Remz HR1.3 Aggressive Skates Review

The Remz HR1.3 Aggressive Boots are back for 2013 with minor improvements on an already stellar skate featured in black with tan and orange highlights. Remz’s ‘true-balance’ boot has an adjusted location of the frame that eliminates the outwards bending of the skates. This gives a more balanced and comfortable position while skating. Chris Haffey says, “I feel more solid than I ever have. It feels so much more natural to be truly balanced over the frame and it took no time to adjust. Landings got solid instantly and even just standing in the skate feels better.” Adjustable V-Cut and rear boot lacing allow you to change the flexibility as you see fit, providing more angle in the front, sides, or back and enabling more control, both in and out of grinds.

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Inline Warehouse - Aggressive says:

Is it possible that you are over pronating or supinating. This is natural and more commonly a bigger problem in running, since it affects the way your legs/feet/ankles absorb shock and recover from strides. If you’re noticing your ankles bending out during grinds, try getting an ankle brace or foot bootie to increase support along the ankle. If you find the flexing is during striding or coasting, try a different footbed.

Marlon X says:

that review was very good! more like this please… thanks

shotox21 says:

Wow really? So the 1.3’s wouldn’t fix this weird feeling I guess. Maybe Ill just tie them tighter lol.

Hyzic says:

the 1.2 has the same true balance system as the 1.3, they first introduced it on the 1.2’s.

Inline Warehouse - Aggressive says:

The main problem would be the support, or lack there of. Most beginners would want more support for ankles and legs until they build stronger ankles and better balance. The Remz are awesome skates, but the V-Cut and lower cuffs do not offer the same support as other skates.

Yung Lejn says:

Hey I wanna get in to aggressive skating and I wanna buy razors red LE or Remz os4 which ones should I buy . And I saw on ur website free shippimg so I wanted to ask u if ushipped to serbia and ia it free ?

tarvi surkhel says:

I’m a beginner and these will be my first skates. I know you said Remz 1.3s would be great for intermediates and above, but will these skates give me any trouble? or why would they give me trouble? Thanks in advance.

tarvi surkhel says:

I recently bought them as my first pair of skates since elementry school and havent had any issues.

Inline Warehouse - Aggressive says:

Ahh yes… the Red/White Varsitys were 2011 model. The only available model is the 2013 and is black, grey with a little white. Sorry for the confusion.

hobotechMASTER says:

i have yet to try out the new frame alignment.

Inline Warehouse - Aggressive says:

Thanks for the feedback!

Crosis says:

Are the made in china

shotox21 says:

I’ve got the Remz 1.2. I think the soul redesign on these would be great, I’m noticing my ankles bending out, they don’t seem centered.

All in all, I think these are better than 1.2.

Inline Warehouse - Aggressive says:

The Razors will provide more stability and support, while the Remz will offer more flexibility. If just starting out in aggressive skating, the extra support and stability from the Razors would be a better choice. As for shipping, it is only on UPS Ground orders over $50 within the US. All international orders will be charged appropriate shipping and will be responsible for any duties or taxes when received.

shotox21 says:

It’s actually not so much a problem, but thx for the advise 🙂

Inline Warehouse - Aggressive says:

Maybe you’re talking about the Haffey 2.2 model?

minu82blade says:


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