Longboard BoardGuide Reviews: Pintails by Original Skateboards with Lindsay

Find your Pintail: http://originalskateboards.com

Pintail longboards by Original Skateboards: Classic pintail shape. True pintail performance. Each board is a simple shape with elegant wood construction, topped off with art by acclaimed surf artist, Jay Alders. Designed to turn stretches of asphalt into your own personal playground, the Pintail 37, Pintail 40, Pintail 43 and Pintail 46 longboards are a great option for any size rider from beginner to advance. At home, in the city, this cruiser can be your fast track to an easy and enjoyable commute. It lives a mellow life on the flats where it seconds as a dancer and beach cruiser.

Check out more art by Jay Alders: ‪http://www.jayalders.com


Eden Garden says:

I love love love that color!! Mint

Jojo's Crafty Love says:

Sorry not related to the Candi Girl skates… Thank you, Pigeon!! You have now sealed the deal for me to grab a pair of Moxi Lolly roller skates asap!! You said you have wide feet and I’ve read reviews/item description saying the Moxi Lollys are not suitable for people with wide feet… but if you could fit in a Moxi Lolly comfortably, that means I can too! My feet are slightly wide. CAN’T WAIT!!

Not normal Nugget says:

I’m so confused what would a size 6 in men’s be in women’s size because I’m planning on getting a pair

Amanda Boo Bear says:

Can you review the impala skates

Alina The Mighty says:

Do you need to be an adult to wear MOXI Skates

AbdiTheFire 08 says:

Can these skates come to Norway? If it can i will probably buy them 🙂

Kimchiisnw !!!! says:

Are rio roller skates good

Katherine Robertson says:

I have these skates! I suck at roller skating but these are great skates for a beginner like me! Plus it’s on Amazon so super easy to get (at least in the US) Someday I’ll upgrade to Moxi skates but I do really love these and they are perfect for me right now.

Acecandy 77 says:

Try the adjustment circle society roller skates please!!!

kr gll says:

Which toe stopper would you guys recommend? I’m getting those skates and want to make sure they are the best they can be!

JoAnne Denison says:

I just got mine. I am 62 years old. figure that one out. I have been doing ice skating for about a year now and love that. so I’m wondering if I can go to the park district across the street and get on the rink for the roller hockey dudes. since I pay $10k per year in property taxes,I think so. in any case, they all have hockey sticks which are a crutch, which figure skaters think is bs. I am going to try them over there. I skated around my house and side walk so I think I am ready. I love my pink Candi girls, but I bet these guys think I am nuts. Any experience with seniors breaking the roller skating rinks with teens? Not sure, I’ll let you know. Maybe I should youtube this experience. I have been intimidated so far, even tho I do have pink skates which should empower, right? In any case, I have narrow feet so the Candi girls fit perfectly with a thick sock, just like my ice skates.

Kai K says:

Hi I’m Kate and I live in Florida! Here in Florida we have extremely bumpy and not smooth at all! How do you think they will work on bumpy ground?

Miner Crafter says:

nice video like the skates

Laura Kalife says:

hii, ive got a quick question. So my mom wants me to get back to practicing any sport cause shes kinda worried of my future weight lets say hehe soooo i was wondering is roller skating a good sport for loosing just a bit of weight (or at least getting more active that i know) ? because i used to roller skate and enjoyed it 🙂

Island Fever says:

Do you wholesale?

Red X says:

easy breezy Louisiana lol <3 she's so cuteeee

Taylor Hallquist says:

Tomorrow I wanna see some skates at an academy

Liketodraw AndCreative says:

Who else has a longboard that has a different end, amd now wants the pintail longboard???

mohamed sabir says:

Is this ABEC 5 bearing?

Woww says:

It’s ok I’m a tree hugger to

Kimchiisnw !!!! says:

0:38 did that scare anyone else

Yo Adrianne says:

Omg I’m so excited I can’t wait AHHHHHHhhhhhHHH!!!
My parents ordered me these yesterday, and they are arriving Monday. I am SOOOO excited lol! I don’t typically get all crazy like this but I’m just- AHHHHHHH
Also, I’ve never ever skated outdoors before. Only in the rink with rental skates. I suppose it’ll probably take some getting used to. But I am excited! Wish me luck lol!

