Salomon Aggressive inline skates 2018 Review

After making a video about the use of skates from brands not operating in 2018, a lot of the viewers didn’t like what I said in that video and commented a lot.
I took that feedback and decided to try the skates with different, frames, wheels and liners, and if you wanna know my opinion, you just need to watch this video.

here´s the video that I have made in the past and referred in this video:

Salomon Aggressive inline skates 2018 Review

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Antonio Nevarez Silva says:

I just want to say that Salomon is a good skate but thanks to you I bought me some USD Aeon’s and I love them so thanks for that and thanks for your videos Ricardo, stay up!

Brussels Freestyle Life says:

What’s news about powerslide (usd) Quantum see on 2018 catalogue??

Lauri Seaden says:

positive boot contour, for average feet maybe, light shell, the best balanced feet skate… im weird I could smash a graal like a mad man. my two cents

victor reyezs says:

why :'( here in my city in mexico… just have a 3 “skate parks” (2 ramps, 1 box…) :'( fk

Chris Mousdale says:

Thanks for making this video. I understood your first video and the message you were making. BTW the skating was great in the beginning. Also I’m, a Salomon Skater and I love them, but I buy new bits for them to support. Also there is a guy in the US that makes soul plates for these so you can royale etc in them and they’re amazing. They’re called King souls.

PasCarl says:

Hey Ricardo, first of all i want thank you for your Videos! You inspired me to start with aggresive and its so much fun. I just got me the USD Realm Black and they are very comfy but the upper part is very loose after a few Minutes of jumps and grinds, is it supposed to be that loose?

Thanks in advance and keep up the good work, i wish you all the best!

Greetings from Germany

Edward Taylor says:

Sick intro. Maybe the title of the other video boiled peoples piss haha. Great video man as always

Brahim says:

Wow nice intro

Satori Awakening says:

Bro your skating is rad as heck!

Vit Adamek says:

I still have the first free-skates Salomon Deflectors FSK 2001. Here I used them with Trimax 3×110 for fitness skating in park lol –

Johannes Körsgen says:

What is your opinion about the Gawds Franky morales Pro? Have you ever skated it?
Btw I think you are right about the fact, we need to support the Industrie. The Sport needs to grow and it grows with new Products and Companys getting Money to put it back in the scene with new Products and Sponsoring etc…

Alan Van Stewart says:

When are you going to get a pair of USD Shadow? I’m excited about this skate and would love to hear your thoughts.

Tor Atle says:

Sick skating!

James Hoey says:

Good to see more of skating… but more importantly nice jumper!

J MC says:

Really appreciate you going into a bit more detail about your last Salomon video. I didn’t find it as controversial as others to be honest! I think buying new skates is a great way to support an industry you care about. The internet is full of knee jerk keyboard warriors, hi five for a measured response

Leslie Brohm says:

Heyyyy Ricardo,

I have to congratulate you on making this review. You have my utmost respect for biting the bullet, but at least now you have made it clear once and for all.

People are hoping for a manufacturer to pick up the moulds as that would be the skate people want on their feet. Like you said, it is mega comfortable.
Just some pointers:
– the ideal replacement shock absorber would be the Razor SL shock absorber. (Thanks to Alexander from the This Is shop)
– as far as current gen soulplates go for the Salomon boot, Kingery Souls provides a set of soulplates where you do not have to cut / modify your boot that much.
– there is an open source project for Salomon soulplates on Facebook called Salomon ST0, in which you can create your own 3d file that can be used for CNC creations.

Once again thanks and much respect from the Netherlands.

Daniel Mihalcea says:

I have a pair of Salomon Pilot 110. They used to make realy good skates and were active in the skating community. But Iagree with you : they decided to stop skating products not because they were losing money, but because it was not as lucrative as the other branchs. We need brands and people that promote our sport.

Roces is not what they uses to be, Salomon retired. Powerslide does a lot for our sport and it’s a good thing that Rollerblades got back in the game. We need the brands to get involed into the sport, we need more presence in the media. We need to not be a secret society

drawingslim says:

Good review, I think skating like you said, is the most important part, rather than the brand of gear you use.

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