Them Skates 908 Unboxing – Jon Julio’s New Inline Skates

Jon Julio’s long awaited Them Skates are now available, and we got a pair of the boots. Watch us unbox the boots, do some measurements and comparisons to other skates, and set them up for a session later this week.

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Sarah Grassi says:

Just got them skates ivory and when I skate I hear a clunk clunk noise. Have never skated anti rocker as my last time skating was k2 fattys. Is this normal for anti rocker set up. Got my them 908 on rollerwarehouse so there mounted to gc flt3 frames.

John Wheeler says:

Nice informative unboxing.

chavo1021 says:

Good bro

Aaron Ruble says:

Man, I really hate to be that guy, but this looks like he took a pre-existing boot that someone bailed on and left them half finished. Think of like.. an action figure that just never got painted and was missing accessories or something. They’re missing something and i can’t put my finger on what. I’m curious as to how they skate, though.

MiazgaStudio says:

Good work. Keep it up!

Cool One says:

Hi, B2B. As part of your upcoming first impressions video, please let us know about sizing. The two sizes per skate (eg 9-10), how’s that work out? Please tell us your exact foot size and your opinion of sizing feel so we can extrapolate to our own personal decision making. Oh, and width feel, too; wide like Sebas or narrow like PSlides? Thank so much, appreciated.

DUNC4N says:

also keep hearing that people have never seen the fold-over liner idea before, it WAS on the Bauers$_86.JPG

Oliver Paton says:

They looked crappy the and still look crappy. I hate to say it, but the m12 and fattys were the sexy skates back in the day and the sabotage was a joke. Maybe better materials now and might skate OK… They just look crap.

Freestyle Skater says:

You’re the first skate reviewer I’ve ever seen who doesn’t just say ‘this one is much lighter then this one’ but actually takes a kitchen scale and let us know the measurements. I value lightness of skates A LOT, and something like a 100g can be felt a lot! So thanks for putting in the effort. I hope you continue to do so and I hope other reviewers will buy a kitchen scale as well 😛

Chris Mousdale says:

And also, I thought it was very interesting about the lace holes pulling into your foot like the Salomons. That’s one thing that blew my mind a bit when I tried Salo’s – they were the first skates that I’ve had where you can actually use the laces to tighten the boot!

Derrick Holzhey says:

these skates look like the new razor skates literally did jon copy the skate design from razor then dropped a new skate line called them i would never skate this skate srry razor strong an since day one of me first getting into bladin when i was in 6th grade razor till the end bitches

KaelisRa81 says:

Oh oh oh this gets me so excited… Very nice in dephts first look.

Lily Peete says:

I bought some and got to meet John and his wife such nice people

Whill Wheaton says:

so good. like all my questions answered as they pop in my head. but you forgot to mention that the frame bolts are reverse threaded ; )

Sarah Grassi says:

Does the liner break in cause it’s really tight on my toes. Tks for advice.

Habeev07 says:

Got new skates over the summer. I went with the all back SL’s from Roller Warehouse. Im partial to Razors and didnt feel the need to get the IFC system since I dont ride speed skates or commute. I love the lower center of gravity with the baseless boot design. Sadly I will probably never skate Them Skates but these skates look SEXY!! Brandon Drummond’s blading channel is one I watch a lot to and he loves his. Plus if they ever make em in other than black and Ivory…Watch out…thats a sexy skate. On Brandons channel there was a photo of some RED THEM SKATES!! They looked so freaking sick colored.

RebelChump says:

Nex time please do a second cam for offline footage, your footage is highly compressed due using cellular or a slow internet connection via WIFI 360p 😛 . But still awesome unboxing.

House of Hayne says:

Interested on the raised heel

acYm says:

10:30 the RB TRS Morales was kinda like that also, with a bit of fabric from the liner flipped over the shell at the back, with the MORALES embroidery on it.

I’ll add that I’m pretty happy that I managed to keep in good condition my Mat Ledoux poster of this skate – signed by him – featuring an incredible sequence of a one foot wallride to 180 gap over rail. it’s the best poster I’ve ever seen. and it was a sexy skate, I remember riding it fondly.

Al Dolega says:

This is not the Bauer shell, it’s the Sabotage/Airwalk shell, which was a generic imitation of the Bauer. Same situation as the “Cult” shell- a Chinese manufacturer saw a popular existing skate (the Lightning with the Cult, and the Bauer Civility/Respect etc for the Sabotage/Airwalk) and created a cheap imitation of it to sell in bulk to rebranders and big-box stores.

Same thing happens with toys, electronics, pretty much anything that’s made in China. Usually these imitations have a lot of corners cut, and usually have the cosmetic cues down pretty well but are lacking the functional aspects that make the original product good- in the case of a skate this can be fit, materials, sizing, etc.

Lots of things to get wrong, but in the case of the Cult and apparently the 908, it’s a pretty simple design and they seem to have gotten most things right.

I expect the Thems to be solid and perform just fine, the only concern I have is that it seems the width is the same on all three shell sizes. So the 11-12 will be proportionally narrower than the 7-8.

I expect this was done so that the manufacturer could make just a single size of the frame/soul that the original skate had, which wrapped up around the boot and thus would need matching sizes if the shell widths were proportional.

Bayblader707 In The Valley says:

thanks for the reviews. I’ve been skating my 908s all week and love them.i own 60mm aeons, razor shift 2, k2 front street ,rollerblades original new jack, and roces m12 and fifthelements. out of the box best skates for the price. i love what jon julio did and can’t wait to see whats next.

Keith Desimone says:

Also just wanted to say I really appreciate your channel I just started skating again after 14 years keep it up it is people like you who are bringing blading back so THanks

Phil Berrington says:

The first pair of skates I owned had liners in the same style as the THEM liner. They were Cougar XLine – Really terrible skates! ahaha

DUNC4N says:

would be cool if someone ripped the lace-in liner that makes use of the lace hole cut outs from the actual Bauers, always thought it was a decent idea

Chris Mousdale says:

Thanks for this – it was great to watch. I love your videos, it’s nice to see such a level of geekery and nerdery, that other channels just don’t go into! 🙂

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