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The Rollerblade Twister 80s are some really good skates.

They’ve enabled me to reach a higher level

but there are also a few things I don’t like about them

Let’s start with the good things


The wheels are 80mm Rollerblade Supreme 85A

They have a quite a flat profile and grip very well

But they are also good for sliding, so I think Rollerblade really did a good job

The polyurethane, also called rubber, is very thick and this helps absorb impacts

The shock absorber makes it even better

But what really surprised me about these wheels, is how fast they are

Of course not as fast big wheels .. but the difference is not as big as I expected

and I can go long distances with these skates without spending too much energy

Finally, they are very durable

I mean, you can see they are worn but this is really good considing the torture they’ve been through

These wheels will last a long time


The bearings are ILQ-7 Plus

This is probably a reason too why they roll so well


The frame is really solid

The shell is made of hard plastic

This gives me that extra stability that puts my skating to the next level

So far, so good …

But there are few slight negatives I’d like to mention


The liner is good per se but it feels a bit cramped into the boot

When putting on the skates, it takes some effort to correctly fit the liner

… which brings us to the next problem


Mabe it’s just me but … I don’t know what to do here …

Maybe you know better? Please let us know in the comments.

The laces aren’t that important anyway since the 45 degree cuff locks the heel in place


Why are the buckles so long?

Better trim them!

Okay, all these negatives were MINOR. They don’t matter much.

All in all these skates are very good!

Are they my favorite skates?

I don’t know. At the moment I experiment with triskates more.

My new triskate setup with a hard wheels is a faster than the Twisters

yet they are good for slides too .. so I’d don’t know

I’m also curious about rockered skates, espically hockey skates

Overall, there are many good skates to choose from and the Twister is defintively one of the best ones

Just make sure you try them on and that they fit your feet very well

If they do fit your feet as well as they fit mine, you can wear them for hours without any foot pain at all

2016 VS 2017

My skates are from 2016 but the only difference is the color of the laces

So, if you’re smart, buy last year’s model at a discount


Crhistian Hernandez says:

hey I got a question are the tour tr-700 hockey skates good

Sam Colavito says:

Thank you for your review.
Do you know the difference between the 2016 model and 2015?

Brian Burns says:

what knee pads are those? they look very comfortable

Rogério Silva says:

Hii, I’m the guy that asked about the differences btwn 2016 and 2017 versions 😀 (big surprise when I saw my question, haha). In Europe, you can save 30€ if you get the 16 instead of 17! Good video.

L3Xo says:

inline or hokey skates ?

DoXuanQ says:

Thank you for the review, ive been thinkng about buying these

Arina Thomsen says:

I really like the waxed hockey laces. They are flat and you can tighten them more and less where you need it. They improved the fit of my inline skates a lot, I mean A LOT. Perhaps you can try them? They are not expensive at all.

Cons29 says:

I’m looking to get back into I line skates (I’m not a pro, just thought I’d use this for exercise as well). And I’m looking to get this one, I think they have half size?
I’m an 8 and I did a quick fit on a cheaper rb (the only one they have on my size) and it feels better than the k2, can I assume that I’m good with an 8 with the twister also? Thanks

SingaporeSkater says:

I think they expect you to trim the upper plastic ratchet! The laces can be pulled up to desired tightness before you tighten the arch strap (you can see the shell tighten as you pull the laces tighter). At that point the laces are cinched down by the arch strap and you just tie a simple running shoe bow to keep them out the way. I then tighten the top ratchet to the point where there is support at extreme wheel angles, a bit looser if just cruising around. I ride the Pro model which is a significant improvement over the 80, IMO.

Urban Inline Skating says:

Nice! Glad you like the Twisters. Twister 80s were my first pair of inline skates 2 years ago when I decided to get back into rollerblading. I wasn’t sure what to get but I wanted something I might be able to play roller hockey in but I knew I did not want roller hockey skates for my full time skating. I didn’t even know what Urban skating was. I’m so glad I got them. Mine are now pretty much dead. I have worn a hole in the plastic near the toe. I can still use them but they have served their purpose. I might try Twister Pro but am leaning towards the Metroblade GM.

I found my Twister 80 fit really narrow. I have a wide foot and needed to return mine for a bigger size. Thanks to the good service at!

Keep rollin!

Fabricio Foroni says:

Thanks for the review!
I bought a pair of those (actually the Limited Edition) and I am loving it!

Samherman says:

I ordered my shoe size. The length is perfect but they are way too tight. But I’m stuck with them lol. Should I have gotten seba freeride skates or would they be the same

Sinyong Ang says:

dude buy new ice skates

TheHotBox says:

I am a size 8 26cm in shoes and i was woundering if i should go for a size 8 or 9 in these. what woukd you recommomend, thanks man

andree1611 says:

try Twister Pro !!!


never buy twister ,the liners are sucks,thin,torn in few months of uses.and the tough just don’t stay in position ,no matter how many times you puts it.and blisters your beautiful feets .

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