Landyachtz Drop Hammer 36.25″ Drop Through Complete Longboard Review –

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Blitzkreig180 says:

I own this board and it is sick! Although I would probably have bought the 36″ Switchblade now.

Andy Afful says:

cool vids

Matt Hartman says:

can you guys do a reveiw of the loco 37 or have you alerady?

The Mark Canete says:

i custom made my drop hammer : with bones super swiss 6 bearings and orangatang orange wheels and paris v2 trucks

Gabe says:

is there any way you guys could get a 2013 model? i like that design a lot better than the newer one and it doesnt look like its in stock any where…

Static Airsoft says:

What do u mean when you say “flip the hangar”? I have these trucks and they are great but how would I flip them? Literally just turn them around?

TheBBQify says:


NxviDnB says:

is it good to Freestyle?

woodardson13 says:

i custom made my drophammer with bear trucks and 83a zombie hawgs and it only came out to 218

Anonymous says:

That’s nothing to do with the bearings, that’s just because the axle nut was tightened too much and was pinching the bearings.

Anonymous says:

This Drop Hammer seems like a good one for you. You’ll be able to do all that. It’s probably a little much for just riding through your neighborhood, but for everything else it’s great.

Jaylon says:

I want to ride around my town and through the neighborhood and stuff. I really just want a board that goes fast without much effort and something I can do some carving with. I want a drop thru. I want something that will roll for a long time also. What would the right board be for me? Or can you give me some options? Thanks!

Cris says:

Can you also do the kinda longboard dancing like peter pan and stuff on this board? The New drop hammer with the wolf model on it :)?

Henry Moody says:

is it good for sliding ?

Danny says:

mmm, bamboo sammich

cholo magz says:

hey, how much weight can it hold?

Panda-Sama says:

will this board work with 90mm flywheels?

SWag KinG says:

no! What kind of downhill do you guys do?

Panda-Sama says:

or will i get wheelbite? (90mm flywheels)

Anonymous says:

We ride down hills…and this board works fine. If TortexPro was talking about bombing hills or whatever you want to call it where you’re going 40+ MPH, then yeah, this probably isn’t the best. I think most people who are asking questions about boards on YouTube videos are just starting out, so their idea of downhill and ours might be different…I could be completely wrong, though. -Benson

kelly paulsen says:

Hey I’m a big guy, 6′ and 250lbs, I need to know if this board will support me, or if not any stiff strong boards that I won’t snap so easy, thx for the help

Anonymous says:


Hunter Hussey says:

How much does just the deck weigh exactly?

Nick Rondpre says:

This board is shit 2013 wolfie all the way

Anonymous says:


martin Perez says:

How much

Oscar Chinn says:

Would this be good for a ten year old I don’t expect you to awnser but it would sick if you could please answer

Andy Ko says:

I’m planning on buying this board, but I’m not sure that if it is good for cruising on street?

A M says:

Identical to the drop carve ??

Anonymous says:

Exactly? Sorry, we don’t have a scale. Maybe check some longboard blogs to see if someone has taken the time to weight this board. Or maybe someone else will see your comment and be able to respond. -Benson

Hyppyrotta says:

Would this board work with Paris V2?

Anonymous says:

Landyachtz doesn’t give us a specific weight limit, but I assume 225lbs would be fine. -Benson

Trax says:

I bought this to do some minor downhill and freeride, would this work for the board?

Cmatz 36 says:

I am watching this in 2015 how can I get this board the link doesn’t work

Astrid xoxo says:

i have a penny and a skateboard but recently i’m planning to buy a longboard for dancing and freeriding, is there any recommend for longboard beginner?

Benjamin Walker says:

I own this board and all I can say is you cannot go wrong with it. It is great for sliding and great for just getting around. Hope I helped 🙂

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