Also, I’ll probably reply later with my opinion on them or something? I don’t know lol.

Edit: Check the replies for my “review.” 😉

Cherry Gorilla says:

Wow!! That is seriously awesome! Pretty rad boards!

Mtb Crazy says:

I use a pintail to get around my high school and it does awesome because it can turn sharp easily and it fast

barefoot _grasshOOper says:

I have to wear 2 pairs of socks. Lol always have I have weird knobby feet I guess

Ben Lemons says:

Lindsay makes me want a Original Pintail! She is awesome!

bandon lazcano says:

That was a weak unboxing it took all of 2 seconds

Calvin Charlie says:


KillahKurlz says:

Can’t wait till mine get here!

Rose May says:

I have Candi girl roller skates and they are AMAZING u inspired me to ride roller skates

Leejana V says:

I want to start skating, but I don’t know which size to get. Should I get them the same size as my shoes? Or a size smaller?

Gene Washington says:

I love her personality I’m getting a pintail for Christmas

Spacenymph_ says:

Desperately searching for a review on the holographic impala quads!

Abishek Babu says:

Cringe level-10000000000000

Lakey Drixxle says:

Where do I buy these and how much are they

Meg Seppi says:

is this sponsored?

Aaron Brewer says:

Hi, I’m 14 years old, weigh 105 pounds and am 5’2″. I’m looking for a longboard just for riding around and I like a board that turns well. Lastly i have a budget of $60. do you have any recommendations


Do you have Candi Girl skates? Share your review below!!

BeeatsGraphicDesign Dante Wilkins says:

Who ever the girl is makes me enjoy life, I used to watch all these old vids back when I was 15 feelsbadman

Anonymous says:

are chicago bullet speed skates good? i just got ’em for 62 buck on amazon.

Joce Lyn says:

Do you need different wheels for different type of skating

Abigail Warren says:

I have a wider foot with a high arch how high of an arch are these skates?

sarah saturn says:

the unicorn leggings are fucken badass!!!! you go, girl!

twinkharrylwt says:

I bought the classis btfl skates last year, they are great and around the same price point

CollidingCherries says:

Why am I watching this? I do figure skating

satx damiii says:

I have a pin tail a bit longer but tryna learn tricks but it’s a bit hard when u have a busy street in ur side of town

Courtney M says:

Hmmmm. I’m trying to find my first pair of non-derby skates (long story, tl;dr – I have a pair of Reidells from when I tried derby, they’re much too small, my feet go prickly and tingly after 10-20 minutes skating in them). Apparently no stores around me carry actual skates for me to try on!

Anyway. So. Sizing.

I’m a size 8-8.5 in women’s shoes, normal width. If I were to go for a pair of these, should I get a size 8, to accommodate that half size? I’m super nervous about spending money on my tight budget and ending up with skates that don’t fit AGAIN.

(If it helps, I get a size 7 from my local rink. They’re SUPER broken in because they’re literally decades old, and have LITERALLY 0 padding. Like, I get blisters from the rock hard soles (I don’t think they have actual insoles at all..) if I skate in them for too long. They’re… snug. Like, really snug, almost too tight, but the size 8s from there are just too much wiggle room. Those might fit if I can wrangle up some thicker socks…)

RaceGod SRT says:

Hmmmmm what she is saying something is telling me she is full of shit

Luz Pink says:

Iam 5’1 120 lbs what size should I get

Eliijah Criley says:

You know something this is the best video I’ve watched on YouTube

Truth Seeker says:

I luv this gurl man

wizardwithguns1 says:


mundane Psychidelia says:

Best vid on the channel

X_YamahSquad_X says:

shi. I need a girl with that personality

Anomaly4u says:


Mike Anderson says:


O Kurtay says:

……….she puts a smile on faces. 🙂

Michelle Fair says:

I have that exact longboard Jay alders original pintail 40 in “out of the blue” longboats but I can’t find its worth or original price anywhere online. How much would it be used?

ErrorNoctis says:

Cringey as fuck

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