Landyachtz Top Speed 36 Longboard Review –

Landyachtz Top Speed 36 Longboard Deck:

Your one stop shop for longboards –

Sporting Rocker and W-concave features, the Top Speed 36 is designed to grip the pavement when bombing hills, and keep your feet in place while drifting.

Rider: Josh Dimitri

Film and Edit: TréCreative

Music Credit: Birdy Nam Nam – Defiant Order (UZ Remix)


ballsack69 says:

this board is also a freeride beast

Moto Milk says:

Remember it’s not the board it’s the bearings

Victor Tironi says:

this or the original arbiter for freeride?

Kevin says:

wouldn’t boards with significant drop be better for downhill?

BoardsOnNord says:

dang my feet aren’t that large so i don’t know what it would feel like to you.

Ming Qv says:

zigzags 75mm?

BoardsOnNord says:

i’d go with the original beast 41 in my opinion or the switchblade 40.

Hommie V says:

My fake nickel board hited 40mph

Mark Murz says:

Just got this board, it’s amazing. The concave is perfect and has the right amount of w.

BoardsOnNord says:

i would highly recommend the switch 37, or switchblade 38 if you’re looking for something with drop. i love the pockets it creates for your feet on both of those boards. amazing!

BoardsOnNord says:

really depends on rider preference. i personally prefer a drop down style board for downhill, however lots of people prefer top mounts for downhill even more and more these days it seems.

BoardsOnNord says:

They no longer make this board

BoardsOnNord says:

it is right now. 19 hours ago it was 9:12pm

Dennis Chua says:

Whats the music?

John Paul Limpo says:

will it still be ok if I put a moronga otangs for freeride

Voltage says:

Thank you very much.

Kevin says:

Interesting. I’m still trying to find the right board that I can learn to ride moderate downhill on slide/speedcheck on. I’m kind of lost at the moment.

BoardsOnNord says:

not necessarily better. i do prefer symmetrical boards myself so i would go with the top speed 36 over the wolfshark my self. but they are both great boards for bombing hills at higher speeds and both are great slide boards. i think you would be happy with either board. landyachtz makes a great product.

BDHskate says:

I would go with the arbiter. Cheaper and more of a simple design. Get the kicktail if you can.

Copper Gaming says:

how many mm were those wheels?

matt smith says:

hey, would this board be better than the new wolfshark? im looking into buying one of them and I need some advise. I want to learn how to slide good but also im bombing hills with sharp turns going at a top speed of 35 mph. Im also 250 pounds ( football player)

BoardsOnNord says:

in Cali it’s been very dry this year, we had a super early spring and no rain, i believe it felt like spring from Mid February and it’s already getting Hot like summer now.

Ben Denetra says:

Is this board good for freeriding? And whats a good setup for this board if i wanted to just freeride?

RoFo Photography says:

Hey!! I bought the hypercarve 47′ to improve my surfing but now I really want to try downhill and freeriding. Wich board do you suggest me to buy? The original beast 41, rayne fortune or this landyachtz?? Thnx!! PS: I’ve never tried freeride or downhill before. Greetings from outside the US haha

matt smith says:

one more q, since the wolfshark has so much concave would my large feet ( size 14) not fit right and feel awkward?

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