ADITL #6 || I Bought a Longboard!

Please watch: “Penis in an Art Gallery”


Pretty stoked on this longboard. It’s an Atom 39 inch dropslant with MASSIVE soft wheels. Glides over just about anything. After riding around for a day the bearings are starting to get worked in, but I think I’ll oil them up in a day or two. Hopefully that will bring them up to par.

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Waylon Hatch says:

Who you trying to get crazy with essay. Don’t you know I’m loco?

music lover says:

HI I am from INDIA just checked your video it is amazing . i am slightly confused with different names of board like long board , penny board , and few other names . I am 39 year old and I have only done roller skating when i was 11 year old and i weigh between 80- 90 kg . i want to buy a board to get a feel of it . any old board will be fine if some one is willing to sell . i just want to know what type of board i should purchase and the make and model . any help from your side is much appreciated . kind regards nishant pant DELHI INDIA

Dexon says:

I want to buy that long and I just wanted to ask you if the bearings are good or not, how does the board feel when riding..

Aldo Mancini says:

You got it back wards. longboard first, ( better stabilization and wider smooth turns) then trick board,( easy to stop and has pretty good stabilization. THEN THE PENNY BOARD, it is harder to keep balance and is small and harder to stop.

Noah Jasso says:

Would you recommend this board to beginners

Doni Sanfilippo says:

Im shocked theres not more people talkn shit about this video…

Nirmal Chand says:

this guy is broke af

ItzNastyGaming says:

Why does this look like grande prsirie

TitanAnyMe says:

I get also my longboard today!

XiztedG says:

you need to do it down hill, downhill slide 😛

Leo Abrelat says:

it is a video on youtube

Omar Azrael says:

Next level unboxing videos

Mac Arows says:

AMZN link is not working! Where can I find this longboard?

Azat Zhekebayev says:


Lzbro14 says:

Are you gonna make more vids on skating?

Dew York Citi says:

I did the same thing except I did it backwards, I brought a long board first, then a short board after. They both hav their pros and cons, but I’ll have to admit that I like the long board better, especially cause of the wheels and the fact that it can ride over things the smaller wheels can’t.

Bilegsanaa says:

Get a boosted board

Kemarr Maragh says:

how is that board and what made you pick this one??

Leo Abrelat says:

wear your helmet m8 trust me I did something called a nocker or just look up I love helmets and I did that *with a helmet

NunchuckDuck says:


Rods Ahed says:

Why isnt there any Graphic trucks for these Dx And if there are, Why can’t I find them

MilkyJTV says:

yes daddy take me for a ride philly

VFX Films says:

You got to break in the bearings

None But Myself says:

I like how you’re so chill.

Johnny Anton says:

So penny board isn’t faster than a downhill longboard

SAM says:

love your vlogs man 🙂

GS- Edits says:

That is a weird ass board

James Stribling says:

you did do that

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