Rollerblades VS Marsblade Frames

I compare the Marsblade to regular roller blades. Is there a difference? Watch and find out. Visit Marsblade here to learn more

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VollHockeyInline says:

The Mars blade looks good.

Hockey Bros For Life says:

Keep up the good work

Michaels Covers says:

What would you recommend for goalies?

Hunter Catron says:

What are some good relatively cheap rollerblades

neeko says:

if those wheels are under 78a durometer i wouldn’t use those on anything harder than smooth inline rink concrete

Paul Marruffo says:

You can just rearrange the wheels on your regular roller skates and switch one of the two smaller wheels in the front to the back to get that rocking feel too. I tried that in a roller game the last 3 weeks and it felt kinda similar to ice.

Sophia Flynn says:


Brett Beck8347 says:

Jeremy, how many sticks do you have?????

How To Inline Skate says:

I strongly recommend a 3-wheel setup with 84mm wheels.

R says:

I am considering these, but what is the stride comparison ?

Tanner Sullivan says:

So I am a roller player looking to move to ice. Would you recommend getting the mars blade before I start ice?

BF4 gaming says:

I have mission skates for hockey skating there 140 dollars

aevans692 says:

Hi Jeremy , great vids .. I have a quick question about Roller helping with ice hockey .. I wanted to get some more stick time for myself and my son, so we got some roller hockey skates with the hope that it would improve our game .. It felt a bit strange going from roller to ice .. but I guess I would get used to it , The thing is a few people at hockey said that roller/inline will not benefit my skating or hockey and is likely to make me a worse skater on the ice …. Any thoughts or info on this would be great …

again great vids , have really helped … 🙂

Arnaud Van Weehaege says:

D’un pied a l’autre on as pas la meme sensations : / test invalide

Storm Hockey says:

Really cool!!!


Do they make marsblades for kids

Zach Paymyloan says:

I wanted to get some but I have no money

Commander Shepard says:

what is t he name of that epic rap song?

Payton99 Stroot says:

Do more roller hockey vids

sweeeeeeeett says:

So how do you stop

godofwar2222z says:

composite stick on rough asphalt eekkkk!!

jacksonxbaj says:

Was hoping I could get some answers to questions I have from this video about Marsblade Chassis.

I’ve played ice hockey since I was a kid but somewhat recently took up/joined an inline league as well. I absolutely hate the feel & performance of traditional inline hockey skates (Hi-Low Frames – Flat Frames…etc).

*Could/would you use these for indoor league play on sports court?
*How is hockey stopping/power sliding on these – easier – harder – no difference?
*Are they substantially heavier than a traditional inline skate setup?
*Do they raise you up significantly taller than a traditional inline setup?


Hockey_R Us says:

What’s that song called?

Cheers Up Choose says:

Hello, could we install inline frame to hockey skates boot without any trouble? Then install blade frame back for ice skate and repeat depending our course

Jordan Nolan says:

how much did the mars blades cost

Doge Gamer says:

Why do you never mention those Verbero gloves?????

Eric cRak says:

simple, spend 200 or so on the frame and how ever much it costs for shipping, then start drilling holes into your skates

Eric Proctor says:

What is that green puck you’re using?

BiPolarBear says:

Jeremy how do you feel on 3 wheel configuration skates

Giampaolo Fini says:

Even with the rockering, isn’t training on rollerblades going to encourage bad habits because so many ice hockey maneuvers, (hard hockey stops, lateral starts and stops, forwards and backwards snowplow stops, 1 legged forward to backward and vice versa transitions, etc.), require you to dig your blades into the ice and basically scrape away at the ice to provide gradual friction- something you can’t do on rollerblades without tipping over and falling down?
For example, if one has to make a sudden stop after sprinting to the front of the net, on ice one would do a hard hockey stop (lower their weight, turn their planted foot 90 degrees while sinking all of their weight onto that foot’s heel, and then turn their hips and shoulders immediately after) and be able to stop very quickly. Try that on roller blades and you’ll fall right on your arm- you’re either going to have to do a T stop (takes longer to do and strains the groin) or a modified hockey stop by “C cutting” your plant foot way wide (with your lower leg about 45 degrees to the ground) before sinking your weight down onto that foot’s heel (takes much more time and space and can strain the knees a bit).

Is there any way around this as far as wheel types, etc?

Dantes Boneyard says:

Hey Jeremy, I was wondering if you have ever done a review on the Sprung Chasis/Frame for inline hockey skates? I use them and they simulate an ice hockey skate feel and are really good for starts and stops in an inline environment.

H Pazzetti says:

Can you say if the Marsblade would last if using it to play Inline hockey? I mean if the chassi is strong enough. Is it made of steel/aluminium?

A Christou says:

Jeremy for all us guys out here who can’t afford Mars blades right now, please tell us the best wheel setup for a good rocker closest to an ice skate. Thanks.

Jim B says:

Hey Jeremy! Could you do a review of the Verbero Vortex inline skate and/or boot? I’m interested in Verbero, but can’t find any reviews of the Vortex. Thanks!

Dire Wolfy says:

If you couldnt afford these could you just put a smaller wheel in the front/ back?

Nicholas Vanportfleet says:

which one is cheper

Anti-Flopion Nation says:

I am a goalie so the flat footed is more realistic

Devan Mass says:

Just rocker your wheels

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