Triskates , what’s worst about 3 wheel inline skates ?

About three years and a half ago I tried Triskates for the first time and since then they are the skate I take with me everywhere i go. but are they perfect?


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Triskates , what’s worst about 3 wheel inline skates ?

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TheLesgumes says:

Question for you, I recently switched to 3×110, I put a powerslide pleasure tool v2 frame on a pair of Seba Fr deluxe. There’s a bigger gap between the first wheel and the 2 back wheels; what’s the advantage/disadvantage compared to an equal gap between all 3 wheels ?

Adriane Mendes de Souza says:

I prefer my new 3x90mm HC EVO Pro Trinity. I Still learning to walk again, because it’s so different.

Marcello Meneghel says:

I still prefer 3×125 🙂

MrKA1961 says:

4X80 with Trinity mount is the clear winner for me. I also skate 3 X 110 and 3 x 90 but none beat the 4 x 80! 4×80 Trinity is more agile, more maneuvrable, can give you that “barefoot” feeling like none.
For marathons my option would be that 3 x 125, for hill bombing 5 x 90.

Nilesh Chaudhary says:

Can i drive my 125 mm triskates in a small skatings rink race.please help me.

Castor says:

Ricardo, some triskates (like this one you’re showing) have their wheels equally spaced; other triskates (like Powerslide Metropolis) have the front wheel far in front of the others, why is that?

juna wood says:

Never rode 3skates so far :3

Solomon Joel says:

I like 3 wel

James Frazer says:

I think before you start making claims about surface areas, grip and durability you really need to do the maths and I don’t believe you have. There are also gaps in your logic, for example you haven’t taken in to account the larger wheels rotate less frequently compared to smaller wheels which means the smaller wheels will actually wear quicker to cover the same distance.
You also claim a lot of these points are disadvantages, they’re not… yes it may be a different way of skating but that is up to you to adapt. At best these are disadvantages for YOU but not in general terms!
Also, just because you over state on each video ‘my opinion’ doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t actually check your facts…

Zefiris says:

What do you think about road vibration on 3 wheel setups? One of my friends suggested that since you have fewer wheels on the ground, there is less material to absorb the bumps in the road than on a 4 wheel skate. Have you noticed this? I’ve been skating almost entirely on 3 wheel setups since I made the switch so I’m not sure how noticeable the vibrations are by comparison

Jayce says:

My fav. skates are hokey ones by Mission.
I don’t play hockey. Just ride these guys on the street 😀
But I’m considering hockey skates by Powerslyde for hokey! Bill Stoppad used to use this kind of skates and said they are awesome 🙂

AdamerioPhD says:

hc evo 2.0 with 3×125 when i’m out running with the bikes; hc evo pro with 3×100 when i know there’s a lot of traffic/city skating. in the rain i go with my seba trix2 boots with 4×84

Inline Downhill Vancouver says:

5X84mm is life. 😀 I agree, of the common available setups, there is no better or worse, just different setups for different styles. I’ve skated 4×80, 5×80, 5×84, 5×90, 4×90, 4×90 with 84mm wheels, 3×125 SUV offroad. 5×80 is sort of useless, but the rest have their purpose, just as 3×100/110/125/150 SUV do.

Nik Zvi Inline says:

Yep. I just fell down yesterday while making backwards stairoll on 3*110. Too big spaces between wheels.

Wanboali says:

I have 3×110 metropolis supercruiser, those are so good, I was aggressive skater so I can do some locks on miniramp rail between heel wheels easily, my feet is damn wide and its size 46-47, at first I was coming from 4×80 and was a bit disapointed, maybe it was the boot that I was adopting, caused much flex because my legs are very thin so ankle got much stress.. but the issue was the bearings, they needed some extra lubrication.. Now it rolls longer and stable no extra moves no flex points.. The frame is 255mm and wheel is much bigger it feels different in skate park, but my long feet controls them easily, now I wonder why wizard frame is recommended on your feet size, One day I will buy them 4x110mm… Overall triskates are amazing, the right boot is most important factor here, but I hate powerslide softboots on triskate frames, I think its really dangerous for beginners, its tend to flex a lot more. Pricier boot doesnt mean better boot for your feet shape 🙂

punk22450 says:

I love my “4×80”. The best for me

tien Chang says:

damn dude your beard grows fast~

Gregory Hoaja Inline Skater says:

I still have yet to try the tri…but the temptations are everywhere. Cool vid. Peace! 🙂

daniln13 says:

I use Seba FR1 with Powerslide 3×110 frame (243 mm), and I think it’s the best for me now. I used the default frame (seba 4x80mm, 246 mm) before. 110 wheels have longer life than 80mm wheels. Now my wish is to buy boot with trynity system and 3×110 frame.

J.E. Sunseri says:

This video was really helpful. Thanks!

Ian Darville says:

I found extremely informative and also really interesting. I have been looking into getting some tri skates at the end of the year and have been doing some research about this set up. This has helped me alot so thank you for taking the time to do this video. Happy skating every one!

Luca De Luca says:

I tested 3 wheels and i think than the advantage of It ,Is max Speed , but much instability. I am agree .. long Life to 4 wheels !

czak oof says:

3×110 fast and easy skate through the city…)

Kj16V says:

There are a lot more 100mm & 110mm wheels available than you think because you can use scooter wheels! I used to use 4x Yak 100mm 88a wheels, which were perfect. Unfortunately they don’t seem to be available any more 🙁

woofyhugger says:

I learnt to blade on 3x110mm and it’s been a great experience for me. So glad I didnt go to 4 wheels first.

danlopzl says:

It is mostly shenanigans and marketing. Only true advantage would be smoother sensation on various terrains, and also on weight and maintenance because of fewer pieces (bearing, wheels). Apart from that it’s just a matter of taste, and of Powerslide pushing it’s products on the market.

Camarada Caramel says:

In a perfect world with smooth streets, I would roll my slalom rockered frame 80mm set up everywhere for urban skating. Otherwise I love natural rocker formed from my Metroblade 3wd 110mm or my 80mm flat twisters

Cryingraven says:

4 wheels have a point(free space) in the middle to do tricks between 2 and 3 wheel on the edges. 3 wheels in middle have a wheel. 4 small wheels are stll better for doing any tricks.

Jordi Cabau says:

110 mm or 125 mm?

Werner S says:

the most annoying thing is definetly walking stairs up and down … well all issues with stairs …. but damn the feeling of skating tris is great …. well basically speedskating is fun …. and there are way too many aggressive skaters who never ever bought a pair …. hey it took me like 18 years to buy my first one 😀 best videos ricccc

Daniel Ripplinger says:

honestly I was very disapointed by the Swell Powerslide triskates. can’t understand why they made the wheel base shorter than on regular/most 4-wheel skates

Orrion Kuykendall says:

For an avid skier would you recommend a 3 or 4 wheel?

superiuxn0va says:

i thought your favourite skate were the aeons?! but can the triskates do jumps, land as comfortably, do vert skating?! i’ve not tried triskates but i just like 4×80 setup man. ive been brainwashed by rollerblade’s style, but now i like to use powerblade setup. i like having the flatfoot

fenekilll says:

I hate tri skates

Steelseries Gamer says:

Bro can u suggest me jaspro 100mm 3wheel skates

Juan Carlos says:

Llevo más de 3 años usando triskates y estoy de acuerdo en todas las desventajas que mencionas. Partí usando el frame Pleasure Tool PS 3×110 para speed slalom y desde hace más o menos 2 años que monté en mi bota un frame Core X3 3×125 que uso para fitness/maratón, patinaje urbano y downhill. No he vuelto a montar 4×80 en todo este tiempo y no volveré a hacerlo, de hecho para rutas urbanas cortas, uso un Xsjado con un frame Kizer Trimax.

