Rollerblade New Jack Team – Inline Skate Review

These are the Rollerblade New Jack Team. They retail for around $200 US. They’re based on the Rollerblade TRS Access shell, Rollerblade’s first UFS boot. They come with Blank frames and 58mm wheels with ABEC 5 bearings.

I took them to my local skate park to see how the feel.

After my first session, I realized the insole needed to be changed for me to enjoy the boots. Being a raised heel boot, the New Jacks have a built in forward lean. Because the stock insoles are much thicker on the heel, it makes you feel like you’re leaning forward even more.

I tested a dozen insoles and found that the best ones for me were the one from my Valo v13. The Envelop gel insoles were also pretty good, but moved around a bit. After switching out the insoles, I got comfortable with the skates.

I skated them for another month with some 50/50 Balance frames and really enjoyed the way they felt. I got so confident, I even learned Kind grinds.

The Rollerblade New Jack are a great skate, and an incredible deal at $200. The boot is really well built and the stock hardware are good enough for most skaters.

Are these the best $200 skates? Probably so.

The stock insoles created too much of a forward lean for me. I’ve seen people have returned the skates due to this design. Swapping them out is really easy though, so it’s not a deal breaker.

The stock frames and wheel setup are fine for skating anti rocker, but would be difficult to skate flat without wheel bite. I suggest upgrading the frames and wheels when you can.

The backslide groove is fairly deep and off center creating an angled royale. This might be OK for some people, but I prefer a straight line royale.

This boot is probably supportive enough to ride with a big wheel setup. I set them up with some Kizer Trimax frames and plan on testing them out in the coming weeks.

Overall though, the Rollerblade New Jack are an incredible bargain at $200. Swap out the insoles and you’ve got an amazing skate.

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Adam Munoa says:

Great Review! Been thinking about getting a pair myself.

themountain says:

I am sorry, but had one more question about waxing :). What kind of wax do you use? Do you use skate wax from a skateboard brand or just a candle.

Anthony F. says:

The Rollerblade Solo Team aggressive skates have flat insoles. No raise and built like a tank. Check it out.

Joshua Campos says:

I have a sneaking suspicion that the royal groves were not work on the new jacks and naturally got out developed by frame tech… But they did that on purpose and gave the solo a straight angle royal groove to make it feel easier going from the transition from beginner to advanced boot

James Cherrier says:

Great review!! Definitely gonna pick up a pair of these when I get the extra cash. Keep doin the videos man. Especially your live streams, i really enjoy all of your content

Daniel Naron says:

You know, before I got back into blading myself the old version of these were in my list of top contenders. It was between the v13, the old New Jacks and the Aeon 60s. I feel a little bad seeing as I put the old versions to pasture as a choice thinking “oh it’s RB, never really saw them on any blading vids I watched.” If I saw this at that time, I’d probably still be flip-flopping between v13s or this.

Ben Anderson says:

This is my local park hope to see you around

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