Snow White Inline Skates – Review

Check out the Snow White Inline skates review and let me know if you have any questions about them 🙂 i will be happy to answer. There will be a few more videos to come regarding “How to spin”, “Can we use the frames with old boots” and more.

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Sávio Fontineles says:

Where can I buy one snow white?

Matt Clark says:

You are doing great work 🙂 I have been thinking of buying new skates since our ice rink closed down, Greetings from Australia!

Elsa Chan says:

Wow!Nice vedeo!Where can I buy these snow white inline skaters ?
Because i can not go to the rink very frequently .

Chloe Lee says:

Can you skate on just normal concrete ground with the Snow White? Would it ruin the wheels?

pixymisa901 says:

Awesome. I have been trying to decide which in-line skate to get.

Vandorianna says:

awesome! Keep the good stuff coming!!!!

Marianna Jakubowicz says:

Which skates are more comfortable: with boot Risport RF4 or with Edea Overture? 🙂
I’m asking becouse I want to buy Snow White inlines and I don’t know which boot is better 🙂

Caroline Magic says:

Yeah , finally I find a film about Snow White ! Cool

kristen6049 says:

Can you do a video of the different ways to stop with snow whites? especially from going fast?

Emma Dutton says:

Thankyou for this video! It’s great for anyone thinking about buying snow whites. I’m in love with mine ♡

E Hodge says:

Calling all UK inline figure skaters- would love to share tips etc! Wish we lived closer Ive! It’s lonely when it’s just you skating sometimes. I still haven’t found my perfect surface since I moved. I used to skate on tennis courts where I lived before and they were fab, but they won’t allow it round here.

AfrikanHairGod says:

Thank you for your review it was extremely helpful. I share your love for inline figure skating as well, it is not very popular here in the United States either. Like you I’m teaching myself but regular inline are a huge bulky hindrance. Love your skating videos btw! Keep up the great work!

naty123 says:

hi, I am really interested in buying these skates, but I am wondering how much they cost and if maybe I do can afford them would u explain me how to buy them? :(,

And btw I am a new subscriber I am loving your videos alot, where I live there is also nothing about skating, so I will be teaching myself just like how you are doing right now, You have incouraged me more♥♥ thnks alot ^^

Neo Don'tKnow says:

Can you send me a link to where you ordered them please? I’m looking for them online but can’t find them

Michael C says:

Really nice video Ivy! BRAVO!!!! It is so nice to see you share your enthusiasm and knowledge about snow white skates with everyone with a nice up close and personal approach. You are very beautiful and talented and I hope to see more of your wonderful videos with you actually doing more of your wonderful graceful skating on your snow whites! Best Wishes, Michael Cancel …… youtube channel yankeeman3170

Arthur Lee says:

Two thumbs up!  Thank you sooooo much Ivelina!

Matt Clark says:

Yeah switching blades a lot on the same pair of boots would ruin them quickly! better to only remove the boot after the support breaks down too much.

Rebecca Mereu says:

hi! I have edea overture with ice blades and want to change them with wheels…many people said me it’s possible…is this right? thank you 😉

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