Arbor Timeless Pin & GT Bamboo 46 Inch Complete Longboard Review –

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justin gonzalez says:

Cool I’m getting a sector 9 board probably

Tactics Boardshop says:

It’s a little big for cruising, but that doesn’t mean you can’t cruise around on it…

Iosif Stalin says:

If I wanted to could I slap some 77 or 76mm wheels on this without any problems or do I need to add some risers to it?

derp says:

can you carve with this board adn i am three hundred pounds will it hold me ?

TGrove19 | Claim says:

i just got this board and its amazing

John Pitchers says:

I’ve got a 2011 Arbor Pin. Yes, it slides very well even with the “slalom” wheels that shipped with it. But, a pin is more of a cruising, carving board. If you want a board primarily for sliding, there are better options.

Onekidney Wonder says:

Maybe with different wheels because I saw someone try and it went strait into the curb.

Tactics Boardshop says:


Apatheism says:

Careful dude, you nearly smiled there for a second. Wouldn’t want to show any emotion now, would we?

Christ sake mate, you’re not a f*ckin’ statue, MOVE your face!

MrDamaaki says:

Can I slide it , with Otangs ?

potty poop says:

thanks, didn’t think any would respond, how many plies are bamboo and does the bamboo version have like clear grip tape or something?

T3KHNOxSK83R says:

Can big people ride this board ?

Tactics Boardshop says:

I think this is seven plies, six are wood and the topsheet is bamboo. yeah, it has that clear grip.

cors chewitt says:

Can this hold say 230lbs or not?

potty poop says:

is this a good board for a beginnier that bombs small hills and cruises

Tamás Beviz says:

Is the timeless board good for dancing?

aldiablo228 says:

Would a pair of 9 inch trucks do just as well as the 10 inch trucks on this board?

Tactics Boardshop says:

10in trucks will be more stable, but they’ll both work.

Tactics Boardshop says:

I’m sure this board will handle it, but you’ll want to really crank down your trucks so you don’t get speed wobbles. Also, there are better boards out there if bombing hills is your thing. Check out the Sector 9 Downhill Division boards. -Benson

Matthew Sexter says:

Ok, I was wanting something that can take sharper turns so probably not the Timeless. So for a beginner, would you recommend the Axis of Fish?

Bronx Boy says:

This board rocks man!!!

Thalia Maricela says:

Would this be good for cruising around a college campus? I have a smaller board, but I feel that bigger (longer) ones are easier and feel “safer.” Sorry, I really have no knowledge about all this, for I just ride them, and I don’t even know where to start. *noob status*

Hendrik Botha says:

Should I get this? I weigh 120lbs and am 5’6″

Matthew Sexter says:

Or the Arbor Fish?

Onekidney Wonder says:

Ya this doesn’t slide

Anti-Pig Farm says:

This board flexes so it isnt good for sliding or downhill. Stop lieing to the little kids so they dont die…

Tactics Boardshop says:


Luke Wenneker says:

what is all this awsome shit ?

Tactics Boardshop says:

This board will handle the type of “downhill” most people who ride sector 9 boards will be doing.

Missy Uhlemann says:

Would the timeless or the fish (both arbor) be better for cruising around town? I love your reviews by the way.

branden Christensen says:

ok Im 6′ and I have some experience long boarding. I’ve tried riding a 32′ and a 38′ and I like the 38′ by far. I was looking at this board because of its length and its about as long as its gets. I was wondering if after a certain length it becomes less fun to ride? Like are there any drawbacks to having longer board or does it it start getting worse at a certain point?

Tactics Boardshop says:

You’d probably want at least a quarter inch riser, but it also depends on how loose you ride your trucks.

patrick kelly says:

OK, I’m heading to college soon and want a board to get around campus and such. Should I go with a longboard or a cruiser and would this board be a sufficient long board for that specific purpose, I want to be able to ride comfortably and plan on going through arbor unless someone recommends otherwise

Tactics Boardshop says:

yeah, it can, I’ve seen someone pushing down the street slide on a board like this… -Benson

Tactics Boardshop says:

I don’t know, can you slide? -Benson

Jonathan Dimas says:

Just ordered and I hope it good

TheWall says:

I’m 5’6″ and wanna get this board. Would I be able to comfortably ride it?

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