Hey guys it’sa me, Tiago the french inline skater and today we’re gonna take a look at some new Oxelo skates!



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Daniel says:

now a review of their agressive skates, i’ve tried them on the other day. skating itself was really easy.
but i dont know any tricks, so i cant judge on that

Beenatus says:

Was inspired to get inline skate thanks to your videos. Tiago

dothraky says:

My wife has these skates and she is very happy with them. Is a good relationship. Price- quality.

Eyehab Nochizdip says:

I should’ve bought these ones instead of their Freeride 5 ;^;

Jokerr Fox says:

Nice review. How did you come across these skates?

mangotoast21j says:

where can i buy these? I live in California btw

Zukhriddin says:

Félicitations pour votre victoire. Salutations de l’Ouzbékistan.

Desley Digital says:

Hello Tiago, what are your thoughts about the new Doop skates by powerslide?

MniejszyMaly says:

There ewill be triskates. Im from Decathlon 😛

Rolls Reese says:

Sweet! Thanks for the review! And I LOVE your sign-off line! I’ve been catching myself saying it to friends. “You can change everything. Think about it.”

Mariusz Marcinkowski says:

Thank you for reviewing those ones. I will buy a pair next week unless I will be really unhappy with the dancing liners.

Professor Doctor says:

This video came out pretty well

Joefelyn Malapad says:

Is this the new design of oxelo ? I love it.

mohamed malek says:

This ils s really really Nice skates I want to buy them

Daniel Naron says:

I’m glad to hear that all these skates are a good entry purchase. I always worry that skates at the lowest price point are cutting corners in places which truly hurt the experience for the user. For 100 they look very good and by their specs seem to be quite the good purchase. And just so you know Tiago, when you say “you can change everything” I have actually done so for a few younger kids here in my town. I gave them a couple pointers and so they are skating quite happily.

Rodolfo Rodrigues says:

I got these ones and they are very good for beginners 🙂

BunnyBeats 08 says:

Can you do a full review on the Seba frx 80? I’m planning to buy these as my first skates. Could you go into depth about how they would fit a woman’s foot? I’m still unsure as to whether they would fit my feet and the women’s skates are unavailable in my size everywhere I’ve checked

Fkurwiony says:

Today I,ve bought them. Switched from fitness rollerblades. Hope they will help me to start with freeride skating

reel fishn fools says:

They aren’t in the US?

Crescendo says:

These seem ok. I am looking for a new pair of freerides within the $150-$200USD range. The straps on my K2 Ascents broke during some hard tricks so I am looking to upgrade to something more durable 🙂

Susheel Chandradhas says:

Nice review. Thanks.

Nik Zvi Inline says:

The parts that oxello makes (axis, bearings, wheels) are rather decent. So may be is not bad to have such a skates, as a second pair. Nice vid as always,Tiago)

Daniel says:

tiago, please dont make me sad with this video ahah

pavel kroy says:

Да. Хочу купить эти ролики. Спасибо за видео 🙂

akin1989 says:

Great video man. You earned a new subscriber…

Tamara - Journal Addict says:

With my new skates I have one boot that is good and one that hurts my foot. I believe its a foot problem more than a skate one, but do you know how I can make it more comfortable?

z says:

frame looks really high, like wheels are way further away from boot than they need to be, or is it just illusion

Eifreit says:

These are very nice but how about the most affordable freestyle skates?

Timothy Tjoen-Tak-Seu says:

Thank you for another great video!!

Joe Dinsdale says:

Great review, any tips on sizing or is it just regular shoe size? My girlfriend wants to start and something like this would be perfect.

Matthew Pollock says:

Where can I get my hands on these in the US?

Isabela Hart says:

I think I just found some skates to buy once my feet stop growing woo they look awesome

Luiz Felipe Bastos Garonce says:

Hey dude, nice video bro, thanks for that, now I can compare a nice one with a more cheap, soon I will upgrade my skates and try to get better. Thanks.

Adam LCFC says:

I actually bought a pair of these

Johro's Inline Skater Channel says:

Whatever about the skates, I can watch you weave your magic on rockered skates all day.
I rockered my FR1’s, love it.

Daniel says:

Tiago at 4:20 you appear to be running but also rolling backwards.
How do you do that? And maybe you could do a videobon that, id love to learn how to do it

Mad Squirrel says:

great review!

Cyril L. says:

Salut Tiago, tu les as vus à défense ? J’ai pas l’impression qu’ils soient dispos… Faut les commander sans doute.

John Nelson says:

I have been watching your videos for about a week now I saw another video of someone else and I recommend your next tutorial if you make one. It should be how to properly by inline skates used on a website such as Craigslist or whatever website you so choose as I am in the buying range of 50-100$ u.s currency as I am located in u.s / your equivalent of 50-100$ transfered to your currency. anyways your videos helped a lot and keep up the good work. I am still in highschool so please excuse spelling errors.

Kiril Lukiyan says:

very good review really.
though the quality of skates is really bad. the oxelo’s 2 side keys is very annoying. same quality skates can be bought for even cheaper price somewhere on aliexpress.
it’s rather better to invest in seba and have 1 pair of seba, than 4 pairs of oxelotrash 🙂

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