:

Sarojini Wilson says:


Jonny Sanabria says:

Instagram of Lindsay?

FreeFall Gaming says:

you don’t fucking post a review of your own board on your own channel, it is the most bias shit I have ever seen

Drake Baker says:

what’s the song

Adrian V.R says:

How big is ??

Donnie Ross says:

This wasn’t a very good review. The spokeswoman isn’t even display a convincing argument, she basically just says “this board is really good, you should get it”. It sounded more like a sales pitch than a review.

Aivaras Aiva says:

what’s the song name ?

Greece Pill says:

im about to get a pintail cruiser “36 x 9.6” longboard 😀

BeeatsGraphicDesign Dante Wilkins says:

Where did my apex 37 carbon go 🙁 the memories pls

Big Gravy says:

what the hell was that noise at 2:53 ?

Bemo Games TM says:

my first ride was on a pintail it a foot before I got off and was like I’m in love

David Lubrano Jr says:

@longboards by original You are shooting this video in front of my paddle boarding spot!

Louis Philippides says:

by a real skateboard

Damian Wayne says:

I am also beginning to ride longboards but I like pintails but don’t know which kind to get. Or which one is good. I like long ones but not like really long.

Cisneros 123 says:

why was she fighting a tree?

Moustache Crab says:

I’m only 45kg lol ikr but wat size?

SNOW says:

2:16 butt time

Fantic Tweeduizend says:

hi, i’m planning to make my own pintail longboard. Im 6’0 inches long and my weight is around 128 lbs. Can you tell me how long my lonboardd needs to be and how much of a concave it needs to have, do you have any tips for me? Also, its the first time longoarding for me.

Sweet! says:


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