Seba 2016-2017 FR Skates Insights

Check out the 2016-2017 FR skates from Seba, complete with new liners, frame options, and improvements, all highlighted and discussed in this 2016-2017 Seba FR Insights.

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Donald Trump says:

Все понятно!!!

Jonatan OTW says:

The FR3 looks interesting! Am I correct in assuming that they should provide more stability than the FRX due to the heavy duty 45 degree buckle compared to the one on the FRX?


the 2016 liners hook tear very easily and quality not as good as previous models.

Jonas Svedas says:

This is kinda sexist, ohh it’s for ladies, so lets stick a break on there 😀

Mohammed belew says:

خراي ع المصلحة

GGP IS300 says:

Any reason to get the Fr1 over Fr2 if your gonna change out the frame and wheels to a 3×125 set up anyway. Is everything about the boots the same?

Jonas Svedas says:

Great video, so hard to find an explanation about the differences in the FR line.

Mark William says:

nice outro

GGP IS300 says:

Does the Fr1 fit true to size or are they sized smaller for a tighter fit. My Seba Gt’s fit tight at first but now there too lose. I wear a size 11 would a 10.5 be better in Fr1 or are they made smaller to compensate.

Exiz Harder says:

Can you put the new Fr 325 frames on the 80mm FR1/FR2 boots? If you get new frames it’s clear that you can downsize to the 80mm — was this possible before on the 2015 models?

You mentioned the new models can fit more kinds of frames on the boot, yes?

Cool One says:

Interesting video. Thank you. Question: why does the FR with 110mm wheels have an uneven placement of the wheels, with the two rear wheels closer together and the front wheel further out front? Thank you.

Jaimerga says:

And the FR1 Deluxe???

P G says:

Hey I just purchased the FRX80’s from IW and cant wait for them to arrive — I’ve only been on aggressive skates and am a little nervous about the switch up to 80mm, do you think it will be hard?

436w664 says:

Is there a big difference between the 2015 and 2016 model of the FRX???

ai mei Zhong says:

I am buying my first pair of Sebas! Is there a difference between the Seba FRW and Seba FRX? Which sizing chart should I use if I am considering the Seba FRW White Inline skates? (FRX women or FR chart)

manik pabna says:

how I buy that?

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