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Video review of the Loaded Dervish longboard by Chris J Rosser at BC Surf & Sport.


BC Surf And Sport says:

You can pull tricks with it. The newer version, the Sama, has kicks on the nose and tail to make it even easier.

BC Surf And Sport says:

The Sama is sick! Tried one out and really liked it. Since we have so much flat here in Florida I like a deck with some flex. Feels more lively and we don’t need a super stiff ride for stability.

BC Surf And Sport says:

i don’t think it will be “hard” to control, but the Tan Tien would be a bit more responsive as it is shorter, plus the kicks are nice for shuvs and manuals. However, people throw around the Bhangra (and in the past the Dancer) and those boards are quite large for everyone. The larger foot platform may help you out for cross steps and other stuff.

Nicholas Fines says:

I am 160 pounds and I’m wondering what flex would be best for me

Ben Stevens says:

Is this better than the TAN TIEN?

BC Surf And Sport says:


BC Surf And Sport says:

Yes, it’s a clear spray grip on top

BC Surf And Sport says:

I’d do flex 2. You’re towards the lower end of that range as it is, and the Flex 1 will be really stiff for you.

Ryan Lopez says:

you can sell your trucks for the same price as the 180 mm

nicossrc says:

hello guys, have a question for you, i dont like drop trough longboards, does it matters if i top mount my dervish? would it break? thanks

BC Surf And Sport says:

only if you strap axes onto your feet. (WARNING: BC Surf and Sport does not condone attaching any weaponry to your body. Especially while skating. That could lead to some crazy Mad Max style sport, and that’s apocalyptic).

BC Surf And Sport says:

It’s pretty good at cruising. It’s crazy low so it’ll be easy to push for awhile.

nicossrc says:

hahaha thanks guys!

Riley G says:

Sorry with the continuous questions but my friend recommended a landyachtz Switchblade or maybe an Original apex 40. Do you think either of these would be more suitable or just go with the dervish?

Karly Fries says:

What’s the difference between this one and the Dervish sama? I’m thinking about getting the dervish online but idk what the difference is.

BC Surf And Sport says:

In the Loaded line the Tan Tien is pretty solid, but the new Dervish Sama can hold its own. Especially if you feel the wheelbase of the Tan Tien is a bit short.

BC Surf And Sport says:

If you don’t want much flex then go with the Flex 1. You’re at the top range of a Flex 2 so that will definitely have some flex.

BC Surf And Sport says:

depends on your riding style. The Tan Tien is better at tricks and it has a slightly smaller wheelbase for tighter cornering. I prefer the Dervish when cruising and carving, and the Sama has a slight edge in slides.

BC Surf And Sport says:

We do carry them at some of our stores

David Mederos says:

My friend offered me this board for 100. Should I buy it?

Riordon vL says:

my weight is 85kg. do i need flex 1 or 2? I dont want to have to much flex in it

BC Surf And Sport says:

For a big overview, check out our How to Choose a Longboard video. It’s a good starter to get some info. On the Dervish specifically: they are ok on medium to small hills. If the hills to your school are huge I’d probably go with something else. The Dervish is pretty solid for carving and pumping so it’ll be a good commuter, and if the hills aren’t big I think you’ll be ok.

BC Surf And Sport says:

So you wanna hit hills and slides. The Dervish will be solid on mild to normal hills and can hit some slides also. If you wanna go a bit bigger check out the Landyatchz 9two5, Switchblade, or Tomahawk. Those will be better for bigger hills and faster rides/slides.

Riley G says:

One more question which flex should I get? I weigh about 75 kg. Would a flex 1 be suitable?

Patrick Allen says:

will this board snap easily if u try to do tricks or jumps

Dylan Cornelius says:

this guy is a jackass

BC Surf And Sport says:

you’re just about on the border between flexes, so here’s the breakdown. If you want a flexy ride for a surfy like feel through carves, Flex 2 is the call. If you want a stiffer and more stable board for hills, garages, or whatever check the Flex 1

steven morty says:


Brayden Wong says:

I love everything about this board but I was just wondering if it comes with grip tape?

BC Surf And Sport says:

Check the Orangatang video, i left a response for you over there. Thanks for the support!

sleeper says:

Man, it’s okay for tricks like tiger claw n stuff like that?

BC Surf And Sport says:

They’re ok under 30 mph. Over that you’ll need to adjust your setup to compensate (stiff bushings, low degree trucks, etc). If you’ve got some big hills to ride, a different board will probably be the call.

Cody Tyerman says:

Brayden Wong+ this board sucks don’t buy it

BC Surf And Sport says:

Yes, but if you’re really focused on downhill you may want to try something that’s designed for it. Check the Landyatchz Switch and Switchblade or the Rayne Killswitch.

AchinForBacon says:

bro, do you even drift?

BC Surf And Sport says:

Flex 1 is the most stable, so it’ll do the best on hills, but it may be really stiff for cruising and carving. 75kg is right in the middle of the flex 2 range, and that flex response is sweet for cruising and carving if you’re going to be doing more of that than hills.

Kevin Law says:

Should I get this board or the sector 9 fractal for just cruising having fun and also some tricks?

BC Surf And Sport says:

I know! It’s sick! I took it for a little spin and a Sama with loose Paris 180’s is CRAZY for carves. The new grip is sick, kinda feels like a bigger Fattail with symmetry and kicks. We’ll have one up in the near future, trying to get one to ride around and shoot some footy. Oh, and Dervish Sama for carves out of those 3. Go rip!

BC Surf And Sport says:

Better grip, kicks on the nose and tail, wider, and a bit more concave

ambivalent ambiguity says:

Too flat

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