These 2 of the most common Urban Inline skates in the market:

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– ( ) Powerslide Imperial One80 Skates are great for every day urban skating, with versatility to perform as a freestyle skate as well. Comes stock with MyFit Fat Boy Dual Fit Liners that combine two sizes into one skate. A neoprene stretch toe allows for a snug fit at the smaller size with room to stretch without any binding or discomfort when used at the larger size. The liners are comfortable right out of the box, but can also be heat molded to speed up a customized form fit. High-end components surround a molded fiberglass composite shell for a smooth and fun ride.

Spider 6061 243mm Aluminum Frames ; Powerslide Spinner 80mm 85A Wheels ; Wicked ABEC7 Bearings. No Brake Included

– ( ) The Rollerblade Twister 80 Inline Skates are a mainstay in the RB line up, offering the perfect combination of performance and comfort. A molded shell ensures stability and greatly helps skaters still learning proper skating technique, or those that have progressed to urban or and freestyle skating. The shell has vents cut into it to improve air flow, and Specialized 5 Star Fit Liner inside to keep feet dry and happy during skating. Standard memory locking buckles and laces are enhanced by a micro buckle midstrap that ensures proper internal fit, while helping to reduce lace bite. This version is designed specifically for women.

Hot Rod 243mm Extruded Aluminum Frames ; Rollerblade Supreme 80mm 85A Wheels ; TwinCam ILQ7 Bearings

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Dire Wolfy says:

I was actually considering the granite skate

EJ Olguin says:

Good info

Renduke21 says:

I love the Powerslide Imperia. Thel boot, the liner, for me, fit like a dream. I have the Supercrusier 110 Pro and I love the skates. The only complaint I have is I want the frame that comes on the Imperial 80s, just so I can switch if I don’t want to skate on 110s, but nobody sells them. Can you help me with this?

Louder says:

I’ve found that the plastics Powerslide use are soft, while this makes them comfy, I’ve found they just don’t stand up to abuse. I’ve seen a pair of Megacruisers where the shoe lace pulled straight through the plastic. The Twisters are nice and I find they provide great ventilation and are really hardy but in larger sizes they use a strange mounting position for the frame. I’ve now moved on to Seba’s by far the best skates I’ve ever had on my feet, great plastic, comfy and supreme quality but heavier than other skates. It’s just what you want from your skates really. 

My tip, don’t pick your skates based on looks, go on fit. If you skates fit well you will skate better and that is what makes you look good, not the colour of your boots.

slim rice says:

Two different skates showing the differences between each other. I like that keep it up. Sound like your voice is getting better.

budus2 says:

Hey Ricardo, take some vitamin C 😉

Invictus says:

I have at few years RB Twister PRO. and for me is The most comfortable skates. and imperial gave me injury for couple of months. using only ones. but it’s just wrong skate for me, but for someone else could be perfect 🙂 So for me Twister is 1000 Times better than imperial which i do not like 🙂
BTW Good video 🙂
I Love Twister, but Now is Twister Edge. We will se how he is 🙂

Ronald Arsendiga says:

subtitulo en español plisss ¡¡¡¡ se ve muy bueno tu canal pero no entiendo nada XD

Carol Sampaio says:

Very good video! I always asked my self which skate would be better and now you show me the difference between them. I think Imperial is the best for me. You rock man!

Swee Yong says:

Any chance of doing a comparison with the twister, one80, seba fr1 and the FE F7 optimum.

J R Braz says:

Great video! All this skates boxes …WOW!

Adi C says:

Loving the videos! Like to see some aggressive skating, What are there skateparks like?

Richariot says:

Rollerblade Twister: I am better than you because i’m older!
Powerslide Imperial: No, i’m better cuz’ i’m prettier
Seba FR1: Uhm, hey… I’m available on all colors.
Twister/Imperial: No one asked you!

Tenis Dimants says:

Cool. I got Imperials size 44 for my size 43,5 feet. I have wide feet, yet no problems with that. Have been skating these from june. So it depends from person to person. Best if you have a chance to try them on in a shop. Nice comparison, have fun in Brasil

Molly connolly says:

Super helpful c:

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