Unboxing Remz HR 2.0. Inline Skating for the first time in 15 years.

Join me as I unbox my first pair of aggressive inline skates in 15 years. I also hit up our local skatepark to test them out.


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Beverly Frederick says:

Last time on blades was 1996. Gotta build my Confidence back up now !!!

Doug Scholl says:

I just began again in october after 15+ years too.

Jack Jans says:

Started skating again today and found this video after. I also hadn’t skated since about ‘03. It was a lot of fun to get back into it. Good seeing others have interest again!

hireikana18 says:

Getting back into it because I do miss it after being out for a few years and because I wanna lose my baby weight lol

M N says:

Brings back so many good memories man. Rooted out my old Roces Khuti and they scrubbed up nice. 18 years since I last skated but this vid drives me to get back on them! Remember when the legends Vinny Minton, Jon Julio, Brian Shima, Aaron Feinburg and others came to the UK and I gave them a lift in my car to the local shop for some booze!! Like yesterday man! Gotta get back on them for old time sake!

Bucky Bazoo says:

You’re my skate doppleganger, lol. Haven’t skated in about 15 years, looking at Remz, and my last skates were USD’s (Julio Pro).

Antonio Osborne says:

Can’t wait to get mine in a few weeks!

BladeAddicted says:

Glad to see people back on rollerblades❤️❤️

ae101craig says:

“We can’t bail” used to be my main comeback to skateboarders back in the day

Chris Witton says:

Picked up my first set of skates aged 40 to start skating with my sons. Best and hardest thing I’ve ever done. No other feeling like dropping a 14ft vert egged on by your 11 year old son. Age is just a number.!

Old man rolling37 says:

Wax the crap out of everything except coping.

Travis Rolph says:

Hey 2QS. Just want to say great video, I use to skate when I was younger (10-18 Then, Now 28 so 10 yrs.). This made me bust out my xsjados and start skating again. I appreciate the videos, keep up the great work.

H Garza says:

Dude that’s exactly what I’m going to do. Get to the park really early. Not cause I’m older,& wake up earlier now. Because I don’t want anyone to see me suck,lol. Love the helmet!

Satori Awakening says:

Awesome! I’m back on Razors Creams at 35 years old after 15-17 years

Dan Fisher says:

I just watched all your videos and I’m so glad I stumbled upon them. I’m like you used to skate when I was a teenager. I’m 31 now and these videos are inspiring me to follow suit. Thanks for posting this journey and I look forward to more videos.

camtolls26 says:

I’m literally about to do the same thing, been about 17 years for me. Thanks for the inspiration

H Garza says:

I just found a pair of ST vinny Minton Salomon skates at a goodwill for $7 . Don’t know anything about them,but they feel great. I’m almost in the same boat haven’t skated in 15 to 20 years. Took the kids to a rink not so long ago. I rented some,& have been wanting to hit up a park every since.

BarneyRuckus says:

Saw some of your more recent stuff and had to sub. Gonna watch the journey now. 🙂

steveo314 says:

Im 34 and a few weeks ago got an old pair of Salomons just to learn with. The skates are barely used. I’ve only got to go to a skatepark once so far. I was a BMXer 15 plus years ago also.

An Indigo's Journey says:

That’s it…I’m doing it. It’s been some years since I’ve skated and my confidence won’t be very high, but I wish I would have kept it up. The problem is that there are so many great brands to choose from, and I cant figure out which brand I like better. Maybe I’ll try them all lol

Esprit Dean says:

Getting back into skating after 15 years! Loving it

Post Horizon says:

Well I guess I’ll give it a shot its been 5 years for me. Just ordered the Roces m12

Th3 Drizzl3 says:

these def run basically a full size small Imo so order one size up for anyone looking. love my hr 2.0 btw

Nacer Laradji says:

Same here 🙂 Started again two weeks ago

Dick Steel says:

Hey man I’m 30 and started back as well so here’s some advice.
Go to the grocery store and pick up some canning /Candy wax it’ll come in a small box with 4 slabs of clear wax $3-4 break one of slabs in half and you have a palm sized peice for sessions (Don’t put it in your pants and forget it cause it makes a mess in the washer/Dryer keep it in a zip lock bag or something. And trust me your gonna wanna change those wheels! (Stock wheels are not like the gel wheels we used in the late 90-00’s and honestly their junk in my opinion) pick up some USD blanks or something similar x4 wheels around $20-25 and squeaking is not the wheels its the bearings.. drop a dab of oil on the wheel shafts and it’ll go away or just change the bearings (most companies cheap out on bearings and wheels now days, even skateboard companies) hope this helps. Best of luck and take care.

Nike Massengale says:

You should either try the USD aeon or the roller blade shift 2 this is my opinion

Daniel Terry says:

I’m in the same boat just started skating again just looks weird hanging out at the skate park.at 28 lol loving my remz

Nike Massengale says:

Find schmidtys ramp and camp in groups

Stefanovic Djordje says:

thats a rly nice park

Joey Oranje says:

Great to see other people got back to skating. I also started again after 15 years.

Curt Peltier says:

Dude, you are the shit!! Keep it up! As long as the passion burns keep it lit!

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