SEBA High Inline Skate Review By City Skater Bill Stoppard -Flow cast #5

SEBA High inline skate reviewed by City Skater Bill Stoppard. In a shift from the hockey skate rollerblader Bill Stoppard tries SEBA for Pro Skaters Place for the very first time. In this narrated collection of flows and clips the inline community, and various video shots are discussed.

The Skate is from Pro Skaters Place this model is the SEBA High 2012 currently on Sale. The best inline skater will pad it out when in doubt

The best inline skater will pad it out when in doubt


Holden Nobles says:

I just ordered the SEBA highlight 10. I’ve never used anything but stiff hockey skates before now and I’m wondering if I’ll need any transition between them. Will they hurt my feet at first? Will they feel very different? Do you have any tips? I’m worried I’ll regret my purchase.

Armando ChacónVillar says:

Dear poet of the street blade:

as of lately I converted to the skate persuasion. Less than a month into the sport I realized my department-store-under-a-hundred-bucks shitskates were taking me nowhere. In haste I bought a pair of Sebastian’s FR from a local store in Ciudad de México, of course a couple of sizes too big.

Just to keep you posted, I must say your clever videos have been both instructional and inspirational to get me past the frustration and embarasment of the “fall in your ass all the time” period.

After contributing my fare share to your viewer-count and fighting against my survival instinct (forcing myself to stay low), I prematurely made a serious move and treated myself a proper pair of High Lights for my 42 birthday. Yes, from the good old lads at pro skaters place. A big fan of delayed gratification, I will have to wait for a couple of weeks until I pick up my Mercutio boots from my compadre’s in the States.

Out of respect for individuality and personal taste, I opted for the red frames and upgraded to ceramic bearings, all of it clearly past my current skills and skate merit.

If there are enough people out there as impresionable and irresponsibly splurgy as myself, Pro Skaters Place has made a tremendous investment sponsoring your skatehood.

Thanks for indulging my verbosity and for taking instructional video-making (and self-marketing) to the next level.

Uppish says:

Pinto, do you ever feel like a plastic bag? ok no….

Pinto, do you ever use your wheels in a rockered set up for city flows? I hear some people like to do a front rocker set up where the front wheel is 4mm smaller for doing what you do.

wang bin says:

I just want kown why the price of “HV” and others so high?

steve witzel says:

Why do you not wear protection such as a helmet?

LizardKillerAdamLanza says:

LOL I remember living in cali in 1999-2001 and inline skating was the shit back then everyone was doing ,even the X-games.It was funny because everyone would have baggy jump pants on lookin like limp bizkit or something.

SieTech says:

hi, im looking forward for seba frx80, fr1 is bit more in price but if necessary will buy it. what are your tips or advice of these 2 skates?

Ashlay MacIssac says:

What happened to Stacey?

Amanda Malmsten says:

love this video!

ZykeBlaze says:

I love the the narration in your videos very unique

Cameron Price says:

Love your videos Bill! I have taken up skating again after about a 15 year break and feel like a duck out of water. I live near Paris and every week on Friday and Sundays there are massive city skate sessions through the city that include 500-1000 people at a time! I have been practicing my basic skills to not fall and eat it in front of the other skaters. I appreciate your efforts and quality that you put into your videos and thank you for reinspiring me 🙂 Cheers !

michael rold says:

I’m aggressive and love your videos. Keep up the good work and inspire us to skate on the roads and streets. The SEBA is the same for free-skate and aggrs. Going to buy some myself and will look forward to the extra stability of the SEBA compared to normal fitness skates. Blade everyday.

mario xavier colmont endara says:

nice, very funny , grats

Koen De Jaeger says:

I was wondering today, why didn’t you go with the seba fr1 series? Aren’t those ‘more’ freeride then than seba highs?

jerry garzon says:

we dont have that here in the philippines very few people are into inline sad.

Restraining Dylan says:

Hey bill ive heard that the seba highs take a long time to break in and can be uncomfortable i havent skated in yrs so im trying to decide between the seba highs or the fr1 deluxe for long trips what would you reccomend .

Nubian Emporer says:

headed to skaters place

Rogeres Torres says:

Seba high or twister pro???

Eddie Weedon says:

you inspired me to get back into skating, after I hadn’t done it for a few years now, since I was ten, and I skated through the city home today, I have never seen a city skater here before, and neither had this lady I skated past, she was on the phone, and as I went down the hill on the road next to her she said, “wooaaaaahhhh! I just saw this kid go past on roller skates, on the STREET!!!!!!!” , it was fun, and all thanks to you Bill

Leroy Butts says:

I really wanted to get a pair of Seba’s, but I couldn’t find any in my size. Oh well.

john kendall says:

ps . your a very interesting weird guy Bill ….put it this way …theres only one of you ….hope you take that the right way 🙂

Devon and Macartney show says:

did anyone notice that mustang at 2:53

John Rock says:

Pinto,in your opinion,,, seba fr1 310,2017 or Trinity 110 jasper,,,which one you consider (comfortable) with a smaller and strong frame, good for distance and free skate,,,,thanks

reign4life says:

How is the WIDTH of these skates? I have fairly wide feet (10cm) but heard these are narrow.

darkguy300 says:

you speak like a Dark Soul’s NPC

doanster says:

Where be this beautiful place by the seaside?

Boon Tryon says:

I just had a tar snake take me out man I love that, tar snakes that’s funnyha ha it jumped up and bit me lol

Tony Montana says:

Благодарю за ваши видео. Ваше умение кататься очень мотивирует. Удачи!Thank you for your video. Your ability to ride very motivating. Good luck!

leogurl816 says:

sorry, its this link, I hope it works

PriestKikyo says:

Just ordered my first pair off Ebay… Hopefully I got a decent deal… All of the 2nd hand used pairs looked like shit / very old and beat up… Also most of them were 60+ so i just bought a brand new pair of “K2 FIT 80” for about $100… Didn’t want to spend that much on my first “real pair”, but I’m hoping it’ll be a worthwhile investment that gets me some decent skates that will last a long time… Going to be removing the break and taking them through the City, Skating Rinks annnnd the local Skate Parks to have a bit of fun, although they can’t grind I think i’m more of a speed / air kind of guy lol. Will have fun hitting jumps and going fast. Definitely can’t do any of the stuff you do with tiny 50cm wheels / aggressive skates… Thanks for all of the videos you make / share with us they are amazing and inspirational and motivated me to buy my first pair of skates to get off my lazy ass, have fun, get healthier and maybe one day become one of the best skaters in the world =)

Kevin Parke says:

“without a hockey stick there’s, Puck all to do “. Bill Stoppard 2014. Well said

rockclimbingpier62 says:

Hey Bill! Love the videos and was considering a pair of SEBA skates. I was wondering if you could tell me more about the fit of the skate… is it true to size or do they run big or small? Thanks! Keep the videos coming! You’re killing it!

john kendall says:

Ive got Seba f1 deluxes …but I’m not in your league Bill….

Vladimir Longrod says:

Bill, does the sebas fit u perfectly or do you experience some pain/discomfort after 1+ hour of riding? If you do experience discomfort, besides “breaking them in” or wearing them more, what other modifiations would you recommend to remedy the mid sole pain or foot arch pains. Thanks.

thepoultrypeople says:

2:20 what are those buildings? looks a great place to skate

Júnior Bj Bj says:


Marcos Cherem says:

thanks to this video I just ordered the Seba high 2016, to replace the recreational K2s I just broke city skating haha thanks man you are an inspiration

faridjabba says:

fk cool brake, but pls get a filmer

- - says:

You can freaking move man, nice skating!

636lover1 says:

Hey Bill. Could you please do a few more shots like 5:43 to 5:47? I’ve seen this video numerous times (I’m working toward getting some Seba’s of my own but for now I’m still tearing up these K2s!) but I just realized I really like that viewpoint because it allows us viewer’s a chance to pick and choose our own lines and gives us insight into how and why you choose certain lines to skate. I still love the regular shots facing your feet but throw a few of these in every once in a while PLEASE!! 🙂

Craig Dodson says:

I’ve just switched to Seba Highs. Getting some weird pains from them. Right foot above the ankle. Think this is due to the lower cuff (than my Razors) and possibly a lacing issue? (top of the cuff is digging in). Also getting pain on the outside edges of my feet behind my little toe?

Uppish says:

Bill, i know this is an old video, but are you going to do an update review on how these skates have been through the year and a half you’ve had them? Also, are you going to review other skates any time soon?

peter4presidente says:

Enjoying your video’s! thanks for making them 🙂 regards from The Hague, Netherlands

Sly says:

Your video format and speaking pace make it very easy to focus on what you’re saying. The content is informative, enjoyable and most importantly relevant. Thanks for making this video, I’ll have to start saving my pennies for some new SEBAs. On a side note I’d love to see you get into speed skating.

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