How to Choose a Cruising/Carving Longboard Deck –

What is the best longboard for cruising and carving? There are a ton of great options, so this video explains all the different sizes, shapes, features, and how they affect the way each board will ride. Wheelbase? Drop through? Double kingpin? Flex? Kicktail? From long pintail carvers to classic skateboard cruisers, we’ll help you sort through all the jargon and find the perfect longboard for you. Still need help? Drop a comment in the box below and we’ll answer your questions ASAP!

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Matthew Cavazos says:

what’s that deer and bear pintail in the back?

Ruben Pilmeyer says:

can you do 4 a 5 miles on a cruiser? and can you get good boards for 70-100 dollars

Christopher Lopez says:

That land yachts long board in the back ground looked sick (red one with a fox on it)

MD46ter says:

I want a longboard for cruising but i can slide too. Which is the best board?

Hatuey Connelly says:

what kind of longboard is good for downhill and good for lower speed at the same time. good at powersliding and good at curving at the time

Swarles Caldwell/fiire_memes says:

What longboard is the one second to the bottom on the left?

ruben g says:

Would you recommend shark wheels?

ultra clorox bleach says:

what material longboard do you recommend? and how many layers? I want to cruse around very smoothly and maybe some pumping every once in a while.

SpartasNice says:

u forgot the drop down.

Nouskey Carki says:

Hi I’m new to long boarding and I was wondering if a $70 board from Amazon would be good for cruising? It’s called the Quest Super Cruiser.

TheCosmicCharizard says:

Hey! I’m looking for a carving/cruising longboard just for cruising around town. I would preferably like a double kingpin and a dropdeck. A kick tail would also be good too. Keep in mind I am a beginner but what would you reccomend?

MisterMinkz says:

I’m looking to buy a longboard that is easy to bring around, easy and smooth to ride, and I prefer drop through trucks cuz I don’t wanna have to bend down as much. For now, I’m just looking for a board to get me from point A to point B. I don’t care for tricks or dancing. Any board recommendations?

Brianna Cornejo says:

I’m looking for a board that I can learn slides on and do freestyle riding, any ideas?

Nartu Fody says:

can you do ghostrides on pintail?

Black Retro_ says:

best carving trucks please 🙂

Jon Joe says:

Can you do a video on wheels that are good for the street / carving streets of NYC

Spencer Child says:

Whats the size of that last board?

Tracy says:

phft no subtitles

Girlie Gamer says:

What the second board called??

Nomad2001 says:

Here is the list of components in my setup

Arbor timeless pin BC 46
Luxe White 180mm RKP trucks
Rush Red 7 bearings
These 69.5 green core freeride wheels *80A Durometer*

Kevin Alce says:

How do you know what size to get?

Death 156444 says:

what about a santa Cruz lion
I’m a little afraid of owning one what should I do I still want it but I’m afraid

MidwinterEclipse says:

Which longboard would you recommend for a bigger guy about 220 pounds. Besides the pintail I don’t like those.

Johan David Susa says:

hey,do you have any recommendations on a cruise Iike for riding in school and light downhilling longboard. thanks!

Chucky says:

Sales Pitch, lol.

Jaden Jaz says:

Tactics check out my channel

Aldair Velazquez says:

What do you think about the Loaded Icarus Flex 2 38.5″ Drop Through Longboard? I’m planning to buy one in a week but don’t see any good reviews only I can do is ask people who know more about boards than me. Please help

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