USD Aeon Team 72mm Inline Skate – REVIEW

These are the USD Aeon Team skates with 72mm frames. They cost around $250 US. They come with USD Aeon wheels and ABEC 7 bearings along with a MyFit SkinnyBoy liner. The soul area is wide and the frames have a big groove with wheel bite protection.

Full Review:

Disclosure: USD sent me these skates for review with no expectations.

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James Hoey says:

What’s wheel bite protection?

Tenis Dimants says:

nice that you included your thoughts in a month of usage. I am getting Aeon 80s as i got 60s with 64mm wheels and antirockered. BTW 64mm fit on Aeon 60mm skate in front and back without any mods. Never had problems with shock absorber and even had second one included in the box, never had to use it. Didn’t do any huge gaps this season though, straight jump 8 stairs were fine.

soozler says:

Hey, I just bought a pair of this and realized that I can’t find a single store in the USA that sells replacement wheels. Are you replacing them with roller hockey wheels? Why would USD release a skate and then not have wheels available in the USA?

ITZ kian says:

U should Make an edit!

Infinity Ripper says:

Couldn’t you just put anti rockers in place of the middle wheels?

Renduke21 says:

When you’re trying something new, skates or tricks, go full speed. It looks like you’re going too slow and are afraid to commit to the trick. If you pick up the speed and are comfortable with you might fail, you’ll do better overall.

Santiago Gomez says:

What si The total weight in a shipping box ?

55x11 says:

Love the review. Keep up the great vids.

Dont13Stop says:

in my opinion 50/50 is better to do on railing

:D Technocracy Gaming says:

Great new intro, nice descrptions!

smol snek says:

I hate to ask a dumb question, but could these possibly be used for cruising at least decently? I love aggressive skates but im also somewhat attracted to urban skates for their ability to sail more smoothly and cover ground easier, and I felt like these skates could be a good fit, though I could be totally wrong

Alex WindRider says:


Vlad Quake says:

You just need baggier pants! That’s the secret!

Have you skated fifth elements? How do they compare? Especially since you can rocker them into 62mm wheels

Trevor Vasher says:

I love the 72mms but I have the same issue with the royales. Might have to try to do what you did with the groove.

Kujo Kun says:

Hello im thinking get those blades, actually im in to freeskate with Seba FR1.
Im begginer in Aggresive, but i want blades to keep in freeskate.
Basically Powerblading.
Gonna be those blades nice choise?
Gonna be durable? i like those blades also cause few aggresive blades has instep strap (support)

Jon C says:

How do I find replacement wheels for these things? Are they not aggressive wheels?

Elektroinstal Servisni Centar says:

Shock absorber issues on all low budget blades. Similar to valos 😉 just stick to well known razors sl or something like that. As for the royale…turn your last leg, knee, more out, more behind. Put your boots closer to each other. Smaller stance but more turned opposite to riding direction. Thats it. You should be able to do it. Btw nice review

Joshua Campos says:

love the review section, hoping for newer clips for the video… But still enjoyed the old ones thank you again for the video

Odalid Abreu says:

i wear 8.5 in regular sneakers i dont know if to i should get 7.5-8 or 9-10
can you help?

Blade Blog says:

Aeon 60 perfect skates for me, wish to try 72! Check my review on these (try to do english subtitles soon)

add you to main page of my channel on the Blade Bloggers list. Keep blading!

Guamtek says:

Ya man. I had to go down to 64mm gc wheels because of the catching on royales. I’m sure I could’ve got used to it eventually but i really wanted to grind. It’s crazy how low you have to get to get a good luck on them in the 1st place

Michal Wrobel says:

MAN, where you from?” I want the Salomons you can see in the back 8:56

Łukasz Przybyłka says:

Hi, another question if I may. Did you had a chance to skate 72’s any longer, did you try them with smaller wheels? Can you compare them to Aeons 60 by any chance and to any other skates like shift? I’m not quite sure whether​ to stay with 72 and just use smaller wheels or switch to aeons60 or shifts. Would you say it’s worth staying and learning grinds on those?

Paco Miguel says:

I grew up roller blading then aggressive in line skating in the late 90s. hitting it hard from age 11 to like 16 years old.. man it was a lot cooler back than I’ve been watching other vids. looks sooo lame now wow… it’s no wonder why I started skateboarding and surfing and haven’t stopped since

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