Hey guys it’sa me, Tiago the french inline skater and in this video I’ll show you how I travel with my inline skates!

check out Blade In NY’s channel! :

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Nik Zvi Inline says:

Nice vid Ti! As always)
And we definitely have to meet when you’ll be back.

Tay Yuan Geng says:


Tilo Langer says:

Luv your content. Have a good time, my friend.

Lil Cactus says:

I would love to skate with you it would be awesome

Neutrogena 75ml says:


Ciuje says:

Thats what i like! 🙂

Jokerr Fox says:

This video came out just in time. I’m about to travel too. I usually keep my skates in my check-in (big luggage that goes in the back in the plane) but for this trip, I’m gonna have them in my skate bag and use them in a carry-on.

Yiğit Yılmaz says:

I am turkey

Adolfo Garza says:

did you skate in the city with full rockered setup?

Robin Blood says:

Your slalom is getting sikk..thumbs up..take care.. from germany

Kaizer The skater says:

This is my new favorite video

Michael Lee Curry says:

I never got to see you

shinmatsunami says:

Welcome to the US, Tiago!

Also, your slalom looks like it’s gotten even more sharp from when I started following your channel a few months ago. Very nice!

Martin Hibbert says:

I watch both those guys too… Excellent video T

Николай Беня says:

Мне до него как он катает далеко

Michael Lee Curry says:

U just learned how to go on one wheel

Tilo Langer says:

Are you going to meet Law (Back to Blading)?

Ane says:

Ohhh man looked so fun..

Dauri Cruz says:

Are u going to the summer street tomorrow August 11. I mean the Rollerblade 10k challenge?

Joachim Jernberg says:

So far, this is your best video!

Timothy Tjoen-Tak-Seu says:

Another great video Tiago. And in my hometown. I know you enjoyed it!!

therage12012 says:

Miguel and Pablo are good guys to go around NYC… I was trying to meet up with him the same day but was busy… Hope you liked NYC

Lil Cactus says:

I have a pair of Mom Mission inhaler NLS5 I’m going to be getting some new bearings soon any suggestions

Joy Animations says:

Oooooo always excited to watch

Factix says:

The occasional memes in good taste. You are worthy of wielding such exhilarating weapons.

Ricky says:

U got way better at doing that stuff

Double D Skate says:

Excellent video bro! Thanks for the flight tips! I’ll be going to Chicago in a few months so they will help me! Keep killing it at the game!
P.S. When I visit Paris one day I’m gonna hit you up for a skate!

Barry Heath says:

Awesome Tiago it looks so fun!
(still haven’t mastered the Gazelle..)

Cone King says:

;-; nice ;-;

Dan Of The Day : says:

Wow you are a sick skater

Ged says:

Great timing, just picked up my first pair of skates, really enjoying it. And was wondering how it works taking them travelling, nice one boi.

Blade In NY says:

I had a blast skating with you, maybe one day our channel will have an epsiode where we visit you in Paris 🙂

lemany coulibaly says:

Wow amuses toi bien

Tage Gustavsson says:

The best youtuber ever

Sébastien Wu says:

T’es vraiment petit xD

Sinon cool la vidéo ! 😉

Wolfs mindfulness Talks says:

Yo tiago! i got a seriues question, next year i am going from belgium to south spain on inlineskates and walking to raise money for breast cancer reseach.
Right now i am training on Powerslides Swell road 110 with trinity mount.

What skate would you recommend for my epic charity project?

ps, i am passing trough Paris if youre interested in meeting up and be part of this project .

much respect and love for your video’s!


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