Is this $50 Amazon Longboard WORTH IT!?

I bought a new longboard off Amazon, decided to share with you whether or not it was worth it. Enjoy!



Playshion Longboard:

Big Smoke – Birocratic
Ticky Tacky – Birocratic


Art Geek says:

Good thing I already bought this. I decided I need a hobie so I thought I should try long boarding scince I moved down south and there are a lot of people who long board here. Thank you for the video

L J says:

3rd person to comment on this video

vienne murray says:

Is a 42 in longboard to big for someone who is 5 ft? Great review btw I’m thinking about buying this one!

Jose Ayala says:

How’s the durability of the board? The video is a few months old and I’m wondering if the board is still holding up?

Vic. P_ says:

Great, very helpful .

Adamantkiller240 says:

$60 or $50?

biofires tech says:

The zed has metal trucks

100 subscribers With no videos? says:

Fuck ya I’m getting this

Aiden Francis says:

You pushed a lot when you did the video of you on the long board -The bearings probably aren’t that good…

Anthony Granados says:

Plus I subbed and liked and turned on notifications

Agsornsin Mua says:

on the detail of product says aluminum trucks.



King Bear038 says:

Pro tip: If you’re looking for a board for downhill or freeride, NEVER get this boards. They’re cheap and not good in general.
If you’re looking for a board to ride around the city, get to point A to B, this boards are *decent*, but plastic trucks are never good for anything

Woww says:

Can u review on the volandor long board???

Gaping Oil says:

I have the same board

Migrant Thought says:

Really, im the only comment here. Just clicked on this because I took of Longboarding two or so years ago.

Can i get 1500 subs by only posting tiktoks/memes says:

Title: $50
Thumbnail: $60

Anthony Granados says:

Second to comment on this and same love longboard

David Tinnerello says:

You are a serious goofball. Hilarious faces.

Vivid Traume says:

the title says $50, but he says $60….. I’ll overlook this…..

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