Debo agregar otra desventaja de los triskates y es que al tener sólo 3 puntos de contacto con el suelo, las partidas son menos eficientes y los frenadas más largas. Es cuestión de acostumbrarse, pero es algo a considerar.

Forest Nymph Confessions says:

Shout out to everyone who remembers rollerblades before they made them with the shell!! I remember lacing them up FREAKISHLY tight to keep from twisting my ankles… I really want to get back into skating, I might even try it with a helmet this time. : D

WHITTYskater says:

I have 4×80 or 3×125 setups. I learnt on 4×80 so this is still my preferred setup. However 3×125 is growing on me especially for maintaining speed and rolling the rough stuff.

Roller Skating Mumbai says:

I love 4*90 under my size 44 boots.. I personally believe it to be the most multipurpose for my foot size. Whether I’m going downstairs, freeriding or slalom too, it’s so much fun.

Stian says:

I remember a skate and surf shop selling triskates back in 1997, they were really expensive and it didnt feel like a good concept to me then so I never bought them. But its definitely not a new concept.

psocretes says:

Good video. I use the classic four wheel setup (80 mm wheels) but they are rockered which is how most un-rockered skates end up if you don’t rotate the wheels right. I street skate on really poor street surfaces most of the time and go slow but do loads of spins and turns for fun. I’m an old fart too, 62 at the time of writing and the public really enjoy seeing some of my intermediate skating moves. One kid even said to his dad: “How does that old man do that?” hahaha, little shit.

Eli Cameron says:

My history with wheels has been on 4 wheels only. While this video makes me seriously want to buy triskates, at the same time I’m like, “I’m good w’ the 4×84 setup.” Had to decide what size to get for 4 wheels: 80, 84, or 90. Chose 84. A nice flat wheel can be naturally rocketed over time to essentially a 80-82-82-80 downward to perhaps a 76-80-80-76 (an absolute thrashing, at that point). The setup is really versatile and stable, with increased mobility over time. Attention to correct wheel rotation is important, especially with the rocker in mind.
Safe it to say I’d like to try triskates for sure. The reviews overall are positive. I was interested in the new-to-skating comments regarding learning on triskates: only positive reviews in that area. Bill Stoppard’s Pinto Pony Productions has a great video on this topic:

Mizael Longuini de Morais says:

From Brazil:
Comecei a andar com o meu Razors 3x125mm e gostei muito da velocidade, senti um pouco a instabilidade no começo, mas já me acostumei, como é bom patinar com velocidade! 🙂

Rafael Machado says:

I’ve started in 4×72 hockey skates from Bauer, leapt straight for a Powerslide 4×110 speedskate, came back to 4×80 when the speedskate life expired, bought a 3×125 frame to my urban hardboot, been using 100-110mm wheels, but now I’m not skating since my wheels wore down and I can’t buy new wheels yet. Sad. But I assure all of you, since my style is speed, that 3 bigger wheels works the best for me.

MrMIKESTER1122 says:

I just skated around with some old blades (missing front wheel) played hockey and skated through Walmart and the mall LOL! But it’s time for new skates. I am a very exp skater and I believe I am very good. What skates would be good for roads, sidewalks, uphill downhill etc etc? Too many options out there ;(

Howard HU says:

Till now i have been tried 2×58 4×60 4×80 and 3×125, but there’s more setups i wanna go to try, i don’t much care they’re own advantages and disadvantages, i would more love to… just skate, just enjoy it you know, and try out more ways to skate.
i have it, and i’ll use it.
and yeah, it’s my person opinion.
thanks for your video, you doing great job
BTW, i’m your fan(cheer)

SandeRRRR says:

Hey Lino! I’m considering a move to CT.. where do you skate? Heard so many horror stories of mugs and stuff.. that I wonder if I’ll really get to use my blades!
Cheers, from Strasbourg!

Rob Brenton says:

I love my three wheel skates. They are the best for city skating.

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