High Perormance Longboard Dimensions & Review

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Atua shows off his custom high perormance longboard surfboard dimensions. 9.0 polyurethane resin, 20 in wide, 2 1/4 thick


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john barr says:

that is awesome. I like the old school long boards but this sounds pretty amazing.

Boy of Water says:

Atua is a great short boarder but he just doesn’t have style on a long board

Kyle Kearns says:

If you guys need an idea for a video you should do one on tips for surfing a crowded spot. I just started surfing a spot that gets pretty crowded and it can get pretty tough.

SomeUrbanNinja says:

I have an Epoxy 8’x22 1/6″x 2 7/8″ board with a square Tail and 3 FCS II Performance Fins. I don’t know what it is… can someone tell me? I’m 200 pounds, 5′ 10″.. and it handles fine with my weight…

Kinlan Boys says:

You should give away the old surfboards that you don’t use anymore

Monkey Balls says:

U suck at surfing like truthfully

Yak Motley says:

Awesome video!

Hugo Odgers says:

yea a machine made if for you!

Steve Shuttleworth says:

how do you strap the leach over the board?

West Path says:

Nice surfing kiddo…..keep having fun

Sudsonic - Sound design & music production says:

Muy buen video chicos!

Yvander Phillipe says:

How old is the kid?

Yvander Phillipe says:

How old is he?

Jim says:

Very nice board – super light! Is it single plies of 6oz top & bottom with a deck patch or??? Very nice & he rides it well Should keep him going for some time to come.

Antoine Andre says:

ill be the first person to say you misspelt performance. yay.

Alex Beaver says:


Jaxs200 says:

How much is that board?

Owen McKirdy says:

how do u get sponsored

Notalways Right says:


Caitlin Bermejo says:

how old is he the kid

ole matson says:

Dang, thats a light longboard! I have a 9’6 single fin, its a freakin log, probably 25+ pounds haha. Not high performance, but fun! I know you guys are mostly shortboard riders, but some more long boarding would be fun to watch.

Cain Schultz says:

try to do a air reverse

MegaSpurs18 says:

Atua, check those toe nails boi

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