Atlantic Rift Longboard Unboxing + Review

Atlantic Rift Longboard Downhill Test + Unboxing + Review

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My Brother’s Cruiser:


Link7873 says:

awesome video

Gold Universe says:

links in the description

TrendSet SB says:

I have sent mine back, after one ride the bushings snapped and my apparent Abec 9’s were rusted out, very disappointed

Aaron Kimmel says:

Why is the music so load!!!

Jermaine Mercado says:

your front foot should me horizontal after pumping

JoshHopleyVlogs says:


Tariq Dickens says:

word to the wise dude, buy the pro one on amazon when you’ve got the dollar. it’s longer, it’s got a lowered body and the same great grip. Only drawback is the bearings are shitty and the decal isn’t as nice, but I’m plastering mine with stickers anyway. Mine just arrived but I can’t take it out, stuck dogsitting. kill me -_-

TrendSet SB says:

Getting the Atlantic one tonight, your brother would of been better starting with a pintail, or a penny board

Fluffy Bear says:

is it plastic and how much

ian adams says:

so beautiful

Casey Spencer says:

The twigs just say your ruining the wheels

TrendSet SB says:

The tool you used to open it was for sewing

PinchPeak5203 says:

40 dollars for this? Must be a real cheap piece of crap.

Z3NTR0 says:

make the background music a bit more quiet next time

Alfie Downing says:

nice. I’m thinking about buying one where did you get these from?

10tag says:


RacingWithBrad says:

I’m looking at a similar one but it’s a dropdown model and its the “Yellow Evil Eye” colour. Would you recommend this for someone who doesn’t intend to do professional stuff but just to cruise down straights at high speeds?

Octavio Alvarado says:

where did you buy it from ?

Chris Whitmer says:


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