NEW aggressive inline skates BRAND, you’ll Love them

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I got this package today and i have to admit that i am super ewxcitedto get the final version of the G BOOTS. After using the samples for over 5 months, these ones came in with the right timing.

NEW aggressive inline skates BRAND, you’ll Love them

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Mithelesh Shah says:

There’s a lot of people who could probably figure out a really interesting and funny way of saying why they should win BUT for me I just simply LOVE skating I skate almost everyday, it’s hard in London because of the weather but I do and I love it, I wanna win this so that I have a different type of skate to learn and appreciate since I’ve never tried a Aggressive but I’ll give it my all to learn
Thank you

Mathias Isassi says:

Man, those look so slick!! I would love to get my hands on some G Boots! I live in Kingsville, TX – home of the world famous King Ranch and King Ranch saddle shop. I’ve recently wondered, since seeing other skins on brands like Valos, what an all leather boot would look like. I wasn’t sure how easy it would be to get my hands on high quality leather, like that used in the many King Ranch products (purses, saddles, furniture, etc.) and I have little knowledge about leather working and boot making. Nonetheless, I am intrigued on how these skins feel and work while skating. Imagine the intricate details of cowboy boots on these!
Bien hecho amigos, saludos!

ryanpatrickgore says:

These look amazing! Pick me! My ig is bladetech

Konjure Kast says:

As I’m blessed with many skate setups, I’d never ask for anything free.. but I am absolutely excited to see the final product, and can not wait to invest in a set of skins. (PayPal ready) I have been watching this project progress, and it’s really coming together into something beautiful. Thank you for investing in Blading, and for creating new things. <3

carlos truko says:


Govs Goofy says:

I want a new pair of skates

New York Skate Series says:

Very cool concept. It’s time to try the USD VII’s (Seven’s).

omer faroque says:

I just started staking…. Can I start with a beautiful n classy one???

KarmaKaioken says:

I wanna skin my old Plastic Salomons please. I’m Mixing with some Black Kaltik FreeStyle 2s. So I think it’ll look nice? Hopes~

Wanboali says:

Hey Lino, could you do a detailed video about how to known your feet type ( if its pronate and etc.) and how to adjust 165mm frame to your feet type. I can’t find any helpful links about frame adjustment,, I got my right ankle in pain the next day after session, but durink the session I have no any pain 🙁 rolling 255mm 3×110

Leslie Brohm says:

I would love to win a pair of G-Boots, as I am currently still skate a pair of USD Grycons.
I would love to see and feel the progression made between than and now!

Please help an older blader out, spreading the word of the G-Boots through the skating community.

Davi Routner says:

I’m from Brazil… Trying to buy it, but I get no response from them… Thats so sad.

Edgar says:

Those g boots look sick. It would fit really well with me because majority of my normal shoes are black or red, so color matching would be tight. I currently have a pair of carbon 4 and have never rode sevens before. To be quite honest, I dont know anyone I know who has a pair of sevens…? Would be sick to be one of the few to own one of the g skates.

emty1ful says:

Is it just made for the VII?? I WANT SOME FOR MY CULTS!!

Sir Dan Fortesque says:

Getting a Deshi vibe from these, look sick!

Cristian Green says:

Because i have usd VII NOW ❣️ and look awesome

Jeremy Rodriguez says:

Do your ride Myfit 2nd skin liner in your skates

Lewis Bloomfield says:

I dont want the G-Boots as I am lucky enough to have two brand new pairs this year already but would love to enter just so I can give a pair to one of my good friends who isn’t as lucky but loves his USD 7’s and totally shreds in them.

Footbrake Frank says:

I should win because I love the VII’s!!

klam03 says:

So far I’ve only done urban skating, but I’m excited about aggressive skating since two of my friends also do it!

Alex García says:

because those skates are the most beautiful and they are the best I’ve ever seen and tested

Aleks Šoštarič says:

if you would see the way my eyes lighted up when you said there will be skins for my VIIs.. man i must be the choosen one. That is my why i should be the winner 😀

Mateo Bueso says: another video of the G Boots

Benjamen Martinez says:

I’m commenting just to comment 🙂
Good luck to all those who are gonna buy and the 1 lucky winner of the skins!
Never had usd sevens so they would be of no use to me 🙂

Mario Freitas says:

I think I should win because I started relearning to skate a couple of months ago (I haven’t done it since I was 14 years old). When I was a kid, I started learning how to skate on a board, but a few months later I was introduced to inline skating. I fell in love with it and got my first pair of rollers when I was 13. The pair I got was a simple recreational pair of inline skates; I got so excited and started learning so quickly that I broke my skates while trying to do some tricks less than a year after I got them and got hurt. I was a kid and I got really scared I would get hurt bad, so I never got another skate after. Well, that was until a couple of months ago. I saw some people rolling on skates and I felt so much nostalgia that I had to get back to it. So I bought a new pair of fitness skates (I didn’t know if I was gonna get any good, so I didn’t spend much money and got a simple fitness pair). But I’m developing really quickly and I’m doing some tricks already on my pair. But I’m scared that I’ll break them by stressing the base or the wheels with the impact, and I also can’t try any grind tricks. I’m short on money now, so I can’t really buy a pair of aggressive skates for a while (I’m also still paying for the pair I got), but I really wish I had a pair of those G BOOTS! They look really cool and comfortable! I’m in love! I really hope I win that pair, it would make me so happy and make me go even further with my skills!

Shawn Roberts says:

DAMN! I wanted to create a aftermarket skin brand for valo nimh and salomons forever. my mom made me a skin for my nimh skates and they looked hilarious! I’m riding a dark grey sz 7 vii skate for the last 3 years and i think its the most underrated boot in the industry!

Robert Craker says:

I am recently getting back into skating after about a 17 year hiatus. So to get a pair of skates to help me along This journey would be pretty awesome. Thanks for the videos.

Brahim says:

Hey, Lino. Nice man this is So Amazing Guys from G Boot. I started skating to be with my kids. So now i believe we are ready for an upgrade to agressive skates So i and my son can rock the Pools. Great idea Pepe much love and respect aniway Lino and Pepe

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