Landyachtz Switch 35″ & 40″ Complete Longboard Review –

Landyachtz Switch 35″ & 40″ Complete Longboards are deep dropped platform decks built for stability, speed, and ease of use. The deep drops get you very low to the ground for stability and effortless pushing while keeping your feet locked in for cornering and sliding. The shorter Switch 35″ is more responsive and perfect for smaller riders who want to learn how to freeride and bomb hills. The longer Switch 40″ is well suited for beginner to intermediate riders who want a stable setup to start hitting faster speeds and longer slides. While it was mainly designed for freeride and downhill skateboarding, its also an excellent long distance pusher that’s ideal for people with lengthy daily commutes.

Landyachtz Switch 35″ Complete Longboard available now at Tactics:

Landyachtz Switch 40″ Complete Longboard available now at Tactics:

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Lax Bro says:

I have been on a longboard and I want to start going down some hills do you think this is the right board for me

Albert Jonsson says:

Is it good for like crusing around a bit? Like just ridning on flat?

Dub Step says:

awesome dude I’m going to get that

Allie Cameron says:

I just purchased the 40″ board. It’s absolutely flawless in my opinion. I’m a beginner, I’ve only been boarding for 4 months, but it honestly feels like I’m riding on a cloud when I cruise on this board. So much easier to pedal with the deep drop as well. Love it so much

Ghost Walker says:

+tacticsboardshop will I destroy my wheels when sliding?

Eryll Brennan says:

Just got mine to day it rides great super fun freeride board but stable for downhill

Bolaji A. says:

Is this board good for cruising/commuting for a beginner or should I get a drop through for better turns?

sɴᴇᴅᴅᴏ says:

I bought this board now instead of the switchblade for the design and the huge drop. I will use it mostly for cruising around, riding to school. And some freestyle and if i learn then i will do sliding. Will this board handle some gravel?, in my area we have many small stones on the road, and small sticks,twigs. Thank you @Tactics Boardshop

Kris Campbell says:

@Tatics Boardshop Is the 40″ Switch good for freeride and doing slides?

Adrian Moreno says:

what type of trucks are those? and what size

IloveCOCOS says:

will this work for some sliding?

Kissalude says:

I have one of those landyachtz drop carve’s and it is frigging amazing. I swapped the wheels for some orangatang 70/86a’s. But holy shit it is amazing. I may try this one too.

Alexandru Camer says:

I’m 5’7 and weigh roughly 115lbs, would you recommend the 35 or the 40

Zoeb Jamal says:

What is the distance between the 2 drops (where you can put your feet) my stance is about 20 inches and I am wondering if this is the right board for me

paul wenzel says:

Could my son slide on a 35 inch. He’s 5.4 at 14 years of age and he can slide on a skateboard but he wants to get a longboard to slide on?

deakin smith says:

Would this board be ok if you are a heavier rider looking for a stiff board and for stability.

Karim Nyffenegger says:

best board

Snail Gaming says:

so in your Mr opinion what is better, the 35 or 40 because I might get one

Collin Looman says:

I need a board that can handle some downhill and sliding but also some cruising and a little carving. Would this work?

Arvind jagadeesh says:

do you think this board might be good for cruising as well ?

Delka says:

I was have been looking at getting this board for a long time, and when I first saw it, the graphic design was the full body of the fox and now there is a design of just the foxes head, I was wondering if there was any difference in the board apart from the design

Collin Looman says:

You guys should do a review on an oat soda Beercan board. It’s kinda and interesting new longboard concept

Aiden Radway says:

I am about 230 lbs am I too big for this board?

MrWibette says:

Is 35″ one for Kid?

Dima Wilson says:

so if im riding on sidewalks or ashphalt with cracks or maybe rough land is this good? also im new to skateboarding

Robert Thompson says:

What about moonshine mfg hooch for freerideing

Coleman Kading says:

When u flip those trucks what degree do the go to and will it be stable enough for bombing hills

Ellie Lefton says:

I would like to buy the 40″. In the link it takes me to a 40″ with a different graphic. Do you know where i could find the red 40″ with the fox graphic?
Thank you and thanks for the helpful vid!

Couchrider99 says:

I am roughly 5’4″ 98 pounds would you recommend the 35″ or 40″

The Underpowered Fireball says:

which is the better for downhill slide 40″ switch or 40″ switchblade

‡ Føx Sên ‡ says:

40″ for the win.

Max Billing says:

Is it good for sliding? I’m a beginner and would your recommend this or the original drop free ride 41 for learning to slide?

Nahte BMX says:

THANKYOU for inspiring me with the landyachtz switch

Anon Relentless says:

sick board! I’m thinking on getting a dinghy. any thoughts?

jackson webb says:

I’ve got a question!On Amazon the reviews for the board (35″ Complete Set) say that the wheels are too grippy for down-hill & power-slides. But, you said that this board is good for down-hill riding. So, I was wondering if Tactics BoardShop & Amazon’s Complete Set have different wheel & stuff.

Jose Cortez says:

Im 6.2 feet and I weight about 240 lbs do you recommend something?

Justin Hansen says:

Watching these always makes me want to buy a new board. I just bought a Gold Coast Infinitas drop through. Good board, but the bearings aren’t the best. Think I’m going to buy some bones Swiss ceramic bearings to fix that right up.

derksool 5 says:

do u ship to Australia

FΛWKZ says:

Hey, I’m looking to get into Long Boarding, but my area isn’t really super saturated with nice hills / good pavement. Would this still be a good board for commuting & cruising? Or is it just focused towards downhill riding.

I’m absolutely in love with the artwork, and want to own it. Haha

Coleman Kading says:

If I order a board from tactics does it come with stickers?

J HAVOK says:

Thanks for this awesome review. I’m really into the switch 35. New to longboards so it would probably be mostly cruising/ commuting at first. though I want to eventually get into DH when I’m more comfortable/experienced. I live in NYC, I’m 5’8″ 220 lbs. With that in mind, do you think I could make this board work as a cruiser/ commuter as well as DH? I’m quite open to customizing it for this purpose… any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Coleman Kading says:

I was gonna get the 71 mm race formulas or the wheels on these will these wheels slide well

Kyle Matos says:

is it 35 inches to the end of the drop down area, or is it to the end of the trucks

Jamez Jeff says:

Can you comfortable carve on this and what would be the result of adding gull sidewinder || dual kingpin tucks

Campbell Lohnes says:

40″ is so much nicer, but I like 35″ size more

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