Inboard M1 Electric Longboard Review

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The Inboard M1 is a high-end electric longboard. Along with some top of the line specs, it comes with a high price tag of $1400.

As a preorder customer, the wait was long and often frustrating, as there were constant delays in testing and production. Besides having to wait four times as long as originally expected (from 3 months to 12) I am generally pleased with the board and how it performs.

The look of the board is super clean, which is one of the reasons I was attracted to it in the first place. With the hub motors and the swappable battery pack, features that few other electric longboards boasted at the time of my purchase, I knew it was unique and had to get one.

Coming from riding a traditional longboard as a means of getting around my college campus, I have always toyed with the idea of getting an electrified version myself. I really enjoy longboarding as a means of getting from place to place, and with an electric longboard, I could go farther and worry less about arriving sweaty and out of breath.

The feature that really drew me in was the M1’s ability to coast, similar to a normal longboard. This meant that I could push it after it ran out of juice, and I was excited to give that a try when I received the board. The M1 does coast nicely, although it is harder to push, as it is two times as heavy as my normal longboard. There is also a slight resistance from the hub motors but it’s not all that noticeable when you’re riding the board.

I have had it about a month now and I still have just as much fun riding as I did the day I got it. It has a nice smooth acceleration and smooth regenerative braking, and when riding at top speed I feel comfortable. I am excited for Inboard to release the firmware update to reach the initially advertised top speed of 24 mph, although I expect it to drain the battery even faster than it does now. I have been told by Inboard support that, “Most probably it will come out in Q2 2017.”

My only critique about the board is its range and battery life. I tested the board in the intermediate mode with short spurts of advanced mode when I was on the main road, and I couldn’t beat 5 miles. I can go twice as far with another battery, but the $250 price tag is a quite high for a battery that does not quite hit the 7-10 mile mark that is advertised. The battery is airline compliant as it is under 97Wh, which is certainly nice for taking on trips, but it would be great if a higher capacity battery was released as well, so riders can experience better range when riding closer to home.

Despite this, I am happy with the product Inboard delivered. I plan to use it as a personal transportation device while in NYC since it is a much more pleasurable experience than riding the subway. If you have any questions, feel free to ask and I’ll try to get back to you in the comment section below.


Inboard says:

Hi Conner! We love your review! Great camera work, great overview of the M1. Thank you for making this. Would you be cool with us resharing this with our followers on YouTube and our blog?

RobS says:

Great job Connor. Best Inboard rev yet. Could you tell me how did you get those FX effects on 1:56? Will gratefully appreciated your answer.

Melinda M says:

can you turn the lights off while driving?

E Skate says:

Nice video, super well done! Better than most of the “professional” reviews out there

Jake Methner says:

Great, honest review. You described everything with the board really well.

LightKnight says:

Great review Connor thanks for sharing all those deets!

Adrian Alvarado says:

Yo, enjoyed the video. I Purchased mine, and an extra battery on Feb 17. Hoping for less than a 1 month wait. Followed Inboard from day 1 on Kickstarter. Tax refund finally allowed me to invest in this beast. Looks amazing. A couple questions …
*What would you say is something other than battery life that you don’t like about the board?
*Have you owned any other electric skate solutions in the past? (I’ve owned a Boosted and am always looking for comparisons)
*What do you use to edit your video right now?
… Thanks Man!…

Ian Rittinger says:

Nice Vid man! what are you using for nose/tail guards???

darkkevind1978 says:


Tou Her says:

Sweet Job man.

Victor Medina says:

Where did you get that nose guard? That is definitely not stock

Chaos Black says:

thanks for the review!
I have a question here and I’ve not found any answers yet…that is, how is the braking?
I own an Acton Blink Lite and the braking system is awful: even if you move the stick slightly, it’ll slow down to 0mph immediately. I fell off from it because of its abrupt braking…and I’m looking for some new baord: (

Matt Rendall says:

Excellent review. Good camera work and editing too.

BeenPWNED says:

i can’t really afford 2 batteries, so should i just get the boosted board?

Giovanny Saenz says:

what can i find that nose and tail guard

Srbog1 says:

Great video, i also own an M1. Battery liferange and torque uphill are probably my major cons about the board. I’m about 200 lbs so i’m sure that depletes the battery much quicker than say someone at 150 lbs. The torque will always be the same the CEO mentioned he doesn’t want customers or curious people falling off the board like so many videos with first time boosted board users once they hit the throttle. My first board was Yuneec Ego and its range was insane at like 18 miles but wasn’t very fast. Good beginner board. Almost pulled the trigger for boosted 2 as i was due for an upgrade but saw the Acton Blink board. Great power for such a small board but hated the remote. Portability factor was amazing. If i had to do it again which might happen, take a look at Evolve skateboards as they’re boards have great range and speed. More pricey but definitely one of the top 5 best electric skateboard companies.

Chris DeCoro says:

nice job! I have an M1 also. where did you get the plastic or rugger on the front and back of board??

Jacob Poseidon says:

What’d you use to edit? 🙂

COSMOS says:

This is the most accurate review of the M1 I have seen so far. Nice job! Inboard should send you a free extra battery for this 😉

David Cabrera says:

great review. The range is disappointing. Is it a battery capacity issue? If so, I hope they improve it. especially at that ridiculous price of $250

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