Powerslide imperial 110mm review U.S. Almost perfect

I just got my first set of Powerslide inline skates from inlinewarehouse and thought I’d show you the size difference between them and my old K2’s


Jorge Oliveira Gomes says:

Theese frames comport 125mm wheels?

Boon Tryon says:

still waiting for your next video on those 3wd skats

Julian Koschmurat says:

Hey Adam! I own the Poweslide Wraptor 3x110mm right now. And due to the very soft and “unstable” soft boot i am very dissatisfied taking them for a freeride. So i am currently looking for a new pair of triskates with a much higher stability and just discovered those awesome looking, red chrome Imperial Supercruisers … Would you recommend buying them?

Leon says:

I too came from a generation with 80 pretty much being the standard. I used to skate a lot as a kid. Back then I used rollerblades and cheap inlines with plastic wheels. I was around 7-12 then. Now I am 30 and has been gone from inlines all those years.. Seeing the wheel size being 100mm+ and 125mm in so unreal. I bought a pair of Powerslide Swell with 110mm wheels this week. Very fun but takes some time to get used to the big wheels. 3 wheels with 100+mm wheels are for sure the future of inline skating. I also mine are so light! NEVER thought inlines with this kind of wheels could be this light.

Mark M says:

Adam, I was a k2 guy myself, and still am to a point, but once I went with the powerslide megacruisers with 125s, I’m having a hard time going back to smaller wheels! good review!

Noctrunos says:

does the boot feel retrictive? can you compare it to a softboot for us?

Mike Garza says:

I got myself a pair of the Imperial Supercruiser skates, the exact ones you have… I also got them in a 42, I should have gone 43, but oh well they fit… I think I’m gonna upgrade to Abec 9 bearings and probably the 125mm wheel set..

Matt Griffo says:

Did you end up getting some power slides of your own? If so, what did you end up getting?

Hoon Jin says:

Hi! I was thinking of buying these skates few months ago, but I bought the Seba fr2, and the reasons are: after reading the ps frame issue, that it is has worse stability than any other 3×110 frame in the market, and it also says to be up to 125mm wheels, but powerslide indicated that it is a typographic error.. 125mm wheels don´t fit in this frame, so only 110 or smaller, in my opinion it’s better to choose another skate.

Nathan Branim says:

dO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA HOW TO SIZE THESE? i wear a 12.5 US shoe. Any info Adam?

James Mackey City Skater says:

Nice! Thanks for the info. The pro’s and the con’s. 😉

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