Rollerblade Swindler Skates

RW employee Dave Hirt gives you a closer look at the all new Swindler Skate from Rollerblade. Be sure to pick up your pair at


dynamo079 says:

Hmmm prawie jak bladerunner tylko że lepsze .

Roller Warehouse says:

Kinda not really.

arlaco says:

I’ve used Salomons ST one and found them a little bit too sturdy and heavy for me, should i try these or the razor cult street?.

Sasino97 says: is selling them for 80€ instead of your 149$

Sasino97 says:

They were, now they aren’t anymore.

ODanboy says:

Whats better Rollerblades vs Roller Skates.
Many thanks.

Ivan says:

Hi guys, I have two very important questions to ask you! I’ll buy the Rollerblade Swindler and I wondered if the liner were comfortable and why there was no anti-shock in skating? Does it protect the foot well?

Roller Warehouse says:

Salomons were one of the lightest skates on the market. Do they feel heavy? Or do you have extra room in them? Most people that think there skates are heavy, just have a skates that is a size or two big on them.
These have a more durable frame than the Cult Street.
But both are ideal beginner skates.

Roller Warehouse says:

These have a more durable frame.

PS says:

Looks like they swindled razor, nah jk lol

herrzeb says:

I have three options for buying a basic beginer pair of skates: Rollerblade Swindler, USD Realm, Razors Cult.
Which would you recommend and why?

Dino Velvet says:

Reminds me of my RB G’s from back in the day.

Dat1Guy says:

it’s like RB bought the old salomon mold and a prototype carbon soul plate lol.

xAtOnYx says:

Seeing how my shoe size is 8.5 should I purchase size 9?

John Koby says:

After a year the liner starts to wear down and get trashy but it is for beginners.

Victor Alicea says:

Did RB get Solomon patents? That looks so much like an ST skate and the lacing locking is a dead giveaway.

Roller Warehouse says:

I don’t see them on their site.

Roller Warehouse says:

This is not the Salomon mold. Very similar.

DerRootrick says:

Great news RB much improved ! but is very similar to solomon mold…

Frehley3000 says:

I have a 27cm foot, wich size should I buy? 42? thanks!

sakinong says:

i’m a beginner in inline skating, i need a skate for daily regular use (going to school and work), do you have any skate type suggestion? because i’m not a pro skater 🙂 thank you!

Sa'Kage says:

My question is, Swindler or Trooper? Eventually I will be replacing the frame with a Kizer 2 Powerblading Frame, and new wheels, but for now id like to get some practice in (which is why I don’t buy a boot). I like the aesthetics of the trooper more, especially with the lightweight and 45 degree strap. I wanted to know if there was any reason I would choose the Swindler over the Trooper? Thanks for anyone that can help!

Taylor H says:

will I be able to put the kizer 3 power blading frames on these?

TruK1lla says:

Which one should I get though? This or the Rollerblade NewJack3?

Fran Men2za says:

this abec 7 ???

zdravko rusev says:

ty I just bought one of these. Nice shop you have

Edgar says:

They are supposedly the new salomons

Roller Warehouse says:

New Jack 3’s are more durable, and have a better fit.
If you have any questions about product or skate in general, feel free to give us a call, we’re more than willing to help you out, 1-800-772-2502, Monday – Friday, 8am – 6pm pst.

ChosenXIII says:

they look more like a new ver. of the bladerunner Fury

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