Landyachtz Switch Longboard Review –

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The Landyachtz Switch Complete Longboard rides the same forward as it does backwards. No matter what terrain you are riding, this board will allow you to muscle through turns or lay out out some powerful slides. With a concave this deep, you are locked in for the ride giving you head to toe board control. The low rise of this board gives you maximum balance while you ease thru highspeed turns with no worries of the wobbles. Get out and have some fun out there with the Landyachtz Switch Longboard today.

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Review Crew says:

bcsurf can you shout us out

Peter Della Franco says:

THIS IS THE SWITCH 37!!! It even says it on your website!!! and the normal switch doesnt even come in red!!! lol

xspy11 says:

@collingwood170159 same thing

Geeks Podcast says:

I picked up one of these recently as a complete beginner- thanks for the info! 🙂

pirulenta says:

could you tell me exactly what Zombie Hawgs and trucks it has? you talk too fast and i cant get it. Thanks!

BC Surf And Sport says:

@pirulenta haha, sorry about the lightspeed. Too much mountain dew or something. Usually they come with 76mm wheels, but the duro can change from board to board. If you order from us, let us know your preference and we’ll try to match it up.

ThumbsThisCommentUp says:


BC Surf And Sport says:

@collingwood170159 actually, it’s not. The Switch 37 is a slightly smaller version in case you prefer a smaller foot bed. This is the full sized Switch.

Joe H says:

what size hardware does it use? 1.5 inch, 1.25, or 1 inch?

Lorenz Assaid says:

can you make a review of the elixir pegasus longboard

MilleniumBrz says:

every time i watch a review i look behind you and get so jealous. aha keep up the good work

BC Surf And Sport says:

@MrRubixBunny go with the Switch. You probably won’t need the super low to the ground Switchblade, and the top mount of the Switch is really nice for carving around. You’ll definitely be able to slide around with it too.

miguel perez says:

Will it be ok if all i need it for is transportation to school

Eric Jordan says:

Do a review on helmets and how important they are

MrRubixBunny says:

Hye man, nice review video. Could you suggest what the best board for me would be, I want an all purpose board and I plan to do alot of cruising and carving but also learning to slide, im a begginer and this will be my first longboard. Landyachtz Switchblade or Switch???

Campbell Gildersleeve says:

What are those boards in the back? Shirt boards? Hate boards? Skateboards? Hmm, never heard of one

BC Surf And Sport says:

@Thefrotatos our floor model was sold just before the vid, so we had to make do. All the info is for the switch, and the 37 is the exact same thing in a slightly smaller format.

Andre Mintz says:

can you do a comparison video between the both boards switch and switchblade

RamirezHD says:

I can testify on this board. I bought it 2 years ago as a complete beginner. It is so stable that I have never hit the floor with anything else but the sole of my shoes. It is a little bit on the heavy side though. But good board, and it can stand some serious abuse.

Elton Morrison says:


imdanidays says:

So i just bought one of this, and i kostly bought it for cruising. Are they good for cruising ?

Schwulahh says:

do the drop carve 41

Marc Cawood says:

Sheet! I bought this as a downhill!

Xilene says:

Hey everyone, PLEASE take the time to  leave me a sub, I will be making a new longboarding video atleast once a week! so if you want to be apart of my channel and what i do please sub and thumbs up! more how-to’s coming soon, Remember keep shredding!

alejandro medellin says:

Just got mine. Paris 180mm trucks, 70mm 83a mercer wheels for a decent cruise and some dope REDS bearings. So far it rides like a dream. Amazing stability, and grippy as can be. Go forth and shred.

Johnny Jerkme says:

nigger faggot cunt this board sucks ass/pussy/dick/jk on opposite day :p

Jairo Feregrino says:

is it light

Chris Brusch says:

All i heard was ‘Get this board if you want a mustache ride’

Matteo Viola says:

@bcsurfandsportvideos oh ok

BC Surf And Sport says:

@laxinlongboard might do that one soon. Stay tuned!

Nick Sparky says:

lol 1:36

Matteo Viola says:

isn’t that the switch 37?

PinoyxFuze says:

Is this board good for cruising in the city of Manhattan

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