Top 5 aggressive skates 2018 | LocoSkates Vlog

Jake picks out his top 5 off-the-shelf aggressive skates for 2018.

What would your top 5 be? Comment below or click the poll at 04:19 on the vid.

You can read more about each skate in the video here:

Them Skates:

Razor Cream Skates:

Roces M12 skates:

Gawds skates:

Razor Shift Skates:

USD Aeon skates:


Louder says:

CJs/SX! Love them

P. Bettencourt's skate video edits/clips says:

I ride the USD 7’s. I feel that they are the best skates. In my opinion . I also like the Aeons too but the best skate of all time are the Throne’s. I’ve been in the skate game since 1994. So know a thing or two about what’s makes a good skate.

Szafka says:

Razors sl2 yuri for the win!

Ashley Hutchinson says:

i used to skate about 17 years ago. in my opinion all these skates look really cheap and badly desinged. what happened to roces and solemon

Anthony F. says:

Rollerblade Solo Team aggressive skates…

Iceman says:

The USD VII Roman abrate skaten is Number one

Jon C says:

How can you claim them skates is the best when you dont even have any.

sirpinketalfonzo says:

K2 Front Street!

pnaituku 20 says:

Where is this beautiful store at?

Martin Hibbert says:

The razors all look like drainpipes to me…
I’d never buy them but each to their own

Th3 Drizzl3 says:

Have 4 pair of them coming cant wait.

J.D Hamm says:

Do you have any reviews in the Romans usd?

Rafflism T.V.ラフリズムのテレビ says:

I got the razor cult 9’s with kizer x freestyle frames super light skate i can hit jumps easily without much thrust.

Isaac Rigel says:

Yo what advice would you give to someone who doesn’t have many/any people to skate with? I’m stuck and can’t seem to learn anything new and my other hobbies are kinda taking up some of the space skating had over the last year or any advice would be super appreciated. I love skating so much and don’t want to lose it out to other stuff.

Sincerely, the intermediate athlete. lol

Сергей Грицкевич says:

Rollerblade trs team, Remz nils pro and razors Genesys

Thomas Ashley-Smith says:

How do the Adapts rate along side these?

Lee ST150 says:

Roces FTW. Ive been skating on M12’s since 96. My 96 M12’s still decent to say they’ve had a hard life. My second pair of M12’s are the oli short’s. Newer and UFS but still have the classic M12 feel. Cant wait to try out some new M12 Lo.

necrea says:

Roces m12…. It s an awesome skate if we have like 5 miles to the first skating point AND a smaallll foot

Reactor Haz says:

Rollerblades nj pro

Thom Coe says:

Rollerblade Solo? K2 Unnaturals?

Iv Medina says:

Razor shift over carbons :Facepalm

HypeBeast Dad says:

No more valos?

Beep Beep says:

No sl3???!

Khaled Fares says:


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