50$ longboard | Is it worth it?

we explore the postives and negatives of a 50 dollar longboard compared to a 200 dollar longboard

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stew360 says:

YOU GUYS COMPARE BERING RIGHT THERE , AND NOT THE BOARD ITSELF , also was the bering of the cheap board lubricated ? if not buy cheap sweing machine oils from wallmart and lubricate your bering well

POW Channel says:

Wheres the link??

Daauwe Van huizen says:

50 is a pretty fkin low budget

Ollie Lambe says:

It is a shity switchblade and this video is click bait the thumb nail is a chick and your a dude

TiresomeCookie 393 says:

I got a 200 dollar longboard and fuck it’s worth it. never buy a cheap longboard because the longboard might be trash n stuff. if you want to buy a longboard, go to a skateboard shop and buy it there.

War planes Gameplay says:

hey do walmart longboard vs Amazon

Speeds Myname says:

This was an in accurate test

Baranyay Szabolcs says:


Swichsidelongboarding says:

Your a fat fuck

Misael Ortega says:

I had one for like 2 weeks before the deck broke

Wendy E says:

Looks like most of the difference is in the quality of the bearings then? Can always get those the next time you get $50 then boom, it is now a $100 Longboard. 😛

Myra Taylor says:

that’s a good deal

trippie redd says:

Why tf are there so many people talking shit? It’s a good video….

Joe Smith says:

When you first buy a board the bearings need to be broken in for maybe 1 or 2 hours. That explains why your cheap boards wheels spun less out of the box.

Alex Cummings says:

Shit how much is a set of bearings these days?

cqutious says:

Why doesn’t he have more subs? He’s a good yt

PS3 MODZ says:

you just got it to keep it

Ollie Lambe says:

And it is double cone

MrGoldenApple says:

i have 35 dollar longboard better than both of those combined

PS3 MODZ says:

you cant even ride it

pointer reviews by c&l says:

boi that noise is tight trucks you idiot

Gabriel Mikhail 2020 says:

Mike if I where you fuck a sexs doll mr whore who doesn’t make money and watches YouTube you fuck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

zxFalconxzGaming says:


Collin Nguyen says:

“See if it rides good” USE PROPER GRAMMER see if it rides well

Music_360 says:

just swap the wheels

Savten says:

didn’t even loosen the axle nut and calling it bad

fox reichert says:

how does he have 295 subs

Mitchell Smith says:

Can I have it?

Carbon Lux says:

Change the bearings!!

Joeylaps610 says:

click bait, video was trash

Mike Dilullo says:

But can you walk a hamster with it?

R&B Nation says:


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