‘No Comparison’ 3 Wheeled Inline Skates vs. 4 Wheeled Skates

This Vlog contains some coarse language and is guaranteed to be less than inspiration. No ‘full’ comparison to the 3 wheeled skate was ever made, due to a moment which will be obvious when you see it.

Skates used for the…..not-a-comparison were the Flying Eagle Drift with speed frames and 3 wheels and the Gyro GX7 from www.proskaterplace.com

Camera used is a the GoPro4 Black mounted on a Bauer Vapour hockey stick shaft.


Dan Coles says:

Love Bill’s vid’s…straight up real and doesn’t edit out the bails and fails…all part of city skating. Keep up the good work and skate everyday!

Ryan C says:

Can you tell us how you would prevent accidents like that?

Rafael Cruz says:

Electric Four Wheel Rollerblade Thunderbolt… I hope I guessed right.

Trenter Trent says:

I like how you walked the skate route

Felipe Moreira says:

Poor door…

Dan Drew says:

ouch!! that makes me frustrated just watching.

In The Bubble says:

bill, have you ever been to netherlands? We have seperate cycling lanes everywhere as everyone cycles here. I’ve been to france and others where there’s no such thing and it’s only a matter of time cyclists/skaters will demand dedicated cycling lanes. It does work!

DriftingTaco says:

Ugh… that makes me angry to watch but glad you’re well overall. I know what you mean by knowing it’s bad when you see a bruise, I also almost never bruise except for the rare injury that puts me out for a few weeks.

Daniel Campos says:

can you review the maxxum 100 I just bought them and would love to hear what you think 🙂

Sighs Internally says:

you never even put the 3 wheels on wtf

Joe McCrae says:

Hang in there! Really looking forward to the next concept. You are gonna be AWESOME!

Martin Wood says:

All your video’s are very inspiring , you set a high standard for “newbies” like myself , I’ve learned so much !
iam on Seba F1 110mm ,please do more instruction vids !!!! Hoping your ok after the car incident, keep up the good work !

Antonio Zidar says:

Anyone know the name of the starting song by any chance?

Amber H says:

I’m glad you’re okay and I’m glad they weren’t dicks about it and apologized!

Melroy van den Berg says:

3:10 auww I hope you are fully recovered again.

Scarecrow says:

do you ever use 2 wheel? if so do you like it?

Lukáš Katrenčík says:

I was just thinking … how is it possible nothing happend to you by taking corners like that https://youtu.be/iTzf-6q-wPk?t=2m21s … and then later it comes. It’s nice to see you skate again.

Nik Zvi Inline says:

That’s the Bruce Lee t-shirt that attracts troubles. He just needs something to crash it in dust. Stay away from brick houses.

trucker2b says:

like a boss Bill .. u had me/us all worryed……seeing how u was on the ground for a minute…heal up take some time off…

Filipe Oliczesky says:

here in Sao Paulo you would have to apologize to the car driver, unhappily the cars rule the world. glad that you are fine. keep going.

Alex Rose says:

My Torontonian sister-in-law calls that “the door prize.”

Moses Small says:

Wow Bill!!! Would have never thought that you wiped out too…you’re still the best street skater.

بدر الدين says:

nice i like your advices ☺

Jason Guevara says:

i couldn’t see the comparison of 3 wheeled vs 4 wheeled, i don’t know if buying 3 wheeled cruiser or 4 wheeled 80 mm to move around the city.

55x11 says:

Glad you’re OK. Stay tough!

gareths100 says:

when do we see pinto pony’s Toronto skate tours?

Lee Chang says:

This Man here has changed my life. 🙂

Spencer Han says:

Glad you’re alright on the most part. Poor guy

Jessica Wang says:

cool video

iriorton says:

take a rest and recover!! good luck

Troy Donaldson says:

Ouch! Glad you’re ok. King Street is awful for oblivious drivers and passengers. Would still like to see the comparison.

BiPolarBear says:

how to combat a sweaty back when carrying backpack while skating other than wearing a dry fit T-shirt

craig marsden says:

Mate, you whacked that door good and proper, hope your not off too long. You have certainly inspired me to get back into it, so thank you for that, and the great vids.

Hirepowerd says:

Well that was really messed up. I was looking forward to your 4 VS 3 wheel comparison. Instead you get totally taken out. Glad your OK.

Google User says:

I prefer 4 over 3 still..my only 3 wheeled skate to compare are powerslides megacruiser..they are nice enough, I just feel in more control with any one of my 4 wheeled

WhiteWidowFromParis says:

Oh my god your accident! Please! Never skates close to cars & person! I always take margin, the danger will never come from you, but from all the rest.
They never see us, they don’t ear us!

I’m now in SEBA FR1 325 2016 & it’s soooo nice 😀

Please take car of you & thx for the video 😉

Pichuluv Gaming says:

You kind of sound like Casey Neistat to me

RollingRide Association says:

Hi Buddy, Following you alot and wondering if you could come to Chandigarh,India. Very beautiful city hills are very close and roads are good to, No police men problem,No body stops here. You must come and we both can have a great video together. Looking forward to hear from you.

j Vop says:

Hey Bill Put your skates back on buddy I got ran down june 26th by a motorcycle your videos got me back on them as soon as I kind of healed lol thank you ….so skate on my friend.

SorrowfulM // MapleStory Veteran says:

You know, you don’t realize how absolutely *impossible* what Bill does is until you actually put on a pair of skates. I mean even the way he strides just normally is so ridiculously hard to imitate lol I feel so angry cuz I wish I could skate like this guy but I feel like I’d never get even close even with practice :@ :S Why must you be so good Bill! Why!

EDIT: I also work on king, I hope one day I see you rollerblading by lol

FifteenYearOldGirl says:

Glad you’re okay there my friend. cant wait for the vid. but for now you heal up n get some much needed R&R amigo!

Dire Wolfy says:

I keep telling my friends to stay low when they are skating but they aren’t

Brian says:

how often do you clean your bearings?

Casey Hill says:

Dude, wear some pads, I’m 59 and I even wear a helmet… Yes I look pretty sharp in all of that gear because safety is sexy.

Spyros Mandalenakis says:

Hey Bill. I was looking at some of your past videos on power slide / stop to get a hint and I probably mised the part when you were on a garage saying”lock out for oil’ or something like that and I learned the hard way…or the easy way on how to become a “balarina”. Hit that oil pach on a power stop and made the BEST splits of my life…I thing my B..ls tuched the ground. I felt it….And for a 51 years old skater ….NOT NICE. LOL…Thank you for all the videos you make. keep it up man. You’r an inspiration to allot off ppl around the world. Spyros from Sunny Greece.

javis Anthony says:

can you compare your speed to a car like the fastest you could go

Diego Ricciardi says:

wait, you can walk???

80's kid 4ever says:

oh man glad you’re OK though! that spill sucked man. stay safe out there and thanks for trying that comparison!! skate safe brother

hilde heims says:

what’s about wearing some protection? (and I think you get along amazingly well without – but I really wondered about that before this video)

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