Which skates? Buyers guide for Aggressive skates.

Jake from LocoSkates takes us through the very basics of choosing your first set of Aggressive skates. A beginners guide to buying skates for tricks, stunts and aggressive skating in skateparks and on street.

See our full range of Aggressive skates: http://www.locoskates.com/aggressive-skates/c192

Apologies, we can’t answer all your questions in the comments thread. Please direct any questions to us through our website.

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Thomas Gaige says:

yeah dude i skate my ass off in mine, to and from the park, all around my city looking for and then skating spots in town. wheel Size wont be a problem but i do a lot more braking skating the streets so i tend to wear out my right toe wheel pretty quickly, keep a 4pack of extra wheels in your backpack with your wax and water bottle and you will wear out long before your skates do 🙂

Jimmy Hannon says:

if im a uk size 7 what size would i get a pair of anarchy chaos 3 in ?????

Harry Maynard says:

What are the best backslide plates for truespin backflips?

Dager Bone says:

love you guys love you man and please let me see you again on a new video!
you were great and do good on the next ok piece out! :^)

LeOnIdAs162 says:

Liked and subscribed , thou i skate for a couple of years already i really support videos like this one that helps beginners to start skating. Keep the good work guys !

Snootches Bootches says:

Your Golden Ticket Skate Wax isnt pushing forward a link when i click it. When i click it , it just reload the front page of your website. I even tried searching it in the search bar and it doesnt come up

Tom says:


LocoSkates says:

Yes if you have the money then get the good ones. The better you feel in your skates, the better you’ll get!

emocrys678 says:

The model of skate old:7.3 new:9.1. They just have differences between the two

Lucas Barreira says:

No, if your frame is made for anti rockers set up they wont fit bigger wheels in the middle

RottenRoadkill says:

is there any difference in weight? i decided to buy a pair but it seems to me that i need the lightest possible option to jump. i cant imagine doing any tricks in rollerblades that are as heavy as my regular ones.

LocoSkates says:

Thanks! We upload a bunch more content to our Vimeo account! vimeo/locoskates

Carolina Borge says:

if my shoe size is 7.5 or 8, I can use 8 in skates?

Sup3rsayin says:

are wheels on aggressive skates suppose to spin slower than normal inline wheels?

BadassWolfy says:

Are these the skates Brian Aragon use ;o on vids of him i see “Aggressive inline skates” is there like a hybrid of aggressive and inline? I dont understand :/

Aggressive Arcade says:

do you guys carry and valo sk1’s still? or the valo roll boot? if so what size?

dont carry then anywhere in north america so debating on shipping over seas.
Bought my first real aggressives from you guys just over a year ago, got some valo eb1’s (grey).

Razza BoyTV says:

2:57 think he’s a criminal lol thanks for the guide

RabiesPlanet says:

Should I get the blade runner furys to start with or a different skate?

Omar attalla says:

should I get me a remz nil janson 1.5 or xsjado chris farmer 5

Skylar Macias says:

What about the differences in soft boot and hard boot, and the brands that make each style? I haven’t skated since i was like 14 and only recently discovered the difference. I’m leaning towards a soft boot. Are there any cheaper models you would recommend?

Dean Kerr says:

When he says no wheels he means no wheels in the middle

Christopher Hawkins says:

are aggressive skates good for recreational/commuting aswell as dropping in grinding etc because I want a pair of skates i can get from a 2 b and also do trickis any advice would be helpful thanks. 

Freddie Peters says:

No wheels at all oh shit

BadassWolfy says:

Wow thankyou for replying! Thankyou for the help, i got into it by coming across one of his videos ^^ :3 i also want to ask well.. I tend to get good at things quick.. Would it be worth buying a starting set of aggressive skates or if i have the money buy a pair around 200 pound instead, because i dont fancy buying a pair for 100 pound only in a year i will end up buying an expensive pair if i get good at skating.

Justin H. says:

K2 Fatty Pro 2012 are my favorite pair of skates. They feel absolutely amazing on foot. *SUBSCRIBED*

Vgamer7 says:

I’m getting mine for £78

ubvids says:


dodge94mr216 says:


Tommy dw says:

I am very confident on hockey skates because I play inline hockey, I am looking for a pair of aggressive skates. I have skateboarded and rode bmx so i know skateparks well. My price range is about $200-$300 aud

Aaron Matthews says:

if at times u want to not do tricks & just want to skate, can u still skate at a good speed ?

Dr. nightshade says:

can you convert inline roller blades to aggressive inline?
i dont want to buy the wheels to figure out they dont work.

LocoSkates says:

Aggressive skates are a type of inline skate, used for doing stunts (aggressive skating). Yes Brian uses these type of skates (Razors SL skates to be exact)

dodge94mr216 says:

This is really weird, I was wondering the other day when the guys at Loco were guna upload another vid, and walah! Thumbs up fellas

Nathaniel Snow says:

That skate selection is awesome. Nice video for beginners. Well done.

WT H says:

just remembered that a stupid fight between two fairly losery friends is the reason i stopped skating— my ghetto town didn’t have any room for the razors. I wonder whatever happened to them…

This is gonna be fun.

luankovich says:

I would love buy a deshi colin kelso 😀

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