About one year and a half ago i tried Triskates for the first time and since then they are the skate i take with me every where i go. WHY? well, in this video i´ll give you my explaination.

Also in this video you will see what JOEY MCGARRY (from mushroom blading), ANDREW SCHERF, NEIL VAN DER WALT, MIGUEL RAMOS and GREG FRASER think about triskating.

thanks to Joey, Miguel and Andrew for filming they own statements and send them to me.
It means a lot, special from people i respect their skating and connection to skating so much.


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– panasonic GX8 with 12-35mm 2,8 lumix lens
– Rode VideoMicro microphone


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Axxis171 says:

Been thinking about a set of these for a while now I’m sold and it’s time to buy a pair. Thanks!

Mike Astro says:

I’m using tri skates for workout and cruising. I love the bigger wheels because they last longer and I can go almost anywhere. The 4 wheel 110mm are cool too but just so much bigger. The tris are the same size as traditional inline skates length wise.

PacoVL46 says:

I’m 175cm tall and I’m thinking about buying Powerslide skates. Back in the day I had Rollerblade Macroblade Maxxums which had a hard shell boot and I really loved how they felt – very secure and very maneuverable . I’m gonna move to Cambodia soon and since it’s very hot there I need a well ventilated skate, that’s maneuverable and gives me the secure feeling of a hard shell boot. Removable and washable liner would probably be a good idea, too. Which Powerslide skate would be your recommendation?

Jamie Reeder says:

Hi. Thanks for your video. I’m 5″7, not very strong, female and have lung problems. I need inline skates which means I don’t need to put too much effort in!. Guessing bigger wheels mean less effort, not a great skater. Usually indoor roller ring just going round. But now want to get into skating indoor and out door to try get fit! Any advice, I’m from uk. Hope you could advise. Thanks

Jorge Sanmartin says:


Luisu 15 says:

Kaze or next? Alguma sugerencia?

Robsthedon says:

Top channel! what is the music at the end?

punk22450 says:

Je conseille à tout le monde de débuter en 4×80 , sur des patins evolutifs ,afin de pouvoir monter une platine 3×110 une fois qu on se sent parfaitement à l’aise en 4×80.
On prend plus de vitesse en 3×110, si on ne sait pas maîtriser sa vitesse,ça peut être assez dangereux et décourageant.
Par contre j avoue adorer la “gueule ” d un patin 3×110 🙂

James Garey says:

look at these, what do you think Ricardo???

Coldy Boy says:

Great channel & content. I’ve only been skating a bit over a year and definite room for improvement, need to work on slide and power stop. You, Bill S and James Mackey have been a tremendous help but there ain’t nothing like getting out there and just doing it!I’ve been on four 90mm wheels for about six month and enjoyed it but the maneuverability wasn’t there. I then put an 84mm wheel on the front and it was like a whole new skating experience, great improvement. I also just ordered the ground control tri frames for my K2s, we’ll see how that goes. Keep the great videos coming.

E Kirea says:

You are inspirational!

ZED Vevo says:

Which are best skates for stunting n all ?? Four wheel or triskates?


What would be the difference between 110mm and 100mm? Is there a big difference or advantage/disadvantage? Is the difference in speed and maneuverability noticeable? I’m 1,74m, just in case.

Fruchtig78 says:

Great video, dude. Thanks a lot. 🙂

Aminath Abdul Wahhab says:

My husband always go for skates every day

Алекс Крос says:

Кто так же как я ни фига не понял из этого видео ставь лайк..

NachoGM says:

Can i change the frame of my flying eagle origami to put on 110mm wheels?

Kwesi Gem Yasay says:

I just ordered a k2 fit 84 and im so excited to “try” it hehehe. Love your channel man! I rpalce my cycling to inline skate because of health problem.

Andre Kroukamp says:

Grate video awesome ending cant wait to come get my try skates

scoobtoober29 says:

Can you rocker a kaze with a simple axle change? Or do you have to do a odd wheel size in the middle? Or both, or either? Sorry for the stupid question just curious as my old 4 wheel ones had a plastic spacer to do that.

TNTNoob says:

OK. whi text in Portuguese?

Chen Lee says:

“nothing beats just going fast.”

david calvaire says:

Ok i choose triskates it’s new for me slump!

Suwerenny PL says:

for urban skating – 4 wheels only! for me THE BEST! no 3 wheels 🙂

Joseh Legend says:

am in lov with your skates bro..,can you sponsor me with a pair…???

Azam says:

Hi ! What is better for beginner inline skater ? Triskate or 4 wheel ? i’m use to do a lot of ice skate (hockey skate) but i never did inline skate , and i want to feel the same as possible as hockey skate on in line skating , but im a bit lost with all those different type of skate , and can’t spend more than 170 dollars ….
Thanks !
Excuse my english i’m french !

Steven Goodman says:

7:20 Sechueways haha

Roger Blackwell says:

this is so boring. Less talking more skating

Dane says:

I had a pair of cheap skates when I was a kid, but never got past the crashing stage. For years I’ve secretly wanted a pair and to learn. I found your videos and just loved your attitude about skating. I tore my ACL skateboarding and just never went back, but I miss that feeling of rolling fast, so skates seemed appropriate. Doing some research I decided to get triskates as they fit my style. In all my sports I like to go fast. I bought some powerslide imperial 110s, and I love it. I’ve only been learning for a few days on my lunch breaks from work. I’m mostly focusing on crossover turns, and t stops both sides. I heated up my skates with a heat gun and custom molded them to my feet, and man what a difference in control I got. Today I put a new set of 125s on, and they felt much more natural. Everywhere I read that people said not to start with bigger wheels, but for me, it feels right. I am 6′ tall I don’t know if that has something to do with it? But it’s so smooth, it lets me focus more on my form and less on what sticks or gravel are on the ground.

Thanks for all the great videos Ricardo! You inspired me to indulge myself in a secret desire to skate! Soon I hope to be scooting around town and bombing some hills.

Márkó Kis says:

I never tried these kind of skates, but it looks fun.
Secondly if you don’t like 3skates, try the ground control big frame (72mm) I skate with big frame and it’s incredible good! 🙂

Dan Hattick says:

It seems like these would replicate an ice skating style of skating more the 4x 80mm? Yes? i’m keen.

Bubble says:

Hi Lino! I m planning to buy a pair of tryaskates for moving faster in the city, I want something that is fast and comfortable, with great maneuverability. Which one do you suggest to me? 🙂

fayyazb says:

Great introduction to TriSkates, Lino! Have you updated your opinion as this was long ago!
I am 6″1′ and learning rollerblades (2 wheels) so what Trikates would you suggest I should start off with as I want to mainly use for commute and the roads are not that good here in India! I saw a pair where you can use your own shoes and wear the skates in ’em. Seems very practical. Do let me know if you could guide me here ! Thank you! Keep up the great work!

Khaled Fares says:


lacuevadelvampiro says:

is there a skate that looks like this, but still be able to grind.

Russian Bandit says:

I need to find triskates in uk for under 150$

Gláucio Soares says:

Olá,! Estou querendo montar uma base para rodas 125mm em meu patins, gostaria que você me indicasse umas rodas boas para slides.

pm2007est says:

” So I jumped ship in Hong Kong, make my way over to Tibet. I get a job as a looper, you know a jock. So I tell them I’m a pro jock, and guess who they give me. The Dalai Lama himself. 12th son of the Lama, the flowing robes, the grace, striking. So we get to the 18th hole and he wacks one, big hitter the Lama, into a 10,000 foot crevace at the bottom of a glacier. You know what the Lama said. Gunga Gung Galunga. No, Gunga la Gunga.”

Dre says:

This man is the truth. Lots to learn from him.

Luiz Felipe Furlan says:

Vc conhece alguma loja aqui em NY que eu possa experimentar?

Def Zeppelin says:

What type of bearing do you use in the 125mm

Inline Serial Wheeler says:

Your videos have convinced me to start sharing my inline flows once this winter rolls through. Hope you have some awesome weather, Ricardo! Let’s get some fun!

scoobtoober29 says:

What durometer to start with on pavement or asphalt to get good slides. Thanks

Justin McLeod says:

Great video. Thanks for the input. Your videos have great production value. Thanks for all your videos.

Aria Newell-Sowash says:

(Tri*/try* skate) I’m going I’m going. I’m working on getting a pair of skates.

I can’t decide between the tri skate or the quad skates.

But I know I don’t want to go over 100mm

Goat From Hell says:

Pour avoir de plus grosses roues et ainsi aller plus vite

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