Derringer 28 Longboard Ride Review with Axel Serrat

The Derringer 28 longboard, our smallest carving longboard. Original Skateboards Team Rider, Axel Serrat, cranks up reviews of the Derringer commenting on the board as he rides it. See the board:


BikingMoto says:

Looks like blue Paris trucks to me. I have same board with black Paris trucks. They stick out of the deck that is how I recognize them. Nice video.

Anthony Briggs says:

You just have to love Axel

Jarod Ames says:

Dude is awesome!

morg says:

Hey Original! It looks like he is using S8 trucks and removed the riser for better pumping am I right? I just ordered a derringer 28 and that’s what I’m planning on doing unless you recommend otherwise?

TinyMooshroom says:

What’s his truck and wheel set up? I kinda like the look lol

Rookie says:

Excuse me but um what sliding longboards can i use that is less than 200 dlls?

Tdog Dolaro says:

How do u travel with your board i havent tryed becus i dont want to lose it

Ramiro Tarrico Villafañe says:

He regrets not using gloves big time 😛

Theseus Dre GoodRich says:

i like yhe bear wood

Chase Sturgeon says:

god he makes it look so easy

Unzi says:

I’m starting, which longboard would you recomend me? (Not that expensive :))

Caribbean Sport Shop says:

El crack de Axel con una tabla ultra divertida!!!

_A P_ says:

He needs a mic. It’s hard to understand his yelling.

cozypuppet5 says:

Axel is such a good sport, the guy could be riding on a plank with one wheel and make it look cool.

Aldo Dulay says:

still one of my dream boards after all this time.

naveh hertzog says:

How much this board cost?

Tanman minerafter123 says:

.cool Alex

InesTiv says:

Hello ! I’m going to start longboard (Cruising / Carving). I plan to buy a Globe Pinner What y’all think ?? Thank you !

ItsCampbellCRAZIE says:

the derringer is my favorite board

LoofyIsBoofy says:

What wheels are those are they dirty birds cuz if so that would be my setup
Besides the deck

Uzumati86 says:

Could you tell, what’s included in this set up, please?

Santiago Espiñeira Sader says:

bonita tabla aunque no sea mi estilo

Thærikk Acid says:

I would’ve died several times during this session.

Matt Duval says:

I love these kinds of these board reviews. Keep it up!

Badiay says:

This man’s reviews are the best ! He enjoys that so much

Dj Moschini says:

Axel is awesome. I look up to him. He’s my idol. He’s the greatest….. And he always will be.

Raychristofer says:

My man’s having too much fun.

Zane says:

“Buy some bread, whatever!” – Axel Serrat 2015

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