Hurricane Harvey has cleared out and I’m ready to enjoy sunny afternoons on the longboard again. Still, Houston and the work Jake Paul and Team 10 are doing for victims weighs on my mind.

Music: She’s Right Here by dyalla


Drop Through Longboard by Skatro:

While Jake Paul and Team 10 are on the ground in Houston, Texas helping in anyway they can, they have set up a Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund to help people affected by this disaster:


Ujjval Devre says:

Wtf sooooo Dope board!!!!!!!OMG!!!!!!!!So Awesome

ExplWaterMelon says:

I need some maverick merch size 12 or youth medium and it should say LOGANG someone pls reply and I’ll send my Mailing address

Drew Peterson Vlogs says:

This board looks so cool. Going to buy one now!

JackX33 says:

Nice video Justin bravo

Jessica Bullivant says:

Justin just a new fan I subbed today I love the paul brothers but I have a question for you. Does Logan know you wear his merchandise? if not you should tell him how good his merchandise is. 🙂 your content is pretty good so far. 🙂

Spanky Smith says:

Omg this is sooo cool and I just subbed

karoo noomen says:


XxMeRkPvPxX ! says:

Can I get a shout out

lar x 3476 says:

Love your videos

burning inferno says:

Omg he’s wearing a maverick shirt

RoguePlayz says:

Rocking that Maverick merch

Andy Vazquez says:

Do you reply to all comments??? Cause it looks like you do.

xCountingSheepx says:


jean-sebastien b. says:


Im_Lexi_Perez says:

Hey your in LOGANG?? Me too…I’m a LOGANG PAULER

Bryce Johnson says:


nicholas gaming says:

Nice vid

JetSet Sonic says:


Shooty_Mac_Shoot_Face _Shooter says:

Another board?!

Aaron Matthew Kaiser says:

That’s a dope long board!

Gummy Kitty75 says:


WATCHDOG75 says:

That board does look awesome. Yeah I’m not a fan of the Paul’s, but I do commend them for getting up and going to help out and to get the YouTube community active in it as well.

XxMeRkPvPxX ! says:

Dat maverick merch do

Gavin Lopez aka justinbravofan says:


Emmy De La Parra says:

Keep up the good work

Untitled Flex says:

hey justin bravo i am a graphic’s designer and I want to make you a new banner for free all im asking is for a shout out that would really help thanks

XxMeRkPvPxX ! says:


Team Eezy says:

Been off YouTube for a while but any chance I get to watch you I do #AmazingContent

Ujjval Devre says:

You some what Look like Wwe Superstar Batista ,lol

Foo The Selcouth says:

I’ve always wanted to ride a skateboard, you make it look really fun

Ujjval Devre says:

Dopeness = Mr.JB

Jandre says:

Logang paulers where u at

Daily Fielder says:

Loving that new YouTube family name, A2I fam is gonna grow faster than you think. Good video dude.

Seo Garcia says:

Sorry I’m late

CrazyEnderDudeTY ? says:


Jennifer Billups says:

Niiiiicccce!!!! Now your Boosted Board has a buddy! Lol ;-D

maddi glovers says:

Notifications on

Angel Cordoba says:

I want to win the Nintendo switch giveaway plz

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