GOLDEN Skatro Longboard Unboxing/Review!

I finally got around to doing another Skateboard review! Let me know if I should do more of these! 🙂
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JaxSquared says:

that longboard looks sick! i have a skatro mini board and it’s awesome. rolled my ankle but it was fun lol

Silvia Athlete says:

Is your hair a natural dirty blonde? Btw I loveeee your hair <3

Rainbow queent says:

Should re-create old winterspring pro videos

Krazy travtrav says:

Brittany Please do a updated skate board collection

Rachel Gill says:

Your Amazon links have UTM tracking parameters in them so you can you track the click rate and the conversion rate. (I can see it when I click on the links). Is this a paid advertisement for SKATRO?

Elle Russell says:

I’m bad at pranks…

Read more

InfinityPets says:

I’ve been getting in to penny boarding, I hope I can get a long board soon!

JarredTriples says:

i found your channel because im a smart car driver

ItsRara says:

I love the fact that you have a collection I love them!! And cool longboard

Yoana says:

Dont take this as a hate comment but as someone who has been longboarding for a while there is a few things worth pointing out: no longboard is going to last you years and years my decks only last me at best half a year each , especial if you actualy skate it (in your video you only cruised) . also you realy cant review a board based on one cruising section. maby try learning some freestyle tricks since the deck has tails, or try learning to dance, or even throw on some freeride wheels and try learning how to slide (assuming the deck has zero flex.) You cant determine the quality of a board based on cruising. maby you can learn soe tricks spend that time and then do an indept review of the board

Tauri and Sara says:

I like the board

Casey X says:

Britttany i love your videos and your personality its so cool the way your so cool about everything your my QUEEN ♥♥ #Britttanyforlife

mike jackson says:

I’m early

Rainbow queent says:

Do something with Joey

THE BEE says:

lovely board yaaay

Luke Patten says:

Hey Brit I know you just got the new board but I would highly recommend Land Yatchez! I’ve had my board for about 2 1/2 years and it’s been through everything with me! It’s crazy durable it’s been through water, rained on, and ran over!! Still cruising strong!

KristenRamone says:

Cool board! hat collection video? 😀

Collin Quach says:

I wanted a review and got a advertisement

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