What’s the BEST WHEEL SIZE for Inline Skating?

I compare small and large rollerblade wheels.

Basically it’s a trade-off between:
* Your size
* Your skills
* Skate style
* Surface

I explain why I prefer 100mm wheels and show when/why/for whom smaller skates may be preferable.

I also reference the triskates videos. It’s important to consider triskates versus traditional four wheel inline skates.

Finally I recommend you check out skaters Shaun Unwin and Leon Basin on 100mm wheels and Greg Mirzoyan and Bill Stoppard on 80mm wheels (Bill lately switched to Powerslide triskates).


Niko Kosminen says:

Damn just bought 80mm wheel skates because ingot em so cheap, but live in northern europe and i weight 100kg haha. Well, lets see what happens. By advertising it was said to be for adults and for fitness so..

prod philly says:

I’m a inline hockey player, I want wheels so I can skate outdoors, should I get all my wheels the same size or keep the hi low setup?

Graham Leonard says:

Hi and thanks for the good information on inline skates. I found I was constantly distracted watching your video because you aren’t looking into the camera lens (at me). Very common mistake for newbie You Tubers. Thanks again I look forward to your next info-post.

Martin Wood says:

totally agree, same as you Nige I’ve been skating only 11months , mostly on Seba’s 110mm tri skates ( to do my 1st marathon in August ) Now iam on Seba 76/80 rockered, massive increase in maneuverability, i can slarlom cones now . Iam totally sold on rockered set up , unbelievable indoors ! …please keep the videos coming , and thanks ✊

Gaurav Harchwani says:

what skates did you used in singapore? is powerslide imperial one 80 good for SG?

psocretes says:

I recently tried a rocker setup, 76 80 80 76 so one is essentially skating on two wheels only and the manoeuvrability is amazing. I have only been skating for eighteen months and I am intermediate level. I skate outside mostly and where I am (Norwich uk) the surfaces are bad. However my technique has improved dramatically. By getting lower one can skate on some very bad surfaces. People tend to get into bad habits skating on rinks only as the surface is so good. I find when I’m learning new techniques getting lower makes all the difference. All the best Nige.

Chris Bouldjedje says:

Depends if you looking for speed up to 90mm or maneuverability under 80mm.

Tiago Inline Skater says:

The best wheel size for me is 72 & 76 mm on a rockered setup, for freestyle 🙂 because i’m a…very short & lightweight person lol!
this setup is so light I don’t even “feel” my skates when I’m doing my tricks! 🙂

Roby Plays says:

i have 80 mm

Nik Zvi Inline says:

i thought rather long what does your background curtains remind me of. now I got it. Twin Peaks’ red room.)

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