Powerslide NEXT Inline Skates REVIEW

The Powerslide NEXT is the first Hardboot Trinity skate on the market,
is it good? well, watch this video and check what I really think about it.

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Powerslide NEXT Inline Skates REVIEW

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Madball NY says:

Thanks for the review. I liked it a lot but you had completely different frames than what you get when you buy them. Your frames are much better than the originals.

Gregory Hoaja Inline Skater says:

It is nice to hear your explanation of the advantages of a Trinity mounting system. I had never quite investigated the reasons to make this system potentially beneficial versus other frames. That makes sense having that wider “connection” between your foot and the skate. It certainly sounds like a boost in power transfer with more precision-like control.

majoritytroll says:

But what about off-road, I was hoping to get your input maybe 125 or 150’s. My roads are useless but there is plenty of gravel pathes and trails to choose from.

Raymond Tay says:

Hi Lino, ur fan from Singapore. I’m using a China brand hard boots for well over 6 months now and I wish I could have some upgrades. My wheels size now are 84. I was thinking of increase it to 110 or 125. I just do skate for leisure n fitness, what do u recommend about my next purchases. I was looking at powerslides Next 110 or 125 and rollerblade twister 1103WD. Pls help me

Michael Yeung says:

Alright I’m getting a pair man! 😀

Franklin says:

Thank you. Two Questions: 1. What’s about the Next Renegade 125, do you even advise carbon boot for SUV Skates?
2. Do you know from powerslide why they delay to produce the Next Renegade 125 in size 48/49 again and again?

Ammar says:

What about Vibration in these skates ?
Because the most thing i heard about it These skates have more Vibration then the others skates
is that truth ?

WHITTYskater says:

Nice honest and interesting review. This skate certainly seems to be the ‘in’ skate at the moment. Lots of different reviews and footage on youtube etc. Powerslide have been very clever with the styling as it appeals to the aggressive skater as well with its chunky looks.

Dominik Filipiuk says:


J R Braz says:

Do you think the HC EVO works best for 125 wheels?
Which model do you recommend for bigger wheels?

Othon Marques says:

Where can I buy the same of your four eight milimetres wheels skates? I did not find It in a frame for four whells

notorio says:



I know it was designed for ufs and aggressive. But I want this boot. It’s like a 3rd throne boot that lost its way.

Luca Meier says:

I was thinking about getting these skates. And then POW your video is here! I’m gonna get them because you could explan all the stuff so well, really nice review you made! Cheers

Jeroen l says:

Nice review Mario, i like your honesty even talking about complaints some people had. It shows you care about your fellow skaters. These skates look like an awesome addition to my collection 🙂 cheers.

Uriel Sanchez says:

Nice video ricardo , what about 100 or 110 i would like to know if you tried that configuration on this skates, and what do you think what can make better the Next skates something like a possitive feedback to improve them? cheers

Balázs Tüdõs says:

Remember, you helped me choosing the right size with the Next. (I have narrow feet and normally 45-46) I have the 44-45 now and on one side it was really tight, but after some gentle heat treatment it is just perfect. But in search for the ultimate boot fitting for my weird feet I have also tried Imperial boots and in combination with the Intuition liners. The Imperial is of course different in sizing but with the Intuition (size L) I have the most supportive skate with the 43-44 shell. So the down-sizing really worked. I have also tried the Intuition liners in the Next, but the heel lock is missing there. The Next shell and liner also doesn’t have the expressed shape of the heel. But I think the Next version of Fat Boy is really better than on the Imperial.
What I have also noticed is that my 3×125 Katana frame couldn’t be moved enough to the inside on the Next. No such problem with the same frame on other boots though.
And it was quite easy to loose a cuff screw and the corresponding rocker insert 😉

Rob Wertert says:

Ricardo, should we take for granted your statements of better power transfer and vibration distribution comparing to other skates? Are there any credible trials or it’s your own guesses based on nothing more than so called ‘common sense’ which can be quite misleading? Otherwise it sounds like a fishy marketing stuff.

Ignacio Miñambres says:

Thanks a lot Ricardo for such a thorough and industrious review. Very telling.

Vlad LT says:

Great review! Do you know which boot is wider between the Next and Imperial ones?

Wanboali says:

Are shell sizes same as liner size? Or maybe can someone tell me shell sizes?

Steelseries Gamer says:

I want to be a skater can u give it to me

Jed Hazen says:

Thank you for the review on the next been waiting for it. Not sold on it though. Is it because it is not the evo so my question is Is there a good long use cruising skate 125 that not as pricey as the evo

depressedHater says:

Hey lino what can you say about that little soul at the back of the skate? Is it of any use for stalls or even grinds?

Johro's Inline Skater Channel says:

Good honest review Lino, thanks! I considered these with the SUV frame for the, frankly, sh!tty country roads at home, (and off road, of course) but I’m not sure yet. First, because I have a wider foot, and also, I’m not sure it gives enough support on big wheels. Still thinking about it.

Bala Hormiga says:

So if I understood you correctly we should be able to purchase the boot only?

Nik Zvi Inline says:

As an owner and also a reviewer of the 110 version that you didn’t mention here, I will give the 110 version strong 9.
Talking about the ventilation: i’ve been skating in them in temperatures near 0 degree celcium last few days and its’ a little bit cold in them, btw. 😉

Peter Toth says:

How does the Liner compare against the one built in into the Swell? My problem is that my Swell is really tight on my right, outter ankle (my ankle gets pretty swollen after a while), and I figure I might need a more comfy liner. Could this skate be a proper replacement for my Swell? I do 20 to 40 Km cruising. Could you imagine this skate as a fitness skate?

edit: I was really waiting for this review, I just love how this skate looks.

gofixmix says:

Good honest review! I really like the features of the next, but yea, there’s no going back from carbon boots. I hope I can get evo2 one day!

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