Arbor Fish Koa and Bamboo Longboard Review –

Arbor Fish Koa Carve Series Complete Longboard –

Arbor Fish Bamboo Carve Series Complete Longboard –


Anonymous says:

You can’t post links in comments. Also, we don’t have individual wheel reviews.

Anonymous says:

Hey, so I’m not sure what the Mindless Hunter looks like or rides like, but if you’re looking for a flexible board that’s easy to ride, the Never Summer Swift 46″ longboard would be good.

Rain Duval B says:

do they have the same flexibility?

Many mutch You Friendsly says:

I am looking for a review, not a sales video. Maybe more facts and not the ‘it’s good for everything talk’.

mrelicain says:

I’ve been riding the bamboo for over two years. great carver with paris 180s, or RII but randalls seem to be a little lifeless with stock bushings. The grip is weak but the concave makes up for it a little. I mainly bomb hills with this. It’s a good everything board but doesn’t really have a niche.

RM ward says:

great video can’t wait to get this board!
could you please post the link to the video about wheels in a comment or some thing thanks 🙂

Marta says:

I am looking for a longboard to practise dancing and cruising, but I need one very flexible longboard, and I think that this is very high from the floor.
I am looking for one so high like Mindless hunter
please can you say me if Arbor fish koa is what i need?
sorry my english, i am learning this lenguage

Anonymous says:

These FRF 717A wheels

eblund says:

do you think that the sidewinder trucks would do well with this board?

Rain Duval B says:

do they have the same flexibility?

Rain Duval B says:

do they have the same flexibility?

Evelyn Williams says:

Hey, I’m a girl and I want to start longboarding but idk what board to get. I also live in Florida so we have like no hills and I want a board that is good for cruising and carving. Are these good ones and is the bamboo better?

Tylar Pon says:

is the bamboo one good for just cruising and carving?
i just wanna cruise by the beach in my city.
and I’m a beginner

Patrick LaPlante says:

Which is better the fish or waterman

Sulfurr01 says:

Could you guys please do a review on the Arbor Gensis 36″ longboard, I’ve been looking at it alot and really want that one as my first longboard. I’m looking to cruise, maybe a little commuting, carving, etc. Not sure about how flexy it is but I just want a little help. Thanks.

Anonymous says:

But these boards ARE good for just about everything except maybe super gnarly down hills. For the majority of people longboarding, these boards are great.

Anonymous says:

Durability? They’ll both handle abuse equally. For the price, those will probably be the best boards you can get. -Benson

Anonymous says:

Yeah, search our channel, we already did a review of the Genesis.

Anonymous says:

Sure, if you want to carve a bunch. But I wouldn’t recommend sidewinders on these boards. Just keep the trucks that come with the boards on and get a different board if you really want to skate with sidewinders.

Matthew Nunez says:

If you just get the deck, how much will it cost?

Rusheel patnala says:

Should i get the arbor fish koa or should i get an original pintail 40

Rain Duval B says:

do they have the same flexibility?

Anonymous says:

The Koa board has very minimal flex.

Connor Anderson says:

i REALLY WANT THIS BOARD!!!!! but i cant find this design of long board online???

Anonymous says:

@hAzArD0us441 yes, but unfortunately, Arbor is a restricted brand and we can’t ship any arbor products outside the US.

eqmick says:

can you give a little more detail on the flexibility on the koa? I’m looking for a board that is flexible for turns but stable as well. Thanks!